Secret Nature Vape Pens That Are Not CBD

Published August 02, 2020
Secret Nature Vape Pens That Are Not CBD - Secret Nature

CBD has dominated the conversation surrounding non-intoxicating cannabinoids for the last decade—and for a few good reasons. To start, CBD was the first non-THC cannabinoid to be produced in mass quantities, and CBD is also the most-researched non-intoxicating cannabinoid. Additionally, CBD is currently the most-used cannabinoid aside from THC, and the public square of research and opinion tends to be filled with information on the subjects people find the most interesting.

Amid all the hubbub over CBD, however, other non-intoxicating cannabinoids that might be just as beneficial have been unintentionally swept under the rug. The recent surge of interest in vaping as an alternative to smoking has raised interest in CBD to even greater heights, relegating the potential benefits that other cannabinoids might offer to relative obscurity.

At Secret Nature, we seek to rectify this unfair focus on CBD by bringing attention to other cannabinoids that might give cannabidiol a run for its money. To this end, we recently launched four vape pens that contain cannabinoids other than CBD, and in this guide, we’ll introduce you to each of these minor cannabinoids and explain why vaping CBN, THCV, CBG, and CBC is the best way to explore everything that Cannabis sativa has to offer.

Benefits of vaping minor cannabinoids

Why should you expand your vaping horizons beyond CBD? Because cannabidiol is hardly everything that hemp has to offer. Once it has reached its fully mature state, Cannabis sativa flower expresses more than 100 cannabinoids, and each of these cannabinoids has a distinct chemical structure and interacts with your body in a unique way.

Out of all these cannabinoids, most are analogs of 6-8 core compounds. Among these central cannabinoids are THC, THCV, CBD, CBG, CBN, and CBC, and no two members of this elite group of Cannabis sativa compounds offer the same set of effects. The only way to fully understand everything that hemp has to offer, therefore, is to experience the effects of each of these cannabinoids in turn.

While you might want to avoid THC due to its intoxicating and addictive effects, none of the other core cannabinoids get you high or have habit-forming properties. As a result, there’s no reason you shouldn’t expand your cannabinoid horizons to include THCV, CBN, CBG, and CBC—especially if you’ve already tried and enjoyed CBD.

There are many different ways to try any cannabinoid, but only a few administration methods offer impressive results. While ingesting cannabinoids orally, for instance, provides long-term, body-wide effects, oral ingestion offers extremely low bioavailability, making it hard to experience non-intoxicating cannabinoids at the level of intensity necessary to identify their unique benefits.

Administering cannabinoids topically offers even less bioavailability than oral ingestion, so hemp connoisseurs often choose vaping when they want to experience the full effects of the entire pantheon of non-intoxicating cannabinoids. Vaping cannabinoids offers remarkably high bioavailability, and since the effects of vaping are intense and immediate, this administration method allows you to savor the unique properties of each cannabinoid you inhale.

Why vape cartridges are better

There are lots of different ways to vape. All you need to vaporize an oil of any type is heat it to its boiling point, and the same is true of the cannabinoids in Cannabis sativa. Each cannabinoid has a different boiling point, but as long as you expose the cannabinoid you want to vaporize to this specified amount of heat energy, it will convert from a liquid oil into vapor.

For instance, you can vaporize the cannabinoids present in hemp flower. The trick to vaping hemp flower is to heat it to the extent that each of the cannabinoids it contains is vaporized without incinerating the flower’s plant matter. Some hemp connoisseurs prefer vaping hemp flower since this administration method is perceived as the most natural choice, but a fundamental problem arises when you try to vape minor cannabinoids like THCV, CBN, and CBC—there aren’t any hemp flower strains that contain these cannabinoids in high concentrations yet.

At present, Cannabis sativa has only been bred to include high concentrations of either THC, CBD, or CBG. Even CBG-rich hemp flower has only been on the market for a few years, and before the arrival of CBG flower, high-THC and high-CBD strains were the only options available.

How, then, are cannabinoid concentrates with high concentrations of THCV, CBN, or CBC made? In every case, these cannabinoids are converted from other cannabinoids or carboxylic acids present in hemp flower. Right now, that’s the only way to experience the mind-blowing, non-intoxicating effects these minor cannabinoids offer when inhaled.

While it’s technically possible to “dab” THCV, CBN, CBC, or CBG concentrate using a tabletop “dab rig,” this complicated process lacks the simplicity and convenience of vape cartridges. With minor cannabinoid vape cartridges, it’s possible to experience the benefits of these fringe cannabis compounds at any time whether you’re at home or on the go. 

