Is It Bad to Smoke CBD Every Day?

Published October 28, 2021
Is It Bad to Smoke CBD Every Day? - Secret Nature

You’re a product of the times if the idea of smoking any substance on a daily basis instantly makes you nervous. The many dangers of smoking tobacco, after all, have been fully imprinted into the fabric of society, leading many people to believe that smoking hemp must be just as bad.

The science indicates otherwise, though. Time and again, researchers have been incapable of conclusively proving the dangers of smoking cannabis — dangers that, we must remember, were all too easy to find in tobacco once we seriously started looking.

Is smoking CBD every day safe? That’s not for us to say. We think you’ll find through the course of this guide, though, that some of our misconceptions regarding smoking are well overdue for revision.

Why is smoking cigarettes every day bad?

When it comes right down to it, smoking tobacco cigarettes habitually is bad for you for two reasons: nicotine, and the cocktail of 7,000+ chemicals modern cigarette manufacturers have seen fit to include in their tobacco.

Tar is often cited as the main concern regarding cigarette smoking, but this same tar has been found to be considerably less harmful in cannabis smoke. The reason? It’s not the tar, but the chemicals that tar is binding to your throat and lungs. Chemicals like flame accelerants, preservatives, flavor enhancers, and flavor reducers.

Even all-natural tobacco is still bad for you due to the chemicals produced when tobacco leaf is incinerated combined with the presence of nicotine, which is inherently addictive and cardiotoxic. Tobacco is an unavoidably dangerous substance, but just because smoking is the primary way people use tobacco doesn’t logically entail that smoking itself is dangerous.

CBD flower vs. tobacco cigarettes

Cannabis (hemp) and tobacco are very different plants. Completely devoid of stimulants, cannabis instead contains hundreds of different unique compounds, only a handful of which have any notable psychoactive properties.

The remainder of the substances in cannabis primarily have aromatic or antioxidant properties. Tobacco is devoid of antioxidants and other beneficial substances, making it a substance with zero medicinal benefit.

Given the differences between cannabis and tobacco plants, it’s unsurprising that one is dangerous while the other appears safe. All it takes is a close look at the biology of each plant to see that tobacco should never be smoked under any circumstances.

Cannabis, though? Scientists still aren’t sure.

What does taking CBD every day do?

Research has not yet determined that daily CBD use has any negative effects. The vast majority of available studies indicate that CBD has a remarkably high safety profile both when administered acutely (used once) and chronically (used daily).

With that said, there’s still a lot we don’t know about CBD, and a handful of studies have tentatively indicated long-term CBD use has the potential to do harm under certain circumstances. Consult with a doctor if you’re unsure whether taking CBD on a daily basis is right for you.

Is CBD bad for you?

The science is pretty solid that taking even extremely high doses of CBD is surprisingly safe. There’s a lack of research, however, into the long-term effects of ingesting CBD. So far, the evidence seems to indicate that it’s very hard for CBD to be bad for you no matter how hard you try, but we’ll have a clearer picture once ongoing human longitudinal CBD studies reach completion.

Is smoking CBD okay for you?

Human beings have smoked cannabis for over 2,500 years. During that time, there have been no major indications that smoking cannabis is significantly harmful in any way.

On the other hand, the Western world has only used tobacco for around 500 years, but already, a massive amount of evidence has accumulated conclusively proving that smoking tobacco can kill you in a variety of gruesome and painful ways. Occam’s razor indicates that, as a substance used by dozens of cultures over thousands of years, any serious dangers of smoking hemp would already have been discovered.

Daily CBD flower smoking routine

How much CBD should you smoke every day? Most users find that a single hemp pre-roll provides plenty of CBD for a single day. You can split a pre-roll into 3 separate sessions pretty easily.

Whether you’re smoking a pre-roll or a bowl, most hemp smokers consider a good session to consist of 0.2-0.5g of flower. CBD concentrations vary significantly among strains, but an average session of that size will deliver around 20-60mg CBD.

Instead of paying attention to how much you smoke directly, you can aim for a daily CBD milligram count like 50mg or 100mg. Find the daily CBD intake that fits your needs best by experimenting over time.

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Daily CBD flower dosage calculator

Figuring out how much CBD your hemp flower product contains is usually pretty easy. All you need is:

  • How much hemp flower the product contains
  • The CBD concentration of the product

Say, for instance you have a:

  • 0.6g pre-roll
  • That contains 120mg CBD

If you smoke half of that pre-roll, you just inhaled 60mg CBD. If you smoke a third, you’ll only inhale 40mg.

Use the same process for flower. If you have a 3.5g jar of CBD flower containing 25% CBD, for instance, then:

  • 1g of your CBD flower contains 250mg CBD
  • An average bowl (0.3g) would contain around 80mg CBD
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Are there any alternatives to smoking CBD hemp flower?

Yes, the main alternatives to smoking CBD are vaping CBD hemp cartridges or taking CBD dabs. Vape cartridges are the most convenient option, and vaping does away with any potential dangers of smoke altogether.

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