Secret Nature Fuji 3.6g CBD Flower Honest Review

Published February 22, 2021
Secret Nature Fuji 3.6g CBD Flower Honest Review - Secret Nature

Fuji is a Secret Nature original strain that offers all the benefits you’d expect from a fruity, uplifting sativa. Everything from the appearance to the taste to the smell of this strain exudes upbeat, tropical vibes.

Secret Nature Fuji 3.6g CBD Flower takes all the stickiness and deliciousness of Fuji and conceals it inside a durable, attractive container. As Secret Nature’s blog correspondent, learn about the journey I took as I ground up and vaped Secret Nature Fuji.

First impressions

I always enjoy the packaging that Secret Nature uses with its buds. While it would be easier to pack their buds in airtight bags, the tins that Secret Nature uses have a great aesthetic and they help distinguish Secret Nature as a brand.

Pulling off the plastic cap of my tin, I used the ring-pull to remove the tin’s airtight seal. The floral, fruity aroma of a well-cured sativa strain immediately entered my nostrils, and I took a look at the buds inside.

From a single glance, it was easy to tell that my Fuji buds were well-grown and expertly trimmed. None of the buds were all that large, but even the smallest were covered with crystals and trimmed carefully.

Nowhere did I see any trace of large leaves or even leftover sugar leaf. All I found in my tin were beautiful, light-green buds.

Taking one of the largest buds in my hands, I broke off a small piece toward the base of the bud. The sativa aroma filling the room suddenly became much stronger, and I experimented with breaking up a Fuji bud in my fingers.

Much to my surprise, the bud broke apart into fluff with hardly any resistance. To the touch, my Fuji buds seemed very dense, but their texture was so ideally crumbly that it seemed almost a shame to grid them up.

Grind them I did, however, and I filled the bowl of my Volcano Vape with delicious-smelling CBD sativa goodness. The flavor of my Secret Nature Fuji buds was unbelievable, and the effects were quite enjoyable.


  • Attractive, effective, and unique packaging
  • Strong fruity aroma
  • Even the smallest buds were expertly manicured
  • Perfect bud texture, crumbled in my hands

Packaging and labeling

The packaging Secret Nature uses for its buds expresses this brand’s aesthetic incredibly well. Hidden within a hemp leaf emblazoned in gold is an all-seeing cannabinoid eye, making the Secret Nature logo embossed on the top of my tin memorable and attractive.

Fully resealable, the tin containing my Secret Nature Fuji 3.6g CBD Flower is equipped with a sticker on the bottom bearing a scannable QR code and detailed product information. You can scan the QR code to directly access Fuji’s 3rd-party lab report, which is also easy to find on this strain’s product page.

I found it easy to open my package, remove a bud, grind about half of it, and return the rest to the container. Secret Nature’s unique tin design is more user-friendly than bags or jars when it comes to removing and replacing buds.


  • Attractive, effective packaging
  • Informative labeling complete with a scannable QR code
  • Shallow tin design makes it easy to handle buds


I vaped my Secret Nature Fuji 3.6g CBD Flower using a Volcano Classic Vape with a hose attachment. If you decide to smoke your Fuji or use it with a different type of vaporizer, your experience might be different.

Filling the bowl of my Volcano Vape almost to the brim with ground-up Fuji, I was impressed almost to the point of being shocked when I took my first taste of this strain. With the Volcano, as with any other vaporizer, the first hit always tastes the best, but Fuji was delicious even by Volcano standards.

I immediately detected strong notes of fruit. This fruity taste seemed somewhat tropical, and there were also immediately identifiable notes of lemon.

There was a distinct sensation in my mouth, but I couldn’t tell if it was more sour or minty. It felt like the entire inside of my mouth was tingling.

Inhaling deeply, the vapor my Fuji flower produced went down smoothly and filled my lungs. Even as my Volcano Vape gradually scorched the flower, it continued to have a nice texture that wasn’t harsh at all.


  • Amazing flavor
  • Smooth, light texture
  • Sour, minty tingling inside my mouth
  • Remained smooth even as the flower got scorched


Secret Nature Fuji 3.6g CBD Flower lives up to its name with its remarkably light and fruity flavor. The crispness and sourness of this strain elicited the same sensation as biting into a Fuji apple even if the flavors I detected weren’t very strongly reminiscent of apples.

This strain’s fruity flavor was immediately noticeable, followed by a sour, minty flavor that was more of a full-mouth sensation than just a taste I detected on my tongue. I also noted hints of what I identified as haze accompanied by a more herbal undertone.

Overall, this strain was one of the most delicious I’ve ever tasted. I’m a sucker for sativa terpenes, and Fuji delivered the goods.


  • Delicious, light flavor
  • Tropical fruit, sour, mint, haze, and herbal
  • Excellent, classic sativa flavor


The effects of Secret Nature Fuji 3.6g CBD Flower started out as light and soothing. I noticed my mind becoming clearer and stress melting away.

Over time, the uplifting effects of this strain became stronger. I became possessed by an energetic, almost whimsical mood that made me uncharacteristically start feeling like spouting poetry under the moonlight.

Overall, the effects of my Secret Nature Fuji flower made me feel very creative and filled me with an almost bubbly happiness. Since CBD usually makes me feel sleepy even when accompanied by sativa terpenes, these effects were somewhat unexpected.


  • Soothing, stress-reducing initial effects
  • Followed up by energetic, creative, mood-boosting benefits
  • Seemed to counteract the usual soporific effects of CBD

Onset and duration of effects

I started noticing the effects of my Secret Nature Fuji 3.6g CBD Flower almost immediately, and its full effects activated in stages. I feel like the effects of my flower were fully active within around 15 minutes, and they persisted for around an hour.

As sometimes occurs with sativa strains, I noticed a slight headache after the effects of my Secret Nature Fuji 3.6g CBD Flower wore off. It disappeared quickly, however.


  • Effects were noticeable almost instantly
  • Started peaking at around the 15 minute mark
  • Lasted for approximately 1 hour
  • Minor headache for around 30 minutes after effects wore off

Overall score

All things considered, I give Secret Nature Fuji 3.6g CBD Flower a score of 4.94 out of 5.

Packaging and labeling: 5/5

Texture: 5/5

Flavor: 5/5

Effects: 4.7/5

Duration of effects: 5/5

Overall score: 4.94/5

I was very impressed by the appearance and texture of my Fuji buds. Their crumbliness and stickiness especially stood out.

The flavor was robust and clean, and the texture of the vapor was thick and mild. I thoroughly enjoyed the energetic, creative effects my Fuji hemp flower produced, and I was only slightly bummed out by the mild headache I experienced after.

Overall, Fuji is an ideal sativa strain with a terpene profile that almost entirely counteracts the soporific effects of CBD while remaining pleasantly soothing.
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