What Is the Best Vape to Quit Smoking?

Published January 17, 2022
What Is the Best Vape to Quit Smoking? - Secret Nature

Portable, battery-powered vaporizers, or “vapes,” have become incredibly popular over the last few years as smoking alternatives. Some people have even used vapes for smoking cessation, and there seems to be some validity to the idea of using certain types of vapes as smoking cessation tools.

Only certain vapes are the right choice when it’s time to quit smoking, however. In this guide, learn about the different types of vapes and the potential each option offers as a smoking cessation aid.

What vapes do people use to quit smoking?

People generally use three different types of vapes to quit smoking: nicotine vape pens, which consist of refillable “tanks” connected to high-capacity batteries; nicotine vape pods, disposable, interchangeable pods that connect to rechargeable batteries; and hemp vape cartridges, which contain CBD or another cannabinoid, not nicotine.

Out of the three, it’s natural to conclude that hemp vapes are the best vape products to use to quit smoking. Let’s take a look at each option in more detail to find out which vape is best when you’ve decided to quit smoking:

1. Nicotine vape pens

These types of vapes originally popularized the vaping movement. Nicotine vape pens have tanks of varying sizes that you can refill using nicotine e-juice. This “juice” comes in bottles and can contain any number of different nicotine concentrations. Nicotine e-juice usually consists of isolated nicotine salts combined with propylene glycol (PG) and vegetable glycerin (VG), so it’s far from the most natural vaping option.

2. Nicotine vape pods

Nicotine vape pods are just like nicotine vape pens, but they keep e-juice contained in disposable pods, eliminating the inconvenience and mess of refilling your own vape tank. Vape pods have become popular due to the wild success of JUUL, the world’s most prominent nicotine vape pod manufacturer.

3. Hemp vape cartridges

Hemp vape cartridges can contain a variety of different cannabinoids, but they don’t contain any nicotine. Though they also feature interchangeable cartridges that attach to batteries, the similarities to nicotine vape pods end there. Instead of PG and VG, hemp vapes usually only contain natural compounds that have been investigated for their ability to do everything from reduce inflammation to help with nicotine addiction.

Will a vape help me quit smoking?

Many people use vapes of various types to assist in the process of quitting tobacco cigarettes. Vapes vary widely in terms of the types of ingredients they contain, and generally speaking, vapes that contain nicotine help with cigarette addiction less.

By switching to nicotine vapes, you eliminate the plant matter and chemicals present in cigarettes, but you continue to use the only substance in tobacco known to be addictive, nicotine. In fact, vapes can even make nicotine addiction worse since vape juice often contains much higher concentrations of nicotine than cigarettes.

Is vaping good for quitting smoking?

No credible medical authorities have directly recommended vaping of any sort as a smoking cessation aid. There are still a lot of misconceptions swirling around the subject of vaping, and it’s a fact that lots of vapes on the market are low-quality to the point of being harmful.

Vaping the right substances in the right ways, however, might provide your body and brain the boost they need to kick cigarettes to the curb once and for all. You shouldn’t discount vapes as a tool to use during the process of quitting, but make sure you’re vaping in a way that makes quitting easier, not harder.

What is worse for you: vaping or smoking?

There’s no debate anymore that smoking is objectively worse for your body than vaping. Whatever it is you’re inhaling, your lungs will have a better time if it’s in the form of vapor instead of smoke.

Being packaged in vapor form does not automatically make a substance healthy, though. Nicotine remains cardiotoxic even when it’s included in vapes, and inhaling the wrong vape product can lead to serious conditions like lipoid pneumonia.

What happens when you give up smoking and start vaping?

If you vape the right substances in the right ways, switching from smoking to vaping will help your body start healing from the damage tobacco has caused. Even switching to a nicotine vape will remove the burden of tar and other toxins you’ve been putting on your lungs, and choosing a non-nicotine vape has the potential to do real good instead of just settling for the lesser of two evils.

Which vapes are the safest?

The safest vape products are, hands-down, those that do not contain any nicotine or other artificial or harmful ingredients. There is no way to make nicotine safe, and we don’t know enough about inhaling vapor to make any claims about its objective danger or safety. It’s simple logic, though, that vapes containing dangerous ingredients will be more dangerous than vapes that do not.

