Ultimate Guide to Secret Nature Fuji CBD Flower

Published June 13, 2020
Ultimate Guide to Secret Nature Fuji CBD Flower - Secret Nature

Whether this strain conjures up the image of a magnificent mountain or the taste of biting into a crisp apple, everything about Secret Nature Fuji exudes elegance and beauty. As a sativa, the terpenes and other natural plant oils in Fuji provide uplifting, energizing effects, and this strain has a fruity, inviting aroma that will make you want to smoke it the moment you open your hermetically sealed package.\

Since we launched this strain at, Fuji has received dozens of positive reviews, and with nearly 23% CBD, it isn’t hard to see why this cultivar is such a crowd-pleaser. In this guide, we’ll provide you with everything you ever wanted to know about Secret Nature Fuji and explain why this strain is such a valuable member of our product lineup.

Strain origins

It isn’t easy to develop a top-shelf CBD flower that still contains less than 0.3% THC. The more CBD you pack into your non-intoxicating buds, the more likely it is that the THC levels will rise as well, which makes it necessary to cross high-CBD hemp strains with popular high-THC cannabis strains dozens of times to get the results you desire.

Like all of the strains of CBD flower we offer at, Fuji is the result of lots of dedication and hard work. The moment you receive your package of Secret Nature Fuji, you’ll note that this strain has many of the same attributes as some of the top-shelf high-THC cannabis strains you may have tried.

This strain is, for instance, fruity, light, and sweet while remaining dense and juicy. It features light-green buds that grow thin and lanky as they stretch toward their indoor light sources, and each nug is covered with crystals and orange hairs.

For all the world, Fuji looks and tastes like any sativa strain that you’d find on the top shelf of your local dispensary. Our third-party, independent lab tests are all the proof you need, however, that this delicious, high-quality sativa contains less than 0.3% THC.

Terpene profile

Each hemp strain contains hundreds of different molecules, and these molecules come together in unique combinations to deliver the exotic flavors and aromas that strains as Fuji provides. Therefore, only knowing the major terpenes that a hemp strain contains won’t tell you everything you need to know about its attributes, but this information can help explain why cultivars like Fuji smell so great and taste so amazing. In this section, we’ll provide some background on a few of the terpenes that Secret Nature Fuji contains.


Almost every strain of Cannabis sativa contains caryophyllene regardless of its dominant cannabinoid. Also present in thyme and cinnamon, caryophyllene has a peppery, spicy aroma, and taste.


Myrcene is also present in mangoes and lemongrass, and it has a characteristically musky, “dank” smell that provides hemp strains with their most characteristic aroma.


Limonene is also present in citrus peels, and it has a chemical structure that’s similar to cannabinoids. This terpene has a fresh, fruity scent that’s reminiscent of lemon zest.


Humulene is found in hops and certain types of wood, and this terpene has an earthy aroma with spicy overtones.

Customer reviews

Tons of people have tried Secret Nature Fuji, and a large percentage of these satisfied customers have returned to give us their thoughts on this strain. If you still aren’t sure about the benefits that this cultivar has to offer, check out this sampling of genuine customer reviews to get an idea of why Fuji is one of the most popular strains available at Click the links in each section to see a full list of reviews that customers have left for this strain.

Secret Nature Fuji CBD Flower

Available in 3.6g, 7g, 14g, and 28g sizes, Secret Nature Fuji CBD flower has amassed nearly 60 reviews at the time of this writing. Jared W. is one of our most recent reviewers, and he says that Fuji is one of the “smoothest CBD strains I've tried so far” and that this strain reminds him of Blue Dream. Clint S. tells us that Secret Nature Fuji has an “amazing aroma, and the flavor is to die for,” and Marc S. says that he was “very impressed” with Fuji’s “Top notch fresh, sticky, frosty nugs.”

Secret Nature Fuji CBD Pre-Rolls 7-Pack

This 7-pack of hand-trimmed and hand-ground Secret Nature Fuji pre-rolls contains 4.2g of CBD flower total, and Vicki P. gives us high praise by saying that these hemp joints are “Easy to take with me when I feel nausea after chemo.” Ernest H. says that he is “totally satisfied” with his Fuji pre-roll 7-pack purchase, and Shari W. shares her thoughts by saying that “Secret nature products are really top-shelf.”

Secret Nature Fuji CBD Pre-Rolls 2-Pack

It’s easy to take this 2-pack of Secret Nature Fuji pre-rolls with you wherever you go, and Leighton A. tells us that these “tightly packed” hemp joints are “wonderfully aromatic.” William W. shares his thoughts by saying that his purchase of “Fuji pre-rolled CBD is very mellow and full of flavor,” and Lorenzo M. says that his pre-rolls were “very well rolled and shipped.”

When and how to use Secret Nature Fuji

As the snippets from customer reviews we shared above make clear, Fuji is a delicious sativa strain unlike any other. After learning more about this incredible Secret Nature hemp flower offering, odds are that you’re ready to click one of the links above to get started on your very own Fuji journey. Whether you’ve already checked out and your order of Secret Nature Fuji is on its way or you want some more information before you decide, here are some details on the best ways to use Fuji and when to use it:

When to use Secret Nature Fuji

As a decidedly sativa strain, Secret Nature Fuji might not be the right flower to smoke or vape right before bed. Whenever you want to enjoy an energizing rush without getting high, however, Fuji is the strain to reach for. Whether you need a hand getting ready for your day or you want to relax during your lunch break, Secret Nature is a great strain for experiencing that distinctive sativa energy while steering clear of THC and its intoxicating effects.

How to use Secret Nature Fuji

Fuji is a strain that achieves its true taste and aroma potential when smoked or vaped. The pre-roll product options we offer that contain this strain are designed to be smoked, but vaping is certainly an option when you choose Secret Nature Fuji nugs. If you’d like to hoard your Fuji to yourself, we wouldn’t blame you but, this strain becomes even more delicious when you enjoy it with friends.

Why you’ll love Secret Nature Fuji

Secret Nature Fuji is one of the most aromatic and delicious members of our sativa flower lineup, and with over 24% total cannabinoids, this cultivar will certainly deliver the effects you’re looking for. Like all Secret Nature strains, Fuji is 100% organic and indoor-grown, and we provide lab tests to back up any claims we make about the purity or potency of this strain. Whether you want to get a little bit more energized throughout the day or this strain just looks too frosty and juicy to pass up, pick one of the product options we’ve linked above to discover Secret Nature Fuji today.

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