Top-Shelf CBD Flower Defined — Connoisseur’s Guide

Published June 30, 2021
Top-Shelf CBD Flower Defined — Connoisseur’s Guide - Secret Nature

Top-shelf can be just as much a state of mind as it is a factual reality. To achieve results in the world of cannabis that can truly be considered top-shelf, you have to live and breathe a certain mindset that naturally yields impressive results.

At Secret Nature, top-shelf is our creed, our guiding principle, and our very way of life. Learn what top-shelf means to us, and find out how to define top-shelf CBD flower from here on out.

What does top-shelf mean when it comes to cannabis?

You hear the term “top-shelf” bandied around a lot these days. It seems that any time a cannabis product is expensive, it is called top-shelf simply to justify the high price.

Just being expensive isn’t enough to be top-shelf, though. Just as there is real and pretended wealth in the realm of personal finances, there is also real and pretended top-shelf quality within the world of cannabis.

To find out the true definition of top-shelf, you’ll need to look a little bit further than the price tag.

What is top-shelf hemp?

The term top-shelf applies just as much in the world of hemp as it does in cannabis. After all, the divide between these two substances is not as wide as some would make it seem.

Top-shelf quality is even more important when it comes to hemp though. The vast majority of smokable hemp is grown outdoors with little to no actual quality control. When it comes to CBD flower, top-shelf is more practical than bourgeoisie.

What makes hemp top-shelf?

To be considered top-shelf, hemp must first be grown indoors, and it must have a CBD concentration of at least 15%. Upon inspection, buds must be dense, frosty, and attractive, and the aroma should be crisp and clear. Top-shelf CBD-rich hemp should deliver potent results almost instantly and go down smoothly.

Characteristics of top-shelf hemp

Let’s run through the seven most important characteristics of top-shelf hemp to make sure you have a good grasp of the situation:

1. Indoor-grown

This point might be debatable in some cases, but it is practically impossible to grow top-shelf hemp outside. Even if you strictly avoid applying dangerous chemicals to your hemp crops, neighboring farmers might not be as nice, and outdoor-grown buds are never as potent as their indoor-grown equivalents.

2. High-grade

If this term is too steeped in drug-lore for your liking, use “potent” instead. All we’re saying is that to be truly top-shelf, you have to deliver actual results — not just look pretty.

Cannabinoid concentrations under 10% bespeak bad genetics. It’s okay if that percentage falls a little under 15%, but the best-bred and best-grown hemp flower can contain more than 20% CBD.

3. Clean

Sure, it’s also important for CBD flower to not be dusty or dirty, but what we’re referring to here is the type of cleanliness that can only occur when hemp is grown correctly. All too often, CBD products contain agrochemicals or industrial solvents, and no contaminated product could ever be considered top-shelf.

4. Beautiful buds

Sometimes, all it takes is a look to establish that a hemp flower product is top-shelf. It’s simply impossible to produce beautiful buds without doing something right, and sad-looking hemp was probably cultivated by equally sad growers for equally sad reasons.

Here are some surefire identifiers of high-quality hemp you should be on the lookout for:

  • Healthy, orange pistils (hair-like protrusions coming out of the bud’s surface)
  • A thick glazing of white, crystalline trichomes across every surface (it’s these glistening resin sacs that contain the cannabinoids)
  • Thick bud density (no light shining through the buds)
  • Powerful aroma upon cracking open a bud (healthy nugs contain lots of terpenes, which release when a bud is cracked)

5. Organic cultivation

You don’t need USDA certification to grow your CBD-rich hemp organically. All it takes is the mindful avoidance of toxic substances that hurt human bodies, animal bodies, plants, or the Earth. We suppose it’s possible to attain top-shelf status without growing your hemp organically, but true connoisseurs will always turn up their noses at conventionally grown buds.

6. Excellent genetics

This factor is often overlooked, but it’s the foundation from which lots of other problems spring. Did you know, for instance, that it’s primarily genetics, not cultivation, that controls potency in cannabis?

Genetics can also make hemp more or less susceptible to pesticides or grow in certain patterns. A master breeder wields the force of a cannabis plant’s DNA to unlock its hidden potential and open biochemical portals to brand-new experiences.

7. Top-notch packaging

They say to never judge a book by its cover. We’d like to at least say we agree, which is why we left this qualifier for last.

While you should judge a tree by its fruits and not its branches, there’s still a lot you can learn from how a CBD flower product looks. If it’s only sold by the ounce and comes in a gallon ziplock bag, it’s probably not top-shelf.

If it comes in unique, inventive packaging that preserves the flower within while providing the consumer with lots of useful information, you’ve hit the top-notch CBD flower jackpot. Just remember to make sure it’s CBD and not THC before you start puffing — many top-shelf products from opposite sides of the aisle nonetheless look very similar.

Top-shelf CBD flower FAQ

Attain the top-shelf mindset with answers to the following common questions:

What is the most potent CBD flower?

At more than 24% CBD, Secret Nature Blood Diamond takes the cake as the world’s most potent CBD flower strain. Our breeders continue to develop high potency genetics all the time, ensuring a future of even higher CBD concentrations in hemp flower.

Is buying CBD flower legal?

The 2018 Farm Bill designates cannabis containing less than 0.3% THC industrial hemp, removing most CBD products from the federal definition of “marijuana.” CBD regulations vary by state and county, so consult with any relevant authorities before making a decision.

What is the best CBD flower to smoke?

Secret Nature CBD flower is the best hemp flower to smoke since it’s derived from the best genetics, grown organically, cryogenically cured, and hermetically sealed. Our buds are more potent, they taste better, they look better, and we offer better customer service.

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