How Much Is an Eighth of Cannabis?

Published October 27, 2021
How Much Is an Eighth of Cannabis? - Secret Nature

Cannabis and hemp are among the only substances commonly sold in quantities known as “eighths.” People who commonly use cannabis can identify an eighth on sight, but if you’re new to the herb, this sizing terminology can do with some explanation.

In this guide, we’ll explain what an eighth of cannabis or hemp looks like, how this sizing converts into other measurement systems, and how an eighth compares to other common cannabis flower sizes.

What is an eighth of cannabis?

An eighth, also sometimes represented as 1/8th, is a quantity of cannabis amounting to one eighth of an ounce. This converts to roughly 3.5-3.6g, making an eighth one of the smallest sizes of cannabis you can buy.

Over the years, the eighth has gradually become the preferred size of cannabis for the average user. Not too big and not too small, an eighth is discreet and easy to carry around with you despite containing enough cannabinoids to satisfy the whole team.

What does an eighth look like?

An eighth of cannabis fits nicely inside an average mason jar lid. Usually consisting of 1-2 medium-sized nugs, you can easily hold an eighth in the palm of your hand, and it fits in a small sandwich bag. If an adult were to hold 2-3 fingers together, that’s about the same area as an average eighth of hemp or cannabis.

Is an eighth of weed a lot?

No, an eighth can’t be considered a large quantity of cannabis. It’s not a shabby sum either, though: You can usually roll 2-3 fat joints with an eighth, and used more sparingly, an eighth can last as many as 8-10 sessions. Most cannabis users won’t use considerably more than an eighth over a short period of time, making this cannabis size universally convenient.

Is an eighth more than a dub?

Yes, in cannabis sizing, an eighth is more than a dub. An eighth is the equivalent of around 3.5g, but a “dub” refers to a quantity of cannabis amounting to just 2g.

As a result, an eighth is almost twice the size of a dub. Even so, eighths and dubs are close enough to each other in size that most cannabis and hemp producers do not offer dubs.

What’s the difference between an eighth and a quarter?

A quarter of cannabis is exactly double an eighth. So, if you have two eighths of cannabis, you have a quarter of an ounce total.

Yep, we’re dealing with simple fractions here. Ultimately, all these eighths, quarters, and halves all amount to a single whole: the ounce.

What’s the difference between an eighth and a half?

A half-ounce of cannabis, sometimes called a “half,” contains the equivalent of four eighths. Most users will not go through a full half-ounce of cannabis in time for this large size to be convenient. Half-ounces are usually offered at a substantial discount, increasing the appeal of this size.

What’s the difference between an eighth and an ounce?

There are exactly eight eighths of cannabis in an ounce. It’s often possible to buy both hemp and cannabis by the ounce, and the largest price breaks start appearing at this quantity. A full ounce of cannabis might be considerably more weed than you think, though.

How do I weigh weed?

Any ordinary kitchen scale will do the trick when you need to know how much cannabis is in your jar. There are also scales specifically designed for cannabis, and they vary widely in terms of both price and sophistication.

How much does an eighth cost?

An average eighth of hemp or cannabis should cost around $25 - $40. Any less than that, and your eighth is probably lamentably low-quality, and any higher, you’re likely being overcharged for the same quality of cannabis you can get for considerably cheaper.

As is usually the case, you can get better-quality cannabis for less when you shop online. Recreational and medical cannabis producers have to pay ridiculous fees and taxes to stay in business, allowing online operators, who don’t have to deal with these difficulties, to offer more value.

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Can you buy an eighth of CBD hemp flower online?

Yes, CBD hemp flower is widely available online, and the eighth is one of the most common sizes of CBD flower you’ll find as you shop around on the internet. As long as that eighth contains less than 0.3% THC, it’s considered industrial hemp according to the 2018 Farm Bill, meaning you can have it shipped to any state.

CBD hemp flower you buy online offers substantially higher quality than what’s offered at dispensaries. Plus, you can be sure that your CBD flower doesn’t contain enough THC to cause intoxication when you buy it online.

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Can you buy an eighth of delta 8 hemp flower online?

Yes, you can buy eighths of delta 8 hemp flower online, and a variety of larger sizes are also available. Rapidly rising in popularity as a more accessible alternative to delta 9 THC, delta 8 offers similar effects despite being offered online.

Right now, most delta 8 flower consists of CBD buds that have been sprayed with delta 8 extract. Some strains are starting to contain reasonably high quantities of natural delta 8, though.

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