Secret Nature Delta 8 Review Hall of Fame

Published October 28, 2021
Secret Nature Delta 8 Review Hall of Fame - Secret Nature

One thing Secret Nature will never do is leave you behind. As the hemp industry evolves, we evolve along with it, and already, Secret Nature delta 8 is considered to be the best and highest-quality option on the internet.

Not as many voices have yet spoken about Secret Nature delta 8 as they have about our CBD products simply because delta 8 hasn’t been around as long as CBD. That’s starting to change, though, and in this guide, we’ll explore a mere snippet of the ample anecdotal evidence that has already amassed testifying to the quality and effectiveness of Secret Nature delta 8.

#1) Secret Nature Delta 8 THC-CBG Blunt: 25+ reviews

You’ve never smoked a blunt like this before. Wrapped in nicotine-free organic tea leaves and featuring the tastiest, freshest delta 8 bud you’ve ever smoked, this hemp blunt will get you ridiculously high and make you feel like a boss while it does it.

  • Secret Nature Delta 8 THC-CBG Blunt review - Randy D. “A Must Buy!” ★★★★★ “I wasn’t sure what to expect from the Delta 8 line, but I am so glad I gave it a chance. A mild buzz which calmed my mind and helped tremendously with my pain. The smell was soft and the honey flavor made this a smooth draw. High quality product! Will buy again for sure!”

The Secret Nature delta eight blunt is so much more than just a pre-roll. You wouldn’t feel embarrassed breaking it out the next time you chill at a cigar lounge, and the potent delta 8 effects the smoke provides won’t leave anyone wondering if it’s the real deal. This is the perfected form of the blunt — right down to the fact that you can buy it with ridiculous ease on the internet.

  • Secret Nature Delta 8 THC-CBG Blunt review - Felicia G. ★★★★★ “This! The paper, the flavor, the smoothness! By far my favorite item I’ve purchased from SN. I’ve been a customer for over a year now and they always shine through with the quality! This really put me in a relaxed state of mind.”

#2) Secret Nature Super Spectrum D8-THCV Pre-Rolls: 187+ reviews

Super Spectrum is something of a Secret Nature chimera. Featuring a base of Frosted Kush, Secret OG, and CBG buds, Secret Nature Super Spectrum contains the highest natural levels of delta 8 THC and THCV ever recorded in cannabis. Think of Super Spectrum as a preview of things to come as cannabis breeding continues to evolve.

Customers love the unique effects Super Spectrum provides. Make sure to rep the hemp innovators behind Super Spectrum the next time you light up a joint by wearing the brand-new Secret Nature T-Shirt.

  • Secret Nature Super Spectrum D8-THCV Pre-Roll 7-Pack review - Joe A. ★★★★★ “Secret Nature does it again! Time after time every order exceeds my expectations. Expeditious delivery, fantastic packaging, and a second to none smoking experience. The super spectrum D8 brings a calm and relaxed feeling over you after smoking. The rich smell of the super spectrum is delicate, where it is not overpowering at all. I recommend!”

#3) Secret Nature Delta 8 THC Pre-Rolls: 86+ reviews

These pre-rolls feature a blend of Frosted Kush and CBG flower combined with high-quality delta 8 distillate. With 45mg delta 8 THC per joint, Secret Nature Delta 8 THC Pre-Rolls deliver a significantly intoxicating punch while still offering all the non-intoxicating benefits of CBD and CBG.

  • Secret Nature Delta 8 THC Pre-Roll 2-Pack review - Jonathan G. “D8 Prerolls” ★★★★★ “I have never smoked better quality hemp in a preroll ever. I have cast my ballot and Secret Nature has got my vote. If your looking for something that's smooth, and with top notch quality...turn to these guys and gals!!! Thanks again y'all”

Whether they’ve tried our CBD pre-rolls before or not, customers consistently praise the excellent texture and potency of Secret Nature delta 8 hemp smokes. With the delta 8 flower market still flooded with low-quality options, we can certainly understand where this praise is coming from.

#4) Secret Nature Elysian Secret OG Delta 8 Flower: 30+ reviews

After the success of our delta 8 pre-rolls, we decided it was time to branch out into delta 8-sprayed hemp nugs. Earlier this year, we launched our greenhouse-grown sub-brand Elysian, so combining the latest batch of Elysian Secret OG buds with our natural delta 8 distillate was an obvious choice.

