What Is the Strongest CBD Flower?

Published November 15, 2021
What Is the Strongest CBD Flower? - Secret Nature

When you smoke CBD hemp flower, you’re looking for a potent experience. Only high-quality CBD buds with excellent genetics will deliver the results you’re looking for, though. Much of the CBD flower on the internet is nothing more than low-quality biomass.

Familiarize yourself with what CBD hemp flower is and why the potency of your hemp matters. By the end of this guide, you’ll be an expert both on the top CBD strains and what makes hemp flower potent in the first place.

What is CBD hemp flower?

CBD hemp flower is Cannabis sativa that has been bred to be high in CBD and low in THC. Containing less than 0.3% THC, CBD hemp flower maximizes concentrations of CBD to achieve the greatest potency.

Unless cultivated according to specific guidelines, hemp flower will only naturally achieve around 10% CBD potency. Much higher levels of potency are attainable, however, with CBD buds that receive proper care.

Which strain of CBD hemp flower is strongest?

Secret Nature Blood Diamond stands alone at the peak of hemp flower potency with 24% CBD. Some strains may get close to this potency level, but it will be quite a while before the average hemp flower strain gets anywhere close to challenging Blood Diamond.

At Secret Nature, we are both hemp producers and pheno-hunters. In addition to doing the hard work of growing the world’s best CBD hemp flower every day, we also make it our mission to track down and develop the planet’s most medicinal cannabis strains, expanding and strengthening our natural plant spirits catalog.

Here’s some detailed information on the three strongest CBD flower strains available from Secret Nature:

#1) Secret Nature Blood Diamond: 24% CBD

The result of the most strenuous hemp phenotype search ever, Blood Diamond is a derivative of Suver Haze that boasts the highest CBD levels yet recorded in hemp flower. This hybrid strain has balanced effects that hit harder than any other CBD nugs.

  • Secret Nature Blood Diamond High-Potency CBD Hemp Flower review - Joshua L. “Amazing flower” ★★★★★ “Some of the best flower I've ever had. Very relaxing and potent. Looks and smell are unbelievable. The only downside is a bit of a harsh exhale but totally worth it. %100 effective and strongly recommended.”

#2) Secret Nature Sour Gummi: 21.5% CBD

Crossing CBD strains for potency rather than pedigree often results in hybrid strains. Another hybrid, Sour Gummi offers the second-highest CBD concentration in the Secret Nature catalog. 

Yes, this strain does taste just like sour gummy worms. More than a few of Sour Gummi’s 200+ verified reviewers go out of their way to point out this fact.

  • Secret Nature Sour Gummi High-Potency CBD Hemp Flower review - Erin B. “Excellent product” ★★★★★ “I've bought CBD flower from numerous sources. The flower from Secret Nature is by far the best. The bud smells amazing and tastes wonderful. Full body relaxation. Thank you!”

#3) Secret Nature Frosted Kush: 21% CBD

Frosted Kush is the most popular Secret Nature CBD hemp flower strain, and it’s also conveniently one of the most potent. Boasting 20.9% CBD, these strongly indica buds deliver the relaxing benefits of CBD more potently than you’ve ever experienced them before.

  • Secret Nature Frosted Kush High-Potency CBD Hemp Flower review - . “Gush! for Frosted Kush ★★★★★ “FK is a relaxing, smooth smoke, and smells out of this world! I have only tried a few other strains from SN and this is one of my favorites next to Secret OG!”

How much CBD is in hemp buds?

Right now, the upper limit of CBD in hemp flower appears to be around 25%. In THC flower, this limit has gradually risen to 30%, so we’ll likely see similar developments in CBD-rich hemp. Approximately 30% is the physical maximum concentration of cannabinoids cannabis flower can contain, though, with higher concentrations only achievable with extracts or “coated” nugs like moon rocks.

How much CBD is in 1 gram of hemp?

An average gram of hemp contains around 150mg CBD. That’s quite a bit compared to other types of CBD products, partially explaining the massive popularity of hemp flower. If you smoke a CBD flower joint with 100mg CBD, for instance, you just consumed the equivalent of 2-5 average CBD gummies.

CBD flower dosage calculator

It’s easy to figure out exactly how much CBD your hemp flower contains. All you need is the total weight of the flower and its cannabinoid concentration. Here are the steps:

  1. Determine the CBD concentration of the flower (20%, for example)
  2. Determine the weight of the CBD hemp flower (for example, 1g)
  3. If 20% of the weight of your 1g (1,000mg) hemp flower is cannabinoids, then your gram contains 200mg total cannabinoids
  4. Use the same ratios for larger amounts of hemp flower. It may be helpful to divide the weight into milligrams first.
  5. 3.5g (1/8th or an “eighth”) is 3,500mg, a half-ounce (14g) is 14,000mg, etc.

Do terpenes make CBD hemp flower stronger?

Cannabinoid concentration isn’t the only factor that might affect the potency of CBD flower. We’ve learned over the years that the “entourage” of substances accompanying the primary cannabinoid in hemp flower contribute significantly to the potency of the cannabinoid’s experienced and observable effects.

The terpene limonene, for instance, has been widely researched for its individual effects, and it’s joined in cannabis by dozens of other terpenes including linalool, pinene, humulene, and myrcene.

Terpenes are underestimated in their ability to both strengthen and modify the cannabis experience regardless of which cannabinoid might be dominant in a given strain. Adding terpenes to hemp products improves their effects, and hemp products that naturally contain terpenes are more effective.

Trust Secret Nature for potency and quality

Secret Nature CBD hemp products naturally contain high concentrations of terpenes. Some products are additionally boosted with high-quality organic terpenes from indoor-grown cannabis.

Combining the highest CBD concentrations ever recorded in flower with a connoisseur focus on terpenes has made Secret Nature CBD hemp flower the most popular in the world. CBD flower potency is likely to increase in coming years, and will be the first place to find 30% CBD flower strains once they become available.

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