Secret Nature Delta 8 - CBC Vape Honest Review

Published February 15, 2021
Secret Nature Delta 8 - CBC Vape Honest Review - Secret Nature

Cannabichromene (CBC) and delta-8 tetrahydrocannabinol (delta 8) are two hemp-derived cannabinoids that are both currently trending. Delta 8 mimics many of the desirable properties of delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol (delta 9), and scientists have researched the potential that CBC might have anti-inflammatory and analgesic benefits.

The Secret Nature Delta 8 - CBC Vape combines two thoroughly intriguing cannabinoids into one highly-polished, devastatingly effective package. As the blog correspondent for Shared Secrets, here’s what I think about the packaging, labeling, flavor, effects, and overall value of this top-tier distillate vape cartridge.

First impressions

As always, my Secret Nature products were impeccably packaged. The only indicator that my box contained hemp dankness was the return address on the label.

The box passed the smell test and the conspicuousness test. Once opened, the products inside were wrapped up in tissue paper bearing the Secret Nature logo, which is a nice touch. I would have preferred a packing material other than styrofoam peanuts, but all of my products arrived beautifully unscathed.

I removed the Delta 8 - CBC vape cartridge and vape battery from the box first. Secret Nature’s vape batteries, which are very intuitive to use, now feature the Secret Nature logo on the bottom. This minor aesthetic detail adds a great deal value to the appearance of the battery.

This Secret Nature vape cartridge featured a steel tip, which I found to be smooth and professional in both appearance and feel. I started vaping with my battery set to the “low” setting, which produced smooth but small clouds of vapor. The “high” setting produced much thicker clouds, but the vapor is harsher.


  • Well-packaged, smell-proof box
  • Simple, intuitive battery
  • High-quality distillate Delta 8 & CBC extract
  • Attractive labeling
  • Vapor somewhat harsh at “high” setting

Packaging and Labeling

Secret Nature’s packaging never fails to impress. From a marketing perspective, Secret Nature packaging just looks so suave, professional, and high-class. From a practical perspective, it’s easy-to-use, to-the-point, and recyclable.

The Secret Nature Delta 8 Vape cartridge comes in a small, gold-embossed package that kind of looks like a designer raisin box. Slip the inner box out to reveal an airtight resealable bag with a solid, well-built vape cartridge inside.

On the front of the box is some basic product information. The back features a snippet about the brand and a batch-specific sticker complete with a sample ID customers can use to access their lab results. 

The vape cartridge is covered on both ends with silicone caps, and once these caps are removed, it easily screws onto the top of the battery. My battery came partially charged, so I was able to start vaping immediately.


  • Beautiful, informative product packaging
  • Lab test batch is indicated on the package
  • Capped vape cartridge comes inside resealable bag
  • Battery arrives partially charged


The texture of the vapor produced by the Secret Nature Delta 8 - CBC Vape was mild at the battery’s “low” setting. It was considerably harsher when the battery was set too high.

At both settings, the vapor this cartridge produced tasted clean and delicious, and it was clearly free of additives. I found it easy to hold the vapor in my lungs for upward of 20 seconds, and I only started coughing after taking a few hits in a row at the “high” setting.


  • Mild vapor on the “low” setting
  • Harsher vapor on the “high” setting
  • Clean, tasty vapor
  • Easy to hold in


I found the flavor of the Secret Nature Delta 8 - CBC Vape to be more discernible with the battery set to the “low” setting. To me, the terpenes in this vape cartridge had a fruity, diesel-y taste.

It was only after I reached that conclusion that I noticed this cart’s terpenes are derived from the strain Headband, which is known for its lemon-diesel flavor. As usual, Secret Nature’s live resin terpene profile proved to be spot-on.

Overall, I found the flavor of this vape cartridge to be mild and pleasant. The hybrid Headband terpenes accentuated the potent and enjoyable effects that the Delta 8 and CBC cannabinoids provided when combined.


  • High-quality cannabis-derived terpenes
  • Genuine Headband terpene profile
  • Mild, pleasant vapor
  • Flavor is improved at low temperature setting


The effects of the Secret Nature Delta 8 - CBC vape cartridge were relaxing and remarkably pan-relieving or even numbing. Some of the common characteristics of delta 9 THC were there, but others weren’t.

Throwing around 14% of CBC into the mix elicited subtle effects that took a while to identify. To me, it seemed like the CBC element induced a very mild novocaine-like numbness throughout my body. This effect could also be attributable to the delta 8 or to some sort of synergy between the two cannabinoids.

Vaping delta 8 THC felt like vaping delta 9 THC but minus two major elements:

  • Anxiety
  • A sense of total intoxication

Delta 8 did, however, provide typical delta 9 effects:

  • Alterations of sensory experiences
  • A sense of euphoria
  • A minor sense of mental confusion/dissociation

All in all, I wouldn’t recommend you vape this cartridge right before you drive a car or go out in public. At the same time, I found the combined effects of CBC and delta 8 to be far less intoxicating overall than the effects of delta 9 THC on its own.


  • I experienced potent relaxing and pain-relieving effects
  • Delta 8 THC felt very different from delta 9 THC
  • CBC added a layer of seemingly numbing effects

Onset and duration of effects

I decided to give the Secret Nature Delta 8 - CBC Vape a full trial with 4-5 puffs on the “low” setting and 2-3 puffs on the “high” setting. The cannabinoids in this vape cartridge seemed to take effect a little more slowly than it usually takes the effects of vaped CBD to set in. 

The effects activated in stages. Within 30 seconds, I felt the wave of sensory changes and euphoria that I usually associate with THC. I took all of my low-setting puffs within around two minutes, and then I increased the heat setting.

By the time I stopped puffing altogether, around 5 minutes had passed. By this point, the effects I was experiencing had become significantly more potent, I’d say that the effects reached their peak at around the 10-15-minute mark and remained at a similar level until starting to wear off after around 1 hour.

While somewhat reduced, the effects persisted for around 90-120 minutes in total. I was pleasantly surprised that the duration of effect was so long.


  • Effects onset in stages
  • Potency seemed to peak at around the 15-minute mark
  • Primary effects persisted more than an hour
  • Milder effects persisted for around 2 hours

Secret Nature Delta 8 - CBC Vape overall score

My expectations were effortlessly exceeded by this high-quality, innovative vape cartridge. Here’s a breakdown of my overall score of the Secret Nature Delta 8 - CBC Vape:

Packaging and labeling: 5/5

Texture: 4.8/5

Flavor: 4.8/5

Effects: 5/5

Duration of effects: 5/5

Overall score: 4.9/5

The packaging of my product immediately made me feel like I was in for a unique, high-quality experience. The effects the Secret Nature Delta 8 - CBC Vape provided were very pleasant, and they lasted a considerably long period of time.

In terms of texture, the “low” setting on the battery produced essentially flawless clouds. At higher temperatures, the texture of the distillate wasn’t as mild.

At present, the only way to produce usable quantities of delta 8 is by converting CBD, so this cannabinoid is only available in isolate form. Added to terpene-rich distillate, the somewhat unpleasant taste of cannabinoid isolate was almost entirely masked.

All things considered, the Secret Nature Delta 8 - CBC cartridge provided an unprecedented cannabinoid experience that I found to be entirely enjoyable, potent, tasty, and pure.

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