CBD Awards: The 5 Sexiest CBD Buds

Published May 02, 2020
CBD Awards: The 5 Sexiest CBD Buds - Secret Nature

Have you ever found yourself drooling over pictures of beautifully grown, immaculately manicured hemp buds? You’re not alone—here at Secret Nature, we sometimes find it hard to stop staring at our CBD nugs long enough to package them.

Some CBD buds are sexier than others, though, so we decided to put the matter to rest with this list. Read on to learn which premium Secret Nature CBD nugs are most likely to put you in a pleasure coma from appearance and aroma alone.

1. Secret Nature Diesel Puff CBD Hemp Flower

At 17.4% CBD, Diesel Puff is nothing to trifle with. A powerful lemony aroma and equally intense energizing effects instantly let you know that this big-nug beauty is the most attractive member of the Secret Nature sativa lineup. Like its THC-rich ancestors, Diesel Puff has a powerful gassy aroma, and this dank smell is nicely complemented by citrus and lemon undertones.

  • Secret Nature Diesel Puff CBD Hemp Flower review - Cj W. “Top quality CBD” ★★★★★ “The absolute best CBD ! Every time I come to buy almost everything is sold out!!! I can’t get enough of the Diesel Puff. I’m so relaxed after smoking and always want more. It has helped me eat and also sleep during most nights. Highly recommend to my friends !”

2. Secret Nature Dough Boy CBD Hemp Flower

Dough Boy buds are almost hard to see under the thick layer of trichome crystals that cover every nook and cranny. This strain smells and tastes almost exactly like fresh-mixed cookie dough, and Dough Boy practically reeks of great genetics and even better cultivation.

At first glance, Dough Boy buds don’t appear particularly big or dense. Size isn’t everything, however, and what matters is how this strain uses its impressive 20.5% CBD to deliver balanced, indica-sativa hybrid results throughout your system. Also available in bud form, customers agree that Dough Boy rolls into the best CBD cigarettes on the planet.

  • Secret Nature Dough Boy CBD Hemp Flower review - Peter P. “Pure Awesomeness” ★★★★★ “Awesome product a lot better than I imagined. Love the product keep up the awesome work.”

3. Secret Nature Papaya Nights CBD Hemp Flower

Instantly transport yourself to a tropical paradise the moment you open your hermetically-sealed tin of Secret Nature Papaya Nights premium hemp flower. Greenish-yellow, lanky sativa buds are practically eclipsed by a layer of fresh trichome powder, so it’s time to hit the slopes and share the love with the sexiest sativa CBD flower for sale anywhere. Potent overtones of ripe papaya and citrus blend into hazy, earthy aromas that ensure you’ll enjoy a relaxing, uplifting day.

  • Secret Nature Papaya Nights CBD Hemp Flower review - Kevin O. ★★★★★ “This is a game changer so fresh so beautiful so potent.. secret nature is a miracle.. you can taste the papaya and the a1 quality of this flower.”

4. Secret Nature Frosted Kush CBD Hemp Flower

If you’re looking for CBD bud for sale that almost perfectly mimics kush strains without the high, Secret Nature Frosted Kush is the ultimate choice: these buds are so thick that they burst at the seams. Breaking apart one of these beautiful nugs lets off a little whiff of paradise, and if you want to roll the best hemp cigarettes the block has ever seen, Secret Nature Frosted Kush is a great place to start.

  • Secret Nature Frosted Kush CBD Hemp Flower review - Steven P. ★★★★★ “Very pleasant aroma you can smell the terpenes. Amazing nug structure. Great trim job. Beautiful size nugs. Not dry, nor wet. Seems to be fresh and perfectly curated. 10/10 without exaggeration!”

5. Secret Nature Blood Diamond CBD Hemp Flower

No, those numbers don’t lie—this strain really contains nearly 25% total cannabinoids. Blood Diamond is named for the dark, purplish core expressed in this strain’s buds that’s covered up by an incredibly thick layer of crystals. In addition to strong overtones of pine and citrus, you’ll be blown away by the thick, perky hairs that stick straight out of your Blood Diamond buds.

  • Secret Nature Blood Diamond CBD Hemp Flower review - Takwon J. “A Shocker” ★★★★★ “Personally this strain in my experience was fantastic the effects shocked me, I’m not much of a hybrid user I prefer indicas. It helped me with my anxiety, my hands felt much better after use, super calm, helped my pain go way down all over my body.”

Sexy CBD Nugs FAQ

1. What is the strongest CBD flower I can buy?

Right now, the strongest CBD flower on the market is Secret Nature Blood Diamond. Clocking in at nearly 25% CBD, Blood Diamond is the highest-concentration CBD-rich hemp strain ever bred, and it looks and tastes beautiful to boot. Blood Diamond is a balanced hybrid with a minty and sour terpene profile.

2. What is the best strain of CBD flower?

Based on sheer volume of customer reviews, either Secret Nature Frosted Kush or Secret Nature Papaya Nights would need to be considered the best CBD flower available online. Both strains have received more than 500 verified customer reviews, and reviewers rant and rave about the potency, tastiness, and beauty of these hemp flower all-stars.

3. What is high-CBD flower like?

Smoking high-CBD flower is a lot like smoking high-THC flower but without the sense of intoxication. When you smoke it, CBD will feel more potent than ever before, but at the same time, your experience will never reach the threshold of intoxication. Instead, you’ll feel powerfully relaxed or even sleepy.

4. What is the best CBD flower for anxiety?

Based on scientific research, the cannabis terpenes limonene, linalool, and myrcene appear to be the most effective against anxiety. Examples of strains that contain high concentrations of these terpenes include Secret Nature Cobbler and Secret Nature Secret Dream. Many customers report that even a single puff of high-grade CBD flower is enough to curb intense anxiety attacks. 

5. What is the best CBD flower for pain?

Initial research indicates that the terpenes limonene and linalool are among the most effective against chronic pain. If you want to make sure you ingest high concentrations of these terpenes with your hemp flower, give the strains Secret Nature Blood Diamond and Secret Nature Frosted Kush a shot. Most chronic pain sufferers who try CBD flower report that 1-2 hits every hour or so provides the best effects.

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