CBD Awards: The 5 Sexiest CBD Buds

Have you ever found yourself drooling over pictures of beautifully grown, immaculately manicured hemp buds? You’re not alone—here at Secret Nature, we sometimes find it hard to stop staring at our CBD nugs long enough to package them in hermetically-sealed containers and ship them to customers in all 50 states.

Some CBD buds are sexier than others, though, which is why we decided to put the matter to rest with this list. Read on to learn which premium Secret Nature CBD nugs are most likely to put you in a pleasure coma from their appearance and aroma alone.

1. Diesel Puff

At first glance, you’d swear Diesel Puff was an indica strain since it produces such dark and dense nugs. A powerful lemony aroma and equally intense energizing effects instantly let you know, however, that this big-nug beauty is the most attractive member of the Secret Nature sativa lineup.

Why it’s sexy

With 17.4% CBD, Diesel Puff is nothing to trifle with. From among all the top-shelf CBD flower strains we offer at Secret Nature, Diesel Puff is perhaps the densest sativa we offer, and this strain’s dark-green buds are frequently interspersed by healthy, orange stigma hairs.

Like the THC-rich phenotypes of its ancestry, Diesel Puff has a powerful gassy aroma, and this dank smell is nicely complemented by citrus and lemon undertones. Enjoy safe smoking with this 100%-organic, lab-tested Secret Nature strain.

Why Secret Nature customers are in love with Diesel Puff

Our customers commend us on how well-sealed our packages of premium CBD flowers are, and Brandon W. goes so far as to say that Secret Nature Diesel Puff is “without a doubt some of the best CBD flower I’ve tried.” What seals the deal for customers like Robert S. is the “aroma that fills the room after you pop open that lid,” which we agree smells danker than should be allowed.


2. Dough Boy 

Dough Boy buds are almost hard to see under the thick layer of trichome crystals that cover every nook and cranny. This strain smells and tastes almost exactly like fresh-mixed cookie dough, and like all the other indoor CBD flower we offer, Dough Boy practically reeks of great genetics and even better cultivation.

Why it’s sexy

At first glance, Dough Boy buds don’t appear particularly big or dense. Size isn’t everything, however, and what matters is how this strain uses its impressive 20.5% CBD to deliver balanced, indica-sativa hybrid results throughout your system. Dough Boy grows into beautiful calyxes covered with complex surfaces that ripple with oil-filled trichomes, and the doughy, creamy aroma this premium, full-spectrum CBD flower exudes will have you head-over-heels in no time.

Why Secret Nature customers are in love with Dough Boy

Also available in bud form, customers agree that Dough Boy rolls into the best CBD cigarettes on the planet. They tell us that this strain burns smooth and helps with common stresses and conditions, and Craig R. reports that Dough Boy convinced him Secret Nature is “the real deal.”


3. Papaya Nights

Papaya Nights is our most popular sativa strain, and one look at the nug shots we provide for these hemp buds is enough to see why. Greenish-yellow, lanky sativa buds are practically eclipsed by a layer of fresh trichome powder, so it’s time to hit the slopes and share the love with the sexiest sativa CBD flower for sale anywhere.

Why it’s sexy

Instantly transport yourself to a tropical paradise the moment you open your hermetically-sealed tin of Secret Nature Papaya Nights premium hemp flower. You can almost smell Papaya Nights through the pictures we post online, and true sativa lovers won’t be disappointed by this frosty attractive cousin of similar THC-rich strains. Potent overtones of ripe papaya and citrus blend into hazy, earthy aromas that ensure you’ll enjoy a relaxing, uplifting day.

Why Secret Nature customers are in love with Papaya Nights

Daniel G. says he “got hooked with that flavor,” and like other customers, he also tells us that “the smell is so good.” Other Papaya Nights lovers say that this strain is top-of-the-line CBD, and Nathan S. even goes so far as to say that Papaya Nights is “literally perfect in every way.”


4. Frosted Kush

If you’re looking for CBD bud for sale that almost perfectly mimics kush strains without the high, Secret Nature Frosted Kush is the ultimate choice. This strain looks, smells, and feels just like your favorite indicas, but when you buy hemp flower from secretnaturecbd.com, you get even better bud than you can find at recreational dispensaries.

Why it’s sexy

Frosted Kush buds are so thick that they burst at the seams. Breaking apart one of these beautiful nugs lets off a little whiff of paradise, and if you want to roll the best hemp cigarettes the block has ever seen, Secret Nature Frosted Kush is a great place to start.

Why Secret Nature customers are in love with Frosted Kush

New Frosted Kush reviews come in almost every day, and customers who have tried this product agree—this strain delivers fast, and its amazing effects can be sensed the moment you open your vacuum-sealed tin. Curtis E. goes so far as to say that he “[c]ouldn't believe CBD could be such an experience” until he tried Frosted Kush.


5. Blood Diamond

Blood Diamond is so bodacious that it knocks you down flat. No, those numbers don’t lie—this strain really contains over 26% total cannabinoids. All we can say is that it must be the power of love.

Why it’s sexy

As a stunner in every sense of the word, we named Blood Diamond for the dark, purplish core expressed in this strain’s buds that’s covered up by an incredibly thick layer of crystals. In addition to strong aroma overtones of pine and citrus that become apparent the moment you open your tin, you’ll be blown away by the thick, perky hairs that stick straight out of your Blood Diamond buds.

Why Secret Nature customers are in love with Blood Diamond

Secret Nature Blood Diamond may be new on the block, but the wholesome CBD smokes this strain offers are already the stuff of legend. Customers focus on our attentive service and the quality of our CBD, and Bryan S. tells us that “Blood Diamond is a beast of a flower!” In addition to having amazing effects, Larry K. also reports that this strain is “pretty to look at,” which is exactly what we’re going for.


Get the most alluring Secret Nature artisan CBD buds delivered to your door

Ogling at sexy hemp buds online is all well and good, but you won’t be satisfied until you’re holding the nugs pictured in Secret Nature product descriptions in your own hands. Our artisan CBD hemp flower is so alluring that it belongs in a pinup calendar, and once you receive your first delivery of organic hemp flower from Secret Nature, you won’t want to go back to playing the field.

Our ladies aren’t shy. We ship the best CBD bud on the planet to all 50 states, and we even offer CBG flower and other unique products that set us apart from the competition. Make your order for the best CBD flower online today—don’t worry, we’ll keep it between us.

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