What Is the Best CBD Flower for Pain?

Published October 28, 2021
What Is the Best CBD Flower for Pain? - Secret Nature

Since the beginning, the CBD phenomenon has been all about pain. Early users of CBD switched to this non-intoxicating cannabinoid since it seemed to help with pain better than THC, and as soon as high-potency CBD flower became available, pain sufferers around the country started to rejoice.

Let’s cut through the hype, though: Is CBD flower actually good for pain? If so, why? We’ll explore these questions and more in this guide.

Is CBD flower good for pain?

CBD users who have left reviews online almost universally conclude that CBD helped with their pain. The amount that CBD helps with pain differs between accounts, but the popularity of CBD for pain has certainly caught the attention of cannabis researchers. 

Recognizing that CBD has a remarkably high safety profile while being lauded by users for its effects on pain, scientists have started to take this hemp cannabinoid seriously as a potential analgesic treatment. If CBD is useful for pain, it naturally follows that CBD hemp flower would be one of the best ways to administer this cannabinoid to pain sufferers.

What makes CBD hemp flower useful for pain?

Inhaling CBD in the form of CBD hemp flower offers impressively high bioavailability and remarkably fast activation times. Bioavailability is the measurement of how much of a substance your body can use, and fast activation is key when you’re suffering from chronic pain.

Many CBD hemp flower users report that smoking CBD provides immediate relief from types of pain they found hard to treat before. There appears to be significant disparity, though, between strains of CBD hemp flower when it comes to effectiveness for pain.

Which terpenes help with pain?

Most terpenes (natural oils found in cannabis and many other plants) have antioxidant properties, and some terpenes appear to help with pain. Terpene concentrations vary among cannabis and hemp strains, but you’ll want to look out for strains with high concentrations of linalool, myrcene, and limonene if you’re in need of pain relief.

#1) Linalool

Linalool, also found in lavender, has been widely researched for its impact on pain. Studies have universally concluded that linalool is at least somewhat useful for chronic pain, and a 2003 study even suggests that linalool might act on your brain’s natural opioid system to deliver relief.

#2) Myrcene

Myrcene is one of the most abundant terpenes in cannabis, and it also appears to be one of the most useful for pain. You’ll find high concentrations of myrcene in almost every strain of cannabis, but some strains contain more myrcene than others.

#3) Limonene

Limonene, also found in citrus fruit, has received a lot of recent attention for its potential usefulness for pain and a variety of other conditions. You can find the highest concentrations of limonene in fruity sativa strains.

Is indica CBD hemp flower good for pain?

Some CBD hemp flower users consider indica strains to be good for chronic pain. Indicas are highly relaxing, though, making them potentially better-suited for nighttime use. During the day, it may be advisable to switch to sativa strains.

Is sativa CBD hemp flower good for pain?

People who experience nonstop chronic pain often switch to sativa CBD hemp strains during the daylight hours. Some users even consider sativa hemp products to be more useful for pain due to their tendency to uplift your mood.

Which strain of CBD flower is best for pain?

Usually, the best CBD hemp flower strain for pain is going to be the strain that contains the most CBD. The indica-sativa divide doesn’t appear to be as important for pain as it is when CBD hemp flower is used for other purposes, but inhaling plenty of terpenes alongside your cannabinoids remains essential to fully unlocking the entourage effect.

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How do you use CBD hemp flower for pain?

People with chronic pain generally choose to use CBD hemp flower consistently throughout the day. Based on customer testimony, taking 1-2 hits of hemp flower every hour for pain appears to be normal.

Some CBD hemp flower users find pre-rolls to be more convenient than flower. You also often ingest more CBD when you smoke a pre-roll since you’re likely to puff on it for a few minutes instead of just taking a hit or two.

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How do you choose the best CBD flower for pain?

To find the best CBD hemp flower for pain online, you’ll need to break the problem down into two components: finding the best CBD hemp flower producer overall, and then deciding which product they offer is best for pain.

To find out which CBD hemp flower brand is best overall:

  1. Find the company with the best-quality website
  2. Check for independent lab reports
  3. Reference verified customer reviews
  4. Contact customer support for more information

Once you know which brand you like, choose the best CBD hemp flower strain for pain taking a close look through product reviews. You’ll find that some CBD hemp flower products have more reviews that mention “pain relief” than others, so gravitate toward those products if you want to have a similar experience.

Even pre-rolls might not offer enough potency for your CBD needs. If you’re ready to graduate from flower to the most potent option, consider switching to vaping CBD hemp concentrate in the form of a convenient disposable vape cartridge.

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