The Best Hemp Company in Georgia Is Secret Nature

Published March 08, 2022
The Best Hemp Company in Georgia Is Secret Nature - Secret Nature

Secret Nature has always been the tip of the spear of the hemp flower revolution. Long-since surpassing 10,000 5-star verified customer reviews, Secret Nature hemp is known far and wide across the country. Georgia is one of the states where Secret Nature hemp flower has received the warmest hospitality.

In this guide, get up to speed with hemp laws in Georgia, and learn why Secret Nature is the Peach State’s preferred hemp flower brand. Then, learn the details on Secret Nature as a hemp company, and find answers to all the most popular Georgia hemp flower questions—including inquiries pertaining to delta 8.

Hemp flower in Georgia: An overview

Let’s begin with a brief overview of hemp flower laws and history in Georgia:

  • Historically, Georgia was one of the most notable hemp-farming states
  • CBD is federally legal under the 2018 Farm Bill if it contains less than 0.3% THC
  • Georgia has prohibited CBD in certain products, but not hemp flower
  • There are no specific regulations relating to CBD flower in Georgia
  • As a result, federal law has the final say

Due to these favorable conditions for hemp commerce, Georgia has become one of the many epicenters of the American hemp boom. What is the best hemp flower you can buy in Georgia, though? We’ll find the answer as we continue.

Are hemp products legal in Georgia?

Yes, Georgia state law mirrors US federal laws on hemp products in most ways. Georgia has banned CBD in food, beverages, and supplements, but it has not made regulations on any other product categories aside from animal feed. The state of Georgia has not made any rulings either way on hemp flower or cannabinoid concentrates derived from hemp.

Is hemp flower legal in Georgia?

Georgia has not made any state-specific laws regarding hemp flower, so regulations regarding hemp flower in this state revert to federal law. The 2018 Farm Bill mandates that any cannabis products containing less than 0.3% delta 9 THC be considered “industrial hemp,” which is not scheduled as a drug. As a result, hemp flower is—for all intents and purposes—legal to purchase, possess, and use in the state of Georgia.

Can you grow hemp for personal use in GA?

You may only grow hemp in Georgia if you have received a cultivation permit from the state government. It is not legal for average citizens in this state to grow high-CBD, low-THC hemp on their properties.

How old do you have to be to buy CBD flower in Georgia?

Georgia state law mandates that individuals must be at least 18 years old to buy CBD flower. This is the minimum age that respectable online CBD flower companies require their customers to be as a condition of purchase as well. If you’re under 18 and want to try CBD in Georgia, consult with your legal guardian before proceeding.

How much CBD flower can you possess in Georgia?

In the state of Georgia, there is no legal limit on the quantity of hemp flower you can possess. As long as your hemp contains less than 0.3% THC, it is considered an industrial hemp product federally, and Georgia has not laid down any state-specific restrictions on its possession.

Buying hemp flower in Georgia: the details

Now that you’ve brushed up on the legality of hemp in Georgia, let’s learn how you can get your hands on hemp flower in this state. Generally speaking, you have two options:

  • Buying hemp flower online
  • Buying hemp flower in a brick-and-mortar store

We’ll discuss the merits of both options in this section.

Where can you buy hemp flower in Georgia?

To sell CBD in Georgia, you must receive a license from the state, significantly limiting the access Georgia residents have to hemp products—if they shop in-store, that is. Georgia state law does not restrict residents from purchasing CBD products online, however, opening up an almost-infinitely vaster landscape of hemp flower products to choose from.

Only a few CBD flower brands are active in Georgia, but there are dozens of producers to choose from on the internet. This massive difference in competition naturally pushes online hemp flower products to be higher-quality and lower-priced than CBD flower you can buy at Georgia stores.

What are the best CBD flower companies in Georgia?

