Ultimate Guide to Secret Nature Citron CBD Flower

Published June 13, 2020
Ultimate Guide to Secret Nature Citron CBD Flower - Secret Nature

Named for the thick-rinded citrus fruit from which lemons and limes originated, Secret Nature Citron positively oozes lemon zest and sweet, sativa goodness. Only a company that focuses on organic, indoor horticulture like Secret Nature could produce a strain as beautiful and delicious as Citron, and this cultivar has already won a spot in the hearts of our customers whether they’re CBD connoisseurs or hemp newbies.

With 18.4% CBD and 20.8% total cannabinoids, Citron is in keeping with the Secret Nature tradition of producing high-potency, high-quality, and non-intoxicating buds. We provide third-party, independent lab tests to prove that this strain contains less than 0.3% THC, and dozens of customers have weighed in with their thoughts on Secret Nature’s most lemony strain.

In this guide, we’ll cover the origins of Citron, the terpenes it contains, accolades from our customers, and simple tips for getting the most out of Citron and everything it offers. Let’s dive in to get all the details on Secret Nature Citron with this ultimate guide.

Strain origins

Secret Nature Citron was bred by crossing quite a few different high-CBD strains with THC-dominant citrusy cultivars. Our Citron bears a striking resemblance to a high-THC strain of the same name, but the lab reports we provide for this cultivar prove that Secret Nature Citron contains less than 0.3% of this intoxicating cannabinoid.

With this strain, it was our objective to provide all the desirable attributes of citrus-terpene sativa while minimizing their THC content and bringing the CBD levels of Secret Nature Citron as high as possible. As a result, Citron isn’t like most other CBD strains, and it closely resembles top-shelf citrusy sativa you might find at recreational or medical shops even though it keeps THC levels to a minimum.

In addition to its incredible, lemony aroma, Secret Nature Citron also expresses other features that are characteristic of sativa strains such as light-green buds and abundant orange hairs. While this strain contains the incredibly high levels of CBD you’ve come to expect from Secret Nature products, our lab results prove that Citron contains compliant levels of THC, and this cultivar also includes plenty of the minor cannabinoids and terpenes that improve your CBD flower experience.

Terpene profile

In any strain of Cannabis sativa, it’s the terpenes and flavonoids that produce a cultivar’s unique smell and flavor. There are so many terpenes in each hemp strain that it can be hard to pin down which component is providing a particular taste or aroma sensation, but by piecing together some of the most-concentrated aromatic oils in a strain you’re examining, it’s easier to predict the effects it will have. Here are a few of the terpenes in Citron that this strain expresses in the greatest abundance:


Caryophyllene has a spicy, peppery aroma that blends well with other terpenes. This terpene is present in high concentrations in almost all Cannabis sativa strains.


Myrcene provides the dank aroma that’s indicative of high-quality hemp, and you can also find this terpene in mangoes and lemongrass.


There are about 0.2mg of pinene in every gram of Secret Nature Citron, which helps explain this strain’s sharp, piney aroma.


Limonene is present in Secret Nature Citron in concentrations of about 0.05%, but a little goes a long way with this zesty terpene that’s also found in citrus peels.


Like pinene, guiaol is also found in pine trees, but this terpene has a more floral aroma than its more abundant cousin.

Customer reviews

Now that you have an idea of the background and basic attributes of this strain, it’s time to dive into what our customers have to say about Secret Nature Citron. This cultivar has received nearly 70 reviews since its release, and almost all of these reviews are five-star.

Our customers absolutely adore Secret Nature Citron, and after browsing these reviews, you’ll know why. Don’t forget to click the product links we provide below to see more reviews and try Citron for yourself.

Secret Nature Citron CBD Flower

You can purchase nugs of Secret Nature Citron in quantities of 3.5g, 7g, 14g, or 28g, and verified buyer Alex B. highly suggests you try this strain, which his five-star review proclaims is “gorgeous, and smells wonderful.” Alex also says that Secret Nature is the “best CBD I have ever had hands down,” and Timothy D. agrees that our flower is “amazing!” What’s more, Anthony P. says that Secret Nature Citron has a “wonderful fruity smell” and that he “highly recommends this one!”

Secret Nature Citron CBD Flower Pre-Rolls 2-Pack

Our 2-pack of Secret Nature Citron pre-rolls provides you with an affordable way to discover the amazing attributes of this strain. Markesia S. says that she has “tried a lot of cbd hemp and this is by far the best quality,” and Kevin R. shares his thoughts after trying this strain by saying that “everything from secret nature is amazing.” Charlene M. shares that this strain has a “smooth flavor I enjoyed along with my morning coffee,” and Todd T. gives us great praise by saying that this pre-roll 2-pack Secret Nature Citron “product is a step above the rest.”

When and how to use Secret Nature Citron

There’s never a bad time to indulge in the delicious aromas and flavors of Secret Nature Citron. As a sativa, however, this strain’s benefits come out the best under specific circumstances, so check out this section to learn more about how to get the most out of your Secret Nature Citron purchase. Before you get started, however, open one of the product page links we’ve listed above in a new tab to start putting your cart together.

When to use Secret Nature Citron

Citron is one of the peppiest, zesty sativa strains we’ve ever bred. While we’d never do something like forbids you from using Secret Nature Citron right before bed, you might want to keep a more soothing strain by your bedside and wait to indulge in Citron until the morning. Whether you’re in your home office and you need to get tasks done or it looks like a beautiful day to get up and conquer the great outdoors, Secret Nature Citron will give you the boost you need to get the most out of your plans.

How to use Secret Nature Citron

Secret Nature Citron bud smells and looks so amazing that it’s almost a shame to break it up and ingest it. When you’re ready to take the plunge, however, keep in mind that CBD flower tastes better vaped than it does smoke. The pre-rolls we offer with this strain are great for when you’re on the go or you want to share Citron with friends, but when you get home, break out your favorite grinder, grab your tabletop vape, and sink into the truly wonderful flavors this strain offers when vaped.

Why you’ll love Secret Nature Citron

Citron represents the pinnacle of the sativa breeding process we’ve embarked on here at Secret Nature. It’s our philosophy that you shouldn’t have to miss out on true top-shelf quality just because you don’t want to get high, and since Secret Nature bud ships to your door wherever you might live in the country, going low-THC is more convenient to boot.

If this strain looks amazing online, just wait until you smell Citron for yourself. Click one of the product links we’ve listed above to get started.

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