What CBD Flower Gives You Energy?

Published November 15, 2021
What CBD Flower Gives You Energy? - Secret Nature

For some hemp smokers, CBD can provide the energy needed to get through another day. Why are some strains of CBD considered to be energizing, though, and how do you make the most out of CBD’s energy-providing potential?

In this guide, find out:

  • Why you’re suffering from fatigue in the first place
  • Why CBD might be good for energy
  • Which types of CBD flower provide the most energy
  • And more…

Then, discover the 3 best CBD hemp flower strains you can smoke if you need energy immediately.

What causes fatigue?

Fatigue is a natural response to physical or mental exertion, and it’s normal to feel fatigued from time to time. If you feel tired all the time and chronically suffer from low energy, though, it’s possible that your diet and habits are to blame.

Eating low-quality, processed food, for instance, makes it harder for your body to produce the energy you need to feel excited and ready to go. Instead of looking to CBD as a solution to your chronic lack of energy, consider it something you can use for a boost as you balance your daily energy levels over time.

Is CBD good for fatigue?

Many people who have used CBD suggest that this cannabinoid is good for fatigue. These first-hand CBD users generally don’t say that CBD provides energizing effects in the moment. Over time, though, they report that this cannabinoid’s healing benefits sometimes help with cases of chronic fatigue that defied treatment before.

That’s all in regards to CBD in product forms other than flower or pure extract, though. Combined with certain terpenes, sativa strains of CBD flower can be powerfully energizing within moments.

What is sativa CBD flower?

Sativa CBD flower is CBD-rich hemp flower that has been bred to express sativa-dominant attributes. Hemp and cannabis strains are generally classified as either indica or sativa, and sativa strains have a particular subset of terpenes that connoisseurs can immediately recognize.

In general, sativa hemp strains are:

  • Fruity
  • Hazy
  • Dank
  • Gassy
  • And sometimes skunky

Indicas, on the other hand, usually contain terpenes that smell:

  • Sweet
  • Spicy
  • Earthy
  • Piney

There’s a huge spectrum of sativa, indica, and hybrid strains, though, and every cultivar has its own unique flavor and aroma profile. As a result, some critics wonder if the indica-sativa divide is more fiction than fact.

Does sativa CBD flower give you energy?

CBD flower users generally report that sativa strains of hemp are more likely to provide energizing effects than indica strains. It’s possible that sativas are inherently more energizing than indicas due to their generally higher concentrations of the terpene limonene, which anecdotal evidence suggests has a distinctly energizing effect.

This is all conjecture, though. We don’t know exactly why sativas appear to be more energizing, and it could all be due to the placebo effect in the end. Hemp smokers know, though, the difference between sativa and indica, and they consistently choose the strains that deliver the effects they desire.

What is the best daytime CBD flower?

Hemp smokers generally consider sativa CBD flower strains better for daytime use than indicas. Depending on the strain in question, smoking indica hemp might make you suddenly lose focus or get “couchlock,” which is when your current seating position becomes something like a prison.

Get a sativa hemp strain and an indica hemp strain, and try using both during the daytime on separate days. Discover the difference for yourself, and find out if you agree with the masses that sativas are more energizing.

Which CBD flower strains give you the most energy?

The higher the terpene concentrations in hemp flower, the more it will express the energizing effects of sativa strains. High-grade, indoor-grown hemp contains the most terpenes since these delicate plant oils oxidize when treated too roughly.

Secret Nature artisan hemp buds are tenderly cultivated to completion, cryo-cured, and vacuum-sealed in crush-proof metallic containers. They arrive smelling the same as the day they were sealed, and if you’ve selected a thoroughbred sativa, expect an onslaught of fruity aromas the moment you open your Secret Nature hemp flower tin.

#1.) Secret Nature Papaya Nights CBD Hemp Flower

Papaya Nights is the most popular sativa in the Secret Nature catalog. Boasting a unique tropical flavor and more than 19% CBD, Secret Nature Papaya Nights is a heavy hitter that delivers a uniquely uplifting hemp experience.

  • Secret Nature Papaya Nights Sativa CBD Hemp Flower review - Michael S. “ ★★★★★ “Another 5 Star strain from Secret Nature! Definitely my favorite sativa so far!!! Only complaint is it went way to fast, but will definitely be getting the OZ on this one as well next time! The energy boosting and happy mood effects are very strong on this one! Great day time flavor - wow - talk about flavor and smell!!!”

#2.) Secret Nature Fuji CBD Hemp Flower

It tastes just like a Fuji apple, and it’s so juicy you might mistake it for the real thing. More than 160 Secret Nature customers have told us just what they think about Fuji, and this strain’s solid 5-star rating proves the hype is real.

  • Secret Nature Fuji Sativa CBD Hemp Flower review - Demetrius T. “I’m in Love” ★★★★★ “Beautiful flower, smells amazing, and made me feel super calm and relaxed without the feeling of being high or lazy. It gave me the energy I needed to get chores and work done. It tasted great too. I'll be placing orders in the near future for this same strain and more. Thank you!!!!!”

#3.) Secret Nature Cobbler #5 CBD Hemp Flower

Cobbler brings the energy and the comfy vibes all at once. Leaning more toward the hybrid end of the sativa spectrum, Secret Nature Cobbler #5 features ultra-dense, super-sticky buds that were simply born to be smoked in a bong.

What are the best CBD flower companies in 2022?

With more than 11,000 verified 5-star customer reviews, Secret Nature is the most-trusted and most-popular CBD hemp flower company on the internet. Secret Nature products consistently impress customers with their potency and effectiveness, raising the bar for hemp flower producers around the country. Give Secret Nature a shot today to see just what CBD hemp flower is capable of.
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