Since Georgia is the furthest thing from an island when it comes to CBD flower companies that are available to residents, the best CBD flower company in Georgia is the same thing as the best CBD flower company in the United States. That company, based on sheer number of verified customer reviews, is Secret Nature.

Offering better quality at lower prices, Secret Nature is the original innovator of artisanal-quality, indoor-grown CBD hemp flower. With CBD vapes and D8 products also available, Secret Nature is America’s most popular online dispensary.

Secret Nature: Georgia’s best hemp flower company

In many ways, the days of cannabis prohibition are over—for Georgia residents and all other Americans. Average people have access to more cannabinoids offered at higher grades of quality than ever before, and the eCommerce revolution has made the power of hemp equally accessible to people all across the country.

Leveraging the best West Coast cannabis genetics and cultivated in Central Oregon and Colorado, Secret Nature is the genuine article through and through. No expense is spared to produce the most technologically sophisticated and connoisseur-satisfying hemp ever grown, but you wouldn’t know it from the fair prices of Secret Nature products.

Where is Secret Nature CBD located?

Secret Nature has hemp cultivation and production facilities in Colorado and Oregon, and it operates corporate offices and a distribution center in Los Angeles. For answers to further questions about the company, contact Secret Nature customer service.

Can you buy Secret Nature CBD in Georgia?

Yes, you can buy Secret Nature CBD products online and have them shipped to your address in Georgia. A variety of different shipping options are offered from free shipping with orders over $75 to expedited overnight shipping. If you have any questions about having Secret Nature products shipped to your address, feel free to start a customer service chat at any point during the ordering process.

How long does Secret Nature CBD take to ship?

Most Secret Nature orders are processed and fulfilled within 24 hours. At peak moments during the year, processing times may be delayed somewhat. As soon as your order ships, tracking information will be offered, and route protection is offered with your package to provide total peace of mind as you wait for your order to be fulfilled.

Delta 8 in Georgia

Let’s wrap up with answers to questions that pertain to a related topic: delta 8. Is the cannabinoid delta 8 THC legal in Georgia, and can you have Secret Nature delta 8 products shipped to the Peach State?

Can you buy delta 8 in GA?

There are no specific Georgia state laws prohibiting the sale of products containing delta 8 THC. Since this compound is chemically distinct from delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol, it is generally treated as a different substance and not classified as a Schedule I drug. By default, this makes delta 8 products industrial hemp, placing them in the same federal regulatory category as CBD. Georgia residents should feel free to exercise their own judgment when purchasing products containing delta 8 or any other cannabinoid.

Can you mail delta 8 gummies?

Yes, shipping gummies containing the cannabinoid delta 8 THC is generally protected by the Commerce Clause of the United States Constitution. The only substances that can’t be shipped across state lines are those specifically prohibited by the federal government, such as the delta 9 form of THC. Since Georgia does not have any state-specific laws prohibiting delta 8 commerce, delta 8 products are shipped to this state all the time.

Do I need a license to sell delta 8?

No, it is generally not necessary to have a special license to sell delta 8. If you are operating a retail storefront, you may need to acquire the basic business licensing necessary to sell goods in your municipality. Since delta 8 is not a controlled substance, however, no additional licensing or certification should be required beyond this point.

Georgia is Secret Nature country

Georgia knows dank. While California may have the sunny beaches, you have the sugary peaches—which, by the way, owe their fruity dankness in large part to the presence of the terpene myrcene. Sadly to say, though, your state isn’t exactly the national epicenter of commerce.

That title must go to the West Coast, where innovation is born and the best cannabis plants are bred. Secret Nature’s Rogue Valley, Oregon, cultivation facilities are the focal point of the global delta 8 revolution. That’s where the world’s best D8 products are born, and more than we can count have already made their way to the Peach State.

Pair your state’s heirloom fruit with a “forbidden” one from Secret Nature: Our Forbidden Fruit Super 8 disposable vape cart contains an ideal blend of terpenes to enjoy alongside a peach’s sticky succulence.
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