How to Vape Delta 8: Top 3 Options

Published October 28, 2021
How to Vape Delta 8: Top 3 Options - Secret Nature

You know that vaping delta 8 offers stronger effects and might be safer than smoking D8 buds or pre-rolls. How, exactly, do you vaporize delta 8 THC, though, and what are the best methods for getting the job done?

The three main ways to vape delta 8 THC are to (1) use a vape cartridge, (2) dab delta 8 extract, (3) or smoke flower that’s infused with delta 8. We’ll compare and contrast these three methods in this guide.

#1) Vape cartridges

For newbies, puffing on a cartridge is usually the easiest way to vape delta 8. All it takes is connecting a cartridge to a battery, activating the battery, and inhaling. There are no complicated dab rigs or messy grinders to deal with.

Once you have some experience, you might only use delta 8 vape cartridges on the go. Other methods offer more control and potentially greater effects, but never underestimate the simplicity and portability of a delta 8 vape pen.

What is a delta 8 vape cartridge?

A delta 8 vape cartridge (D8 cartridge, D8 cart) is a disposable vape cartridge containing high concentrations of the THC analogue delta-8 tetrahydrocannabinol. Usually consisting of isolated delta 8 molecules combined with a filler ingredient, delta 8 vape cartridges vary considerably in terms of quality.

The more natural a delta 8 vape cartridge’s ingredients, the more likely that it’s safe to inhale. High-quality D8 vape carts contain natural cannabis distillate infused with naturally converted delta 8 THC. The best delta 8 vape cartridges also contain live resin terpenes for improved flavor and boosted effects.

How to vape a delta 8 cartridge

  1. Remove the cartridge and battery from their packaging
  2. Attach the cartridge by screwing it into the battery
  3. Activate the battery (usually a button or switch)
  4. If your battery has a button, press it to activate the coil
  5. Otherwise, just inhale to activate
  6. Inhale deeply, then exhale

#2) Dabs

To delta 8 nerds, dabbing is the only way to go. Taking the concentrate out of the cartridge and letting it run free on ultra-hot nails, dabs unlock the full intensity of cannabinoids even if taking one requires significant caution.

You’re dealing with a white-hot piece of metal or glass, a breakable glass bong, and a bunch of messy cannabis extract in a resealable container. There’s a lot that can go wrong, so ask an experienced friend for guidance if this is your first time dabbing D8.

What is a delta 8 dab?

A delta 8 dab is a hit of concentrated delta 8 extract. Usually offered in 1g containers, “dabs” simply consist of cannabis extract that contains high concentrations of delta 8 THC.

Doing away with the training wheels entirely, dabs allow you to vape as much delta 8 as you want at a time. There are no batteries to auto-shutoff, so fill your lungs to capacity.

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How do you take a delta 8 dab?

  1. Set up your dab rig consisting of a suitable glass piece and heatable nail
  2. Each dab rig works differently, so make sure you know what you’re doing before proceeding
  3. Remove a small amount of D8 concentrate from its container with a “dabber” or similar tool
  4. Apply the dab to the nail, and inhale
  5. If there is still concentrate on the end of your dabber, make sure the nail is heated, and finish off your dab with another inhale
  6. Don’t forget to turn off your nail when you’re done

#3) Vaping flower

While not often what people think of when they hear the word “vaping,” vaporizing cannabis flower is one of the most rewarding ways to inhale any cannabinoid. When it comes to D8, your flower options are more limited, but there are a handful of delta 8 buds out there that are amazingly tasty in a dry herb vape.

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What is delta 8 flower?

Some hemp strains are starting to contain higher concentrations of natural delta 8, but the majority of delta 8 THC present in hemp flower is added post-harvest. The best delta 8 flower consists of indoor-grown CBG or CBG buds sprayed with high-quality delta 8 distillate.

Skip any D8 buds that are listed as containing isolate delta THC. They won’t taste as good and might provide inferior effects.

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How do you vape delta 8 flower?

  1. Grind 1-2 grams of delta 8 flower in a grinder
  2. Fill the bowl of your vape with ground-up flower
  3. Activate the heating mechanism on your dry herb vape
  4. Inhale deeply
  5. Vapor produced by dry herb vapes is usually pretty thin at first
  6. Keep applying heat to dry out your bud and deliver bigger hits

Try all 3

There’s no need to limit yourself to one method when you try vaping delta 8. Vaping flower is the ultimate way to experience all the flavors and aromas of cannabis when at home, and taking a dab gets you higher than any other way of taking delta 8.

There’s nothing more convenient though, than a delta 8 vape cartridge when you’re on the go. Put together a comprehensive delta 8 arsenal that will cover your needs at all times.

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