Introducing Secret Nature minor cannabinoid vape cartridges

Now that you understand the benefits of vaping minor cannabinoids and why vape cartridges offer the most convenience and simplicity as you embark on this new hobby, it’s time to introduce you to the best minor cannabinoid vape cartridges on the market. At Secret Nature, we recently launched vape cartridges that contain CBN, THCV, CBG, or CBC, and we’re proud to announce that these cartridges deliver the full effects of these cannabinoids while staying true to the Secret Nature standard of quality and transparency. Let’s dive into the details surrounding these vape cartridges and the reasons you should start vaping CBN, THCV, CBG and CBC today.

Secret Nature CBN Distillate Vape Cartridge

Our CBN vape cartridge contains full-spectrum hemp distillate extract that features cannabinol (CBN) as its primary cannabinoid. Next to THC and CBD, CBN is one of the most-researched cannabinoids, and some of the initial studies conducted into CBN indicate that this cannabinoid may have antibacterial and neuroprotective effects. Cannabinol has also been investigated for its potential appetite benefits.

While this particular potential benefit of CBN hasn’t been researched to any great degree, a rapidly amassing body of anecdotal evidence supports the idea that cannabinol might be useful as a sleep aid. Countless hemp users have reported success after using CBN for sleep, and prominent cannabis labs around the nation have also reported similar results.

Since there aren’t currently any hemp cultivars that contain sufficient concentrations of CBN, this cannabinoid is derived from CBD using a special conversion process instead. This process does not involve any solvents or chemicals, and it results in chemically pure CBN.

Our CBN vape cartridges contain nothing aside from CBN, the other substances present in full-spectrum hemp distillate, and added cannabis terpenes for flavor. All Secret Nature cartridges are produced using organic hemp, and our carts never contain thickening agents, fillers, or diluents.

Why should you vape CBN cartridges?

A few different types of CBN products have made their way onto the market, but these products offer varying degrees of quality, purity, and effectiveness. For instance, CBN capsules are reasonably popular, but as we discussed earlier, orally ingesting any cannabinoid offers reduced bioavailability and decreased effectiveness. CBN is also sometimes used as a topical, and this cannabinoid may exert antibacterial effects when applied via the topical route.

Using CBN orally or topically, however, won’t be very useful if you want to experience this cannabinoid’s other potential benefits. Cannabinol has become widely associated with improvements in sleep, for instance, but when you apply this cannabinoid via a route of administration with low bioavailability, its effects become muted and less intense.

Vaping CBN, on the other hand, will deliver the effects of this cannabinoid quickly and potently. From the moment you inhale the first puff from your Secret Nature CBN vape cartridge, this cannabinoid will start making its way to your central nervous system. In most cases, vaporizing any cannabinoid delivers results within minutes, which makes this administration route ideal if you want to investigate this cannabinoid’s potential appetite-boosting or sleep-inducing effects.

Secret Nature THCV Distillate Vape Cartridge

If you’re looking for an alternative to THC that won’t get you high, our Secret Nature THCV vape cartridge is an obvious choice. THCV is the “varin” version of delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol, and other cannabinoids, including CBD and CBG, also have their own “varin” variants.

The closest chemical cousin of THCV is THC, but that doesn’t mean these cannabinoids are the same or even all that similar. While any dose of THC is intoxicating, only extremely high doses of THCV induce noticeable psychoactive effects. 

While using THCV in reasonable quantities won’t get you high, scientists believe that this cannabinoid might have a variety of other benefits that are worth further examination. THCV has been investigated, for instance, for its potential neuroprotective properties, and this cannabinoid may also reduce food intake and help with anxiety.

Secret Nature THCV vape cartridges capture all the benefits of this cannabinoid with none of the downsides. Our full-spectrum distillate contains less than 0.3% THC and the lab tests for our THCV cartridges also show that this product is free from common contaminants. Like our other cartridges, Secret Nature THCV vape carts only contain full-spectrum distillate and added cannabis terpenes, providing you with a clean, enjoyable vaping experience.

Why should you vape THCV cartridges?

Vaping any cannabinoid provides you with instantaneous effects along with total control over the dose you ingest. If it’s true that the psychoactive effects of THCV become stronger at higher doses, vaping this cannabinoid allows you to stop before you reach that threshold dose.

If you plan to try THCV for anxiety, vaping this cannabinoid may be the most effective approach. Anxiety is a psychological phenomenon that often strikes acutely with little or no warning, and when you’re in the throes of an anxiety attack, all you want to do is escape as quickly as possible. Since vaping offers faster-acting effects than any other cannabinoid administration mechanism, you might gain comfort from your anxiety simply by carrying a Secret Nature THCV vape pen around with you in your pocket.

Secret Nature CBG Distillate Vape Cartridge

We recently launched a CBG vape cartridge to complement our CBG flower offerings and pay tribute to the rapid rise of this non-intoxicating cannabinoid. Unlike THCV, CBN, and CBC, CBG is relatively easy to source since CBG-rich hemp strains are widely available, but there are still plenty of reasons that it’s simpler and more convenient to enjoy this cannabinoid in vape cartridge form.