  • Secret Nature Elysian Secret OG Delta 8 Flower 3.6g review - Amanda H. “Wonderful Strain” ★★★★★ “Another wonderful strain variation from Secret Nature. The Delta 8 has changed the game for me! taste is smooth and pleasant. I love the new package design. It will help your mind and body unwind no matter what you've done all day. Great mood enhancer that doesn't wipe you out.”

The Elysian delta 8 version of Secret OG has only been out for a few weeks, but customers are already praising the potent effects of this strain, which combine CBD and delta 8 roughly equally. You’ll feel very relaxed after smoking Elysian Secret OG, but you’ll also feel quite high.

  • Secret Nature Elysian Secret OG Delta 8 Flower 3.6g review - Damien B. “OG” ★★★★★ “This is a indica feeling a high body high that will make you want to sit back and relax watching a good movie and hits home very much recommended indeed.”

#5) Secret Nature Elysian CBG Delta 8 Flower: 23+ reviews

As an alternative, we launched a delta 8 version of our CBG flower at the same time as we launched Elysian Secret OG. This unique hemp flower combines our CBG-rich buds with delta 8 distillate for an experience that gives even the most experienced cannabis smokers something new to ponder.

  • Secret Nature Elysian CBG Delta 8 Flower 3.6g review - Tim M. “Attention creative types” ★★★★★ “I suffer from neuropathy from diabetes and my legs just kill me most of the time I am also a writer and musician and this helps with lack of creativity and motivation. Thank you so much. I love this stuff.”

Just as dank and sticky as something you’d expect from Secret Nature, the Elysian brand is nonetheless quite a bit less expensive, and the addition of delta 8 is set to make Secret Nature Elysian CBG Delta 8 Flower one of the world’s most popular hemp products. Try it today to experience the future of cannabis.

Secret Nature delta 8 review FAQ

1. Does delta 8 come in flower?

Yes, delta 8 is often added to hemp flower even though this cannabinoid remains limited to concentrations around 1% in hemp naturally. In most cases, delta 8 flower consists of little more than hemp biomass sprayed with the lowest-quality D8 isolate you can buy in bulk on LinkedIn. Occasionally, though, you’ll come across brands like Secret Nature that offer high-quality hemp flower featuring naturally derived delta 8 distillate.

2. Is delta 8 flower any good?

Most delta 8 flower is pretty bad, but some of it is good. Seen as less regulated even than CBD while reaching a potentially much larger audience, delta 8 has become a magnet for every seedy scam artist from here to Middle Earth. It’s still possible to find, however, delta 8 diamonds in the rough: D8 buds that look and hit the same or better than their delta 9 equivalents while remaining available for purchase online.

3. What is the strongest delta 8 flower?

Right now, the strongest Delta 8 hemp flower on the market still only contains around 15% delta 8 THC. When you spray on delta 8 isolate that thick, though, the flower underneath it starts to suffer.

Coating buds with delta 8 isolate provides a smoother and more enjoyable experience. The reduced cannabinoid concentration of distillate compared to isolate, however, makes it so that distillate-sprayed delta 8 buds can only contain around 10% delta 8 THC.

4. Is delta 8 flower safe to smoke?

Most delta 8 buds sold on the internet are low-quality and potentially dangerous. Secret Nature is a rare outlier by producing delta 8 buds that are just as high-quality as the type of flower you’d find in a recreational dispensary. As you search for high-quality delta 8 hemp nugs, keep an eye out for lab reports, customer reviews, and any other data you can use to verify the safety of the flower you’re considering buying.

Delta 8 hemp flower is only as safe as the people who grew it, the place it was grown, and the tools it was grown with. Choose the hemp producers you trust wisely.

5. Are delta 8 vapes safe?

Many delta 8 vapes sold on the internet could be dangerous. Delta 8 vape cartridges often contain very low quality cannabinoid isolate that may or may not actually be delta-8-tetrahydrocannabinol. You’ll need to take a close look at lab reports and customer reviews to find out if the D8 carts you’re considering are actually safe or not.

6. Can you buy delta 8 at a vape shop?

Yes, many vape shops now carry delta 8, but the selection of delta 8 products at the average vape shop is abysmal. If a vape shop carries Secret Nature delta 8 vapes, you’re in luck. Otherwise, you’re stuck with whatever garbage the rest of the industry has to offer.

7. Where can I buy Secret Nature delta 8?

The best place to buy Secret Nature Delta 8 or CBD products is right here at We’ve partnered with hundreds of different retail locations around the country, but our home website is the only place to get the best deals on the latest Secret Nature products. Fast, free shipping and customer-acclaimed customer support are provided.

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