Ultimate Guide to Secret Nature Cherry Cough CBD Flower

Published June 10, 2020
Ultimate Guide to Secret Nature Cherry Cough CBD Flower - Secret Nature

Here at Secret Nature, we’ve been breeding high-CBD, low-THC hemp strains since 2017. In the intervening time, we’ve produced a lot of amazing cultivars, but Cherry Cough remains one of our favorites.

This strain isn’t only beloved among Secret Nature staff—Cherry Cough flower is one of our most-reviewed strains, and this beloved status has pushed us to expand our Cherry Cough lineup into two different pre-roll offerings as well. In this guide, we’ll give you the background on Cherry Cough, show you how much our customers like this strain, and let you in on the best methods for sinking into relaxation with Secret Nature Cherry Cough.

Strain origins

Cherry Cough is a work of art created by our very own in-house cannabis breeder, Eric Ramuzin. With more than half a decade of experience crossing hemp with popular cannabis strain, Eric is the brains behind your favorite Secret Nature cultivars that so closely match legendary high-THC cannabis strains while still containing less than 0.3% of this intoxicating cannabinoid.

While the breeding process that produced Cherry Cough involved quite a few different crosses, the two most important parents of this strain were Cherry Wine and Strawberry Cough. Cherry Wine is one of the most well-known high-CBD strains, and along with The Wife, this cultivar has been used to produce almost all of the high-CBD hemp phenotypes on the market today.

Strawberry Cough, on the other hand, has long been a favorite among THC enthusiasts due to its delicious berry flavor and its powerful throat hit that does, indeed, often leave the user coughing. Secret Nature Cherry Cough minimizes this attribute to some degree, but you still know that you just smoked “real cough” when you inhale a puff of this strain.

Secret Nature Cherry Cough tastes like cherry, has similar terpenes to Strawberry Cough, and does it all while containing less than 0.3% THC—guaranteed. This strain is backed up by dozens of customer reviews and state-of-the-art third-party lab testing, and, if you don’t mind us saying so, Cherry Cough is one of the prettiest and densest hemp flowers in the Secret Nature catalog.

Terpene profile

Cherry Cough packs more than 22% CBD in every frosty nug, but that’s not everything this incredible strain has to offer. Since we cultivate it with such care, Secret Nature Cherry Cough bud also expresses tons of different terpenes in high quantities.

Some of these terpenes are common to almost all hemp strains, but others contribute to the unique taste and aroma profile of this ultra-popular Secret Nature strain. Dive into the details surrounding the terpenes in Secret Nature Cherry Cough and why they make this strain so dank and delicious:


Caryophyllene is present in most hemp flower strains, and it has a spicy, peppery aroma that is also reminiscent of cinnamon or cloves.


As the most abundant terpene in any form of cannabis, myrcene is responsible for that unmistakable “dank” odor that still wafts off of Cherry Cough even though this strain contains less than 0.3% THC.


Humulene is very similar to caryophyllene in terms of chemical structure, aroma, and taste, but this terpene smells more like hops than pepper.


Also present in the candeia tree and chamomile, bisabolol is a relatively rare terpene that has a warm, floral aroma.


Limonene is very structurally similar to CBD, and this terpene that’s also found in citrus peels might have antidepressant and anxiolytic properties.

Customer Reviews

Secret Nature is the nation’s most popular hemp flower brand, but even among the other giants that populate our massive catalog of low-THC cannabis strains, Cherry Cough stands out as one of the most-beloved and most-reviewed. Customers who have reviewed Cherry Cough come from all walks of life, but they universally praise this strain for its aroma, taste, texture, and presentation. In this section, we’ll run through each of the Cherry Cough products we offer at, and we’ll give you a sample of the impressive customer reviews this strain has accumulated:

Cherry Cough CBD Nugs

Secret Nature customers confirm that Cherry Cough is the real deal. Eric B. starts his review by confirming that Cherry Cough “looks just like the picture, unlike other sites,” and Rino S. echoes this sentiment by telling us that “these cbd flowers are amazing the taste is great.” Since it’s an indica strain, it’s no surprise to us that Tyler C. thinks that Cherry Cough is “perfect for nighttime use,” and Amanda H. shares her thoughts on “one of the best” hemp strains she’s ever tried by saying that the “smell and cherry taste are delightful.”

Cherry Cough Pre-Rolls 7-Pack

This pre-roll Cherry Cough joint pack offers the best value, and with 102mg CBD per joint, it’s no surprise that this product has received such high praise. Jordan L. says he “loved the taste,” and Raymond tells us this pre-rolled joint pack “was very good.” Cameron D., a frequent THC smoker, has nothing but praise for Cherry Cough pre-rolls, and he says that he “was surprised with the aroma and solid flavor it produced.”

Cherry Cough Pre-Rolls 2-Pack

This smaller pack of our Cherry Cough pre-rolls is perfect for hemp smokers who want to give this strain a try without much investment. Julie P. praises us on our packaging by saying she “liked the tube they came in,” and Erin B. tells us she “took cherry cough out camping with me and it was so worth it.” Jose J. gives us exactly the type of praise for this product that we like to hear: “I’ve ordered from other websites but these were by far the best.” 

When and how to use Secret Nature Cherry Cough

By this point, we know that you’re itching to taste a hit of Cherry Cough for yourself. You may have even added Cherry Cough to your cart already and you’re simply checking back to learn more about this strain. Now that you’ve opened a link to one of the products we’ve listed above in a new tab or you’re anxiously waiting for your hermetically-sealed Secret Nature package to arrive at your door, it’s time to cover some of the best ways and times to get the most out of your new favorite hemp strain:

When to use Secret Nature Cherry Cough

As an indica strain, Cherry Cough truly shines when you use it before bed or whenever you need to relax. This strain’s terpenes help your body calm down and prepare for rest, so keep a Secret Nature Cherry Cough joint or two on your bedside table to help with insomnia or simply ensure that your sleep is as deep and restful as possible.

How to use Secret Nature Cherry Cough

Secret Nature Cherry Cough pre-rolls are designed to be smoked only, but the sky’s the limit when it comes to our hand-trimmed Cherry Cough nugs. Whether you’d prefer to grind up your top-shelf hemp flower and place it in a handheld dry herb vape pen or go the extra mile by loading a full bowl into your volcano vape, there are tons of ways to enjoy this strain without smoking. You can even bake Cherry Cough into your favorite brownie recipe to enjoy the world’s best non-intoxicating edibles.

Why you’ll love Secret Nature Cherry Cough

Secret Nature Cherry Cough is one of our most-reviewed strains for a reason. Time and time again, this delicious, simple strain delivers the relief and enjoyment that our customers have learned to expect from Secret Nature flower. You’re dying to understand what all the hype is about, and you want to know more. Select one of the lab-tested, top-shelf Secret Nature Cherry Cough options we’ve listed above to start exploring.

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