CBG has been thoroughly investigated for its potential pain-fighting properties, and this substance may also have digestive and antibacterial benefits, differentiating CBG from CBD, which does not appear to exert any potent activity in the digestive system or defend your body against bacteria. CBD and CBG are similar, however, in that they do not provide intoxicating regardless of the concentrations you ingest of either cannabinoid.

Like all of the vape cartridges we offer at Secret Nature, our CBG vape carts only contain natural ingredients, and they’re made with 100%-organic, indoor-grown hemp. Secret Nature vape cartridges only contain full-spectrum distillate with added terpenes, and they contain less than 0.3% THC.

Why should you vape CBG cartridges?

Even though CBG is also widely available in a variety of other product types, there are certain benefits of CBG vape cartridges that can’t be denied. Compared to CBG flower, for instance, CBG vape cartridges are much more convenient and don’t cause any mess, and CBG concentrate is also much more potent than any strains of hemp flower that contain high concentrations of this cannabinoid.

While capsules, tinctures, and other orally administered CBG products might provide the same benefits as CBG vape cartridges, ingesting any cannabinoid orally offers significantly reduced bioavailability. Not only does this drop in bioavailability makes oral CBG products less effective, but it also means that you end up paying more for the CBG you ingest since it is metabolized with significantly decreased efficiency.

Topical CBG products also offer decreased bioavailability, so the only potentially valid reason for using CBG topically is if you’re trying to harness this cannabinoid’s potential antibacterial effects. Otherwise, vaping CBG offers the best absorption rate and price-per-milligram of any cannabigerol ingestion method.

Secret Nature CBC Distillate Vape Cartridge

Our CBC distillate vape cartridge provides one of the most convenient ways to experience one of the rarest cannabinoids. At present, it’s only possible to acquire large concentrations of CBC by performing an enzymatic process on cannabigerolic acid (CBGa), which makes this cannabinoid as difficult to source as it is desirable.

CBC has been investigated for its potential cancer-fighting benefits, and it also appears that this cannabinoid has high affinity for your brain’s TRPV1 receptors, which might make it useful for treating neuropathic pain. Most intriguingly, CBC has been investigated for its potential neuroregenerative properties—this cannabinoid might help your brain rebuild itself by promoting the formation of critical nervous system stem cells.

Like CBN and THCV, there aren’t any Cannabis sativa strains that contain high amounts of CBC yet, but we stand behind the purity and reliability of our CBC cartridges nonetheless. Like everything else we offer at Secret Nature, our CBC vape cartridges are organic and all-natural, and they don’t contain any additives aside from natural cannabis terpenes, which only add to the benefits you’ll experience with each puff.

Why should you vape CBC cartridges?

Right now, vaping CBC cartridges is the only way to experience the benefits of this fascinating cannabinoid with any significant degree of potency or bioavailability. CBC products are, in general, extremely rare at this time, and neither topical nor oral CBC products will provide the fast-acting, potent results that you’re looking for.

Many sufferers of inflammatory pain conditions, such as rheumatoid arthritis, turn to CBC first due to this cannabinoid’s apparently high affinity for the nervous system’s TRPV1 receptors. When you’re in the midst of an inflammatory pain attack, you naturally want to seek relief as quickly as possible, and vaping CBC provides both high bioavailability and incredibly rapid effects.

Start vaping minor cannabinoids today with Secret Nature

It’s understandable if the rapid evolution of the international cannabinoid industry has given you a sense of whiplash. It was only a decade ago, after all, that whispers started to circulate suggesting that Cannabis sativa didn’t have to be intoxicating thanks to CBD. Now, CBD has not only carved a permanent economic niche for itself, but this cannabinoid has brought all of its non-intoxicating friends along for the ride as well.

Vape pens are just as new to the market as non-intoxicating cannabinoids, and after brief consideration, it seems almost as if these two innovations were made for each other. Before the advent of vape pens, vaping cannabinoids was messy and inconvenient, but now it’s possible to sample the effects of each fascinating non-intoxicating cannabinoid one after the other simply by exchanging the vape cartridge attached to your battery.

Secret Nature makes your exploration of the world of minor cannabinoids easy and rewarding by bringing together the latest vape pen technology with the world’s widest array of non-intoxicating cannabinoids under one roof. Whether a particular cartridge we listed above caught your eye or you want to experience the amazing benefits of CBG, THCV, CBN, and CBC all at once, we’re ready to take your order or answer any questions you may have. Secret Nature is the most trusted name in CBD flower, and we now invite you to embark on a new journey into the wonders of vaping minor cannabinoids.
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