What is the safest vape juice?

The safest vape juice doesn’t contain any nicotine salts, PG, VG, or other artificial ingredients. Unfortunately, every available product described as “vape juice” contains at least some artificial ingredients. Due to the presence of these artificial ingredients, it wouldn’t be accurate to say there even is such a thing as “safe” vape juice.

What is the healthiest vape to buy?

The healthiest vape is a product that doesn’t contain nicotine or any artificial ingredients. Various types of rudimentary cannabis extracts have been smoked or vaporized for thousands of years, and some contemporary cannabinoid distillates only contain natural ingredients. As a result, it’s natural to consider hemp or cannabis vapes to be healthier than their nicotine counterparts.

Why should you not vape nicotine?

You shouldn’t vape nicotine because, even in vapor form, nicotine is a toxic substance that’s bad for your heart. Nicotine is also addictive, and it becomes more addictive in higher concentrations. Many nicotine vapes contain much higher concentrations of nicotine than cigarettes, increasing the danger of chemical dependence.

Why is vaping nicotine so hard to quit?

It can be even harder to quit vaping nicotine than it is to quit cigarettes due to the increased concentrations of nicotine present in vape juice. The higher the concentrations of this toxic substance you ingest, the more addictive nicotine becomes. The increased convenience of vaping compared to smoking can also make it harder to break the habit.

Can a CBD vape help you quit smoking?

Many people use CBD vapes to assist in the process of quitting cigarettes. CBD has been investigated for its potential to help with addiction, and smokers who have decided to quit like the relaxing, non-intoxicating effects CBD vapes provide.

Can a delta 8 vape help you quit smoking?

Like delta 9 vapes, delta 8 THC vapes certainly couldn’t be called “non-intoxicating.” Mental as well as physical relief is what many smokers are after as they go through the quitting process, and compared to delta 9 THC, users describe delta 8 as being less prone to cause paranoia and other common THC side effects.

Which CBD vape is best to quit smoking?

As you select the right CBD vape to help in your quest to quit smoking cigarettes, prefer vapes that contain the most natural ingredients possible. CO2-extracted CBD distillate is the top of the game when it comes to extracts, and paired with cannabis-derived, strain-specific live resin terpenes, a CBD vape cartridge can’t be beat.

Best CBD vape for quitting tobacco reviews

Secret Nature CBD vapes have received thousands of reviews. Many of our reviewers have reported their experiences using Secret Nature CBD vapes to quit cigarettes. Here are a couple of examples:

  • Secret Nature White Fire OG CBD Hemp Vape Cartridge review - Paige S. “LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!!!!” ★★★★★ “The taste is great, very fresh. It definitely helps me to relax at the end of my day. I have high anxiety, and as a person who has recently quit smoking cigarettes, this helps take that "edge" off.”
  • Secret Nature Lemon Diesel CBD Hemp Vape Cartridge review - Albert S. ★★★★★ “This type of strain helps me feel energetic. Smells like lemon and nice sweet taste. I would recommend if you are also serious in quitting cigarettes. Great product”

What can I smoke instead of cigarettes?

There are a lot of alternative smokes out there for you to choose from. At one end of the spectrum, there are classic alternatives like clove cigarettes, but non-intoxicating hemp pre-rolls are starting to give these antiquated options a run for their money. The epitome of an “herbal cigarette,” a CBD pre-roll won’t get you high, but it will replicate the experience of smoking a cigarette while making you feel mildly relaxed.

What is the safest thing to smoke?

Human beings have smoked hemp and cannabis for thousands of years without serious complaint, indicating that Cannabis sativa might be the only plant historical evidence suggests is safe to smoke. The safety of hemp flower varies significantly depending on how it’s grown, however, so choose your hemp smokes wisely if you want to make sure you’re enjoying the safest-possible experience.

Can you smoke CBD flower instead of cigarettes?

Yes, many people have chosen to smoke CBD flower instead of tobacco cigarettes. Offering a more true-to-cigarette experience than vapes, smoking CBD is nonetheless less potent than vaping it, so serious cigarette quitters keep both CBD vapes and CBD flower on hand during the nicotine withdrawal process.
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