How Is Delta 8 Flower Made?

Published November 07, 2021
How Is Delta 8 Flower Made? - Secret Nature

Delta 8 is somewhat unique among hemp cannabinoids. Very similar to delta 9 THC, it’s nonetheless relatively easy to make delta 8 from non-intoxicating cannabinoids, and the popularity of delta 8 THC has resulted in the largest-scale mass-conversion of cannabinoids in history.

In this guide, learn:

  • How delta 8 is made
  • How delta 8 is added to flower
  • How to choose the safest, highest-quality delta 8 buds

Is delta 8 grown or made?

Delta 8 THC is usually made by converting another cannabinoid, but it’s also possible to breed hemp to naturally produce delta 8. You can increase the concentrations of any cannabinoid found in cannabis with selective breeding, but this painstaking process takes a while to bear results.

It took over a decade, for instance, to bring CBD levels in hemp above 15%. There isn’t as much interest in growing natural delta 8 since big changes to overall THC regulation are expected in the near future, but some breeders continue to boost delta 8 levels in hemp as high as possible.

How is delta 8 made?

When converted from another cannabinoid, delta 8 is made by rearranging the components of a different cannabinoid molecule. CBD, for instance, is relatively easy to rearrange into delta 8 even though it would never convert into any form of THC when exposed to normal stimuli.

Delta 8 is not synthesized from a non-hemp substance, and no components are added or subtracted during the delta 8 conversion process. As a result, delta 8 can still be considered an all-natural cannabinoid even if it started life as a different substance.

What is delta 8 isomerization?

Delta 8 isomerization is the process most commonly used to convert CBD or another cannabinoid into delta 8 THC. Isomers are molecules containing the same components but arranged in different ways, so the “isomerization” of delta 8 involves rearranging the natural chemical components of a cannabinoid into a new structure.

While technically a form of synthesis, isomerization does not involve adding or subtracting any substances. So, it’s very different from most forms of synthesis, which involve combining substances together or removing specific chemical components.

How is delta 8 added to flower?

Once delta 8 has been isomerized from a different cannabinoid, it is usually applied to hemp flower in the form of an aerosol spray. Any type of hemp flower can serve as a base for delta 8 aerosol application, and in this case, low initial cannabinoid concentrations are actually desired to make extra room for delta 8.

Here’s a simple three-step breakdown of the delta 8 flower manufacturing process:

Step 1: Isomerization

First, delta 8 is isomerized from another cannabinoid. Delta 8 THC can be sprayed onto flower in its isolated form, but it’s better to combine delta 8 isolate with hemp distillate to leverage the benefits of the entourage effect.

Step 2: Application

Delta 8 isolate or distillate is then applied to hemp flower. Methods vary, but in most cases, a machine is used that aerosolizes delta 8 and sprays it onto every surface of hemp nugs placed in a sealed chamber.

Step 3: Packaging

The successfully sprayed delta 8 hemp flower is now formulated into finished products. If intended to be rolled into pre-rolls, the delta 8 is flower is ground up in industrial grinders. If intended to be packaged as loose nugs, the flower is weighed and placed in airtight containers.

Is delta 8 natural or synthetic?

Most people would consider delta 8 to be a natural cannabinoid, but it’s a fact that most delta 8 is synthesized from another hemp compound. Technically, the label “synthetic” applies to any delta 8 cannabinoid that wasn’t naturally produced by hemp flower, but most people associate synthetic substances with chemicals that contain man-made, toxic ingredients.

Remember that nothing is added to or subtracted to delta 8 during the isomerization process. All the substances present in isomerized delta 8 are still natural, they’ve just been moved around. Nothing man-made or toxic is added to delta 8 during the conversion process, so all the worst associations with the word “synthetic” are absent.

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Is delta 8-infused flower safe?

In theory, the isomerization process that creates delta 8 from another cannabinoid shouldn’t add any new variables into the mix, so the safety of converted delta 8 should be around the same as that of natural delta 9. Not all producers are as careful to perform the delta 8 isomerization process correctly, though.

The quality of the flower delta 8 is sprayed onto plays an important role as well. While smoking delta 8 is your main objective, you’ll also be inhaling the flower it’s sprayed on, and the majority of delta 8 producers overlook the importance of well-grown, organic flower to the overall smoking experience.

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What is the best delta 8 flower?

To be considered the best, delta 8 flower must:

  • Be sprayed with delta 8 distillate, not isolate
  • Feature a base of high-quality, organic buds
  • Contain enough delta 8 to offer potent effects
  • Have lots of positive customer reviews

Flower quality, delta 8 extract quality, and potency all contribute a lot to the overall value of delta 8 flower. What’s most important, however, is the effects that delta 8 flower has in real life.

Read delta 8 flower customer reviews to find out how smoking delta 8 has changed lives. Then, use these reviews to make sure you’re smoking delta 8 buds that are truly high-quality.

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