Indica Lovers Will Adore the Secret Nature White Fire OG Vape Cartridge

Published February 22, 2021
Indica Lovers Will Adore the Secret Nature White Fire OG Vape Cartridge - Secret Nature

White Fire OG (also known as WiFi OG or just WiFi) is a widely beloved indica strain with a distinctive piney, earthy aroma. By lifting the terpenes from WiFi OG and combining them with raw, organic CBD flower nectar, Secret Nature concocted its White Fire OG Vape Cartridge.

The resulting hemp product fuses the benefits of CBD with the legendary flavors, aromas, and quirks of White Fire OG. Packing more than 60% CBD, Secret Nature’s White Fire OG cart still contains less than 0.3% THC.

As Secret Nature’s blog correspondent, I recently had a chance to puff on White Fire OG for myself. Learn my thoughts on the packaging, flavor, and effects of Secret Nature White Fire OG Vape.

First impressions

Searching through my box of Secret Nature products, I came across White Fire OG. I’ve always wanted to try Secret Nature’s take on this popular strain, so I eagerly unboxed my cartridge.

The black-and-gold sealing sticker I found on the bottom of my White Fire OG package was a minor impediment. As a stickler for keeping my Secret Nature boxes pristine, I’ve been cutting these seals with a knife rather than tearing them off.

Even with the box open, I didn’t detect any noticeable aroma. Removing the airtight inner bag from inside the box, I caught my first whiff of White Fire OG.

I detected the full blast of White Fire OG’s terpene profile upon opening the airtight bag. While not as pungent as some other Secret Nature vape cartridges, I could tell that White Fire OG would taste delicious from its smell alone.

I was pleased to see that my cartridge featured Secret Nature’s usual stainless steel design. The beautiful, ultramodern aesthetic that a Secret Nature vape cartridge and branded battery exude when combined simply can’t be recreated with a ceramic cartridge.

The cartridge was filled with delightfully clear, smooth concentrate with a honey-like color. White Fire OG distillate is somewhat lighter in color than some of Secret Nature’s other distillate blends.

There wasn’t any trouble connecting my White Fire OG cartridge to its battery, and I was able to start puffing immediately. Its flavor was even better than I anticipated, and I immediately knew the type of person who would benefit best from using Secret Nature White Fire OG.


  • Cut rather than peel the seal to preserve your packaging
  • Modest, pleasant aromatic bouquet
  • Stainless steel cartridge and battery look great together
  • Excellent flavor and texture

Packaging and labeling

Secret Nature’s vape cartridge boxes are probably my favorite kind of packaging this brand uses. While most vape cartridges come in boxes that are clearly designed to be torn apart and thrown away, Secret Nature’s vape boxes are beautiful, durable, and unique.

The front of my cartridge’s packaging featured a big Secret Nature logo, a sticker indicating the strain inside, and some other very basic product information. More detailed strain information, including dosing, could be found on the sticker on the bottom of the package.

A sticker on the back of the box featured a QR code. You can scan this code with your smartphone to be navigated instantly to the third-party lab reports for Secret Nature White Fire OG.

My only complaint with the bags Secret Nature uses with its vape cartridges is that they aren’t very resealable in practice. I’ve opened a lot of these bags, and I always have trouble not tearing the zip-locking seal off the bag.

The design of the vape cartridge itself is sublime. The steel components are very durable and pleasant to the touch, and I appreciate the large glass viewing window.


  • Delightful, durable boxes
  • Informative and abundant labeling
  • QR code for lab results
  • Exercise caution opening the resealable bag


Every Secret Nature CBD vape cartridge I’ve tried has had an amazing texture. True to form, Secret Nature White Fire OG was pleasant to vape even at my battery’s “high” temperature setting.

Put to the test, I found that I could inhale at least five big clouds of vapor in a row without experiencing any throat pain or coughing. It’s truly impressive how Secret Nature’s raw CBD flower extract and live resin terpenes combine to create such a smooth and comfortable vaping experience.

I could tell just from the way that Secret Nature White Fire OG vapor feels in my throat and lungs that this cart contains remarkably pure and high-quality hemp extract. It clearly doesn’t contain any additives or residual solvents.


  • Smooth texture at both low and high temperature settings
  • The type of smoothness I’ve come to expect from Secret Nature


Secret Nature White Fire OG smells powerfully like lemon and lime. The piney components of this strain’s terpene profile, however, come out much more strongly in its taste.

This strain has a piney, almost minty main flavor that’s followed up with an earthy aftertaste. Notes of citrus are certainly present, but they aren’t as potent to the palate.

What with its relaxing effects and outdoorsy terpene profile, puffing on Secret Nature White Fire OG made me feel like I was enjoying a relaxing getaway in the woods. The flavor of my cartridge remained delicious at both high and low temperature settings.

As I continued puffing, I also detected White Fire OG’s characteristic gassy flavor notes. All in all, Secret Nature Fire OG is a delicious cartridge that’s particularly memorable due to its dominant pine notes.


  • Pine is apparent first
  • Followed up by an earthy aftertaste
  • Citrusy notes certainly present
  • Gassy flavors become more apparent over time


The effects of Secret Nature White Fire OG essentially stopped the world. I found my eyes creeping toward the window, watching birds and falling snow.

I feel like White Fire OG might interfere with work somewhat. This strain simply made me feel so spacey and contemplative. Not necessarily absent-minded, and definitely not high.

Everything simply slowed down, and my body started feeling unusually good. I didn’t feel particularly creative or energetic, but I was very content.

If I’d tried to work, distraction would probably be my worst problem. I remember getting the feeling that people with chronic pain would probably really like this strain.


  • Slowed-down, chilled-out indica effects
  • Felt contemplative, distracted by surroundings
  • Mentally and bodily

Onset and duration of effects

I felt the effects of my Secret Nature White Fire OG cartridge instantly. This cartridge’s effects seemed to come on faster and more strongly than some of the other Secret Nature cartridges I’ve tried.

I’d say that the full effects set in within around three minutes, and they persisted at full strength for around 45 minutes. Residual effects were noticeable for at least 70 minutes.


  • Fast, potent effects
  • Peaked within 3 minutes
  • Lasted 45-70 minutes

Overall score

With each relevant factor in consideration, I give the Secret Nature White Fire OG Vape Cartridge an overall score of 4.92 out of 5.

Packaging and labeling: 5/5

Texture: 5/5

Flavor: 4.9/5

Effects: 5/5

Duration of effects: 4.7/5

Overall score: 4.92/5

I found no flaws in the packaging of my vape cartridge, and the texture of the vapor it produced was remarkably smooth. In aroma and flavor, I found White Fire OG to be somewhat less pronounced than some of Secret Nature’s other strains.

The effects of this cartridge were pleasant, and they set in quickly. It also seemed, however, that the effects of White Fire OG dissipated a little bit faster than usual.

Who is it good for?

I’d recommend White Fire OG to anyone in chronic pain. This strain won’t give you the get-up-and-go attitude you need to seize the day, but it’s perfectly suited for leisurely nature walks or extended sessions of wall-gazing on the couch.

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