Which CBD Products Are Best for Dog Anxiety?

Published June 19, 2022
Which CBD Products Are Best for Dog Anxiety? - Secret Nature

Just like their human owners, dogs can take CBD when they’re feeling anxious — with a little help, of course. One thing no dog can do, however, is choose the CBD products it will be using.

You’ll need to take care of that part of the process, but even for dog owners, selecting an ideal CBD product can be a challenge. Learn about the different types of CBD products for anxiety that are available for your dog, and find out how to select the best option for your pooch.

Does CBD help with anxiety for dogs?

Both pet owners and research scientists have reported excellent results after giving dogs CBD for anxiety. In many cases, CBD makes dogs look and act visibly calmer, and some anecdotal testimony mentions dogs becoming better able to endure thunderstorms, fireworks, and other anxiety triggering-events. If you haven’t tried giving your dog CBD for its anxiety yet, this non-intoxicating cannabinoid is certainly worth a shot.

How do I choose CBD oil for my dog?

With so many CBD products for dog anxiety available online, picking the perfect option for your canine companion can take a little bit of effort. The two factors that are most important to take into consideration are which types of CBD products are most effective for dog anxiety and which product types are the healthiest.

You’ll also want to read customer reviews for each product you’re considering and look for third-party lab reports to check on a CBD product’s quality and purity. Also, don’t forget that every dog has unique preferences. A CBD product that worked for a different dog might not be the ideal solution for your pooch.

What form of CBD is most effective for dogs?

Dog owners generally find that broad-spectrum or full-spectrum CBD tinctures or treats offer the best effects and are easiest to give to their dogs. Depending on the circumstances, you may also want to use CBD topicals on your dog, and it’s definitely worth considering the potential benefits of making your own CBD dog treats at home.

— CBD tinctures for dog anxiety

Some dog owners swear by the benefits of CBD tinctures for canine anxiety. Coincidentally, they’re also the owners of docile dogs they can manage to talk into swallowing dropperfuls of tincture.

You can add CBD tinctures to dog food or treats, and some owners get creative with sneaking CBD into pill pockets. If you manage to find an effective way to give your dog CBD tincture, this can be one of the most potent methods for delivering the benefits of this cannabinoid.

— CBD treats for dog anxiety

CBD-infused dog treats are the second-most popular product type used to give CBD to dogs for anxiety. Preformulated CBD dog treats abound on the internet, but they only rarely contain the types of high-quality ingredients that you want to feed to your dog. Regardless of variations in quality between products, it’s undeniably easier to give your dog CBD in the form of a treat.

— CBD topicals for dog anxiety

If your dog is suffering from an inflammatory topical condition — like heat spots — CBD topicals may be a reliable option. Topicals won’t be much use for your dog’s anxiety, though, so this is a product category you should count out of the running as you search for CBD products that will help with canine anxiety.

Other CBD dog anxiety products

These days, you can find everything from CBD-infused dog shampoo to CBD dog dental sticks online if you look hard enough. In most cases, though, you’ll find the most luck with a simple CBD dog treat that your canine can look forward to.

Can I make my own CBD oil for my dog?

Yes, it’s possible to make your own canine CBD oil at home using CBD-rich hemp flower. The process isn’t as complicated as you might think, and making your own CBD oil gives you total control over the ingredients you feed your dog. You can use homemade CBD oil to make a wide range of different dog-friendly CBD products.

How to make CBD for dogs

The best way to make CBD oil for dogs is to extract CBD flower in avocado oil. As one of the cooking oils that is best-tolerated by canine immune systems, avocado oil is an ideal choice if you’re making CBD for your dog. To get started, you’ll need to gather the following materials:

  • A cookie sheet
  • A crockpot or double boiler
  • A probe thermometer
  • A mesh strainer
  • A cheesecloth
  • A mixing bowl
  • A mason jar

Dog CBD avocado oil recipe

Making CBD-infused avocado oil is a project you can take care of in your kitchen within 1-3 hours. Before you begin, make sure you’ve collected the following ingredients:

  • 3-7 grams of CBD-rich hemp flower
  • 1 cup of avocado oil

Then, follow these simple steps to make avocado CBD oil for dogs at home:

  • Grind and decarboxylate your CBD flower by putting it in the oven on a cookie sheet at 250°F for 30-45 minutes
  • Combine the CBD flower and avocado oil in a double-boiler or crockpot, bring temperature to low
  • Stirring frequently, allow the mixture to simmer for around an hour
  • Place the cheesecloth on top of a mesh strainer over a mixing bowl
  • Pour the mixture through the cheesecloth and mesh strainer
  • Transfer the finished CBD avocado oil from the mixing bowl to a mason jar for storage

Best type of CBD for dogs — the bottom line

As with all types of products made for dogs and not for humans, CBD dog treats and other preformulated CBD pet products often contain unhealthy ingredients that would not be deemed safe for human consumption. The only way to take total control over the substances present in your dog’s CBD is to make your own CBD oil at home.

There are plenty of strains of CBD flower to choose from, and it’s easy to include DIY CBD oil as an ingredient in natural dog treats your pooch will love. Preformulated CBD treats will always lack the loving care an owner puts into treats they made themselves, and your dog will feel the difference.

Best CBD products for dog anxiety FAQ

What else might be on your mind regarding the best products to use for dog anxiety?

1. Can dogs eat avocado oil?

Yes, dogs generally don’t have any problem eating avocado oil. Dogs shouldn’t consume unreasonably high concentrations of fatty oils of any kind, but avocado oil appears to be more ideal for dog digestive systems than coconut oil, olive oil, and other cooking oils commonly used by humans. Recent research confirms that the widely held belief that avocados are toxic to dogs is just an urban myth.

2. What is the difference between hemp oil and CBD oil for dogs?

Whether it’s consumed by dogs or by humans, hemp oil does not contain any cannabinoids while CBD oil contains cannabinoids in high concentrations. The term “hemp oil” is most commonly used to refer to hemp seed oil, a neurochemically inert extract of hemp seeds that nonetheless has impressive nutritional benefits.

“CBD oil,” on the other hand, refers to CBD-rich hemp flower extract, which contains high concentrations of the cannabinoid CBD and up to 0.3% THC. Hemp seed oil might be useful for dogs from a dietary standpoint, but it won’t provide the benefits of CBD oil.

3. Which is better for dogs: CBD or hemp oil?

If you’re trying CBD for help with your dog’s anxiety or sleep, CBD oil is the right option. If you’re looking for another source of minerals and omega fatty acids in your dog’s diet, you might want to choose hemp seed oil instead. Both types of hemp-derived products appear to be perfectly safe for dogs to consume.

4. Where can I read CBD dog anxiety testimonials?

Reputable companies offering CBD products for dogs online have plenty of customer reviews to back up the value of their products. If you’re looking for CBD flower to make into DIY CBD oil for dogs, reading reviews for different strains can be a great place to start. 

5. Are there CBD gummies for dogs with anxiety?

The ingredients in CBD gummies designed for humans aren’t good for dogs. If you want to give CBD to your dog orally in a convenient way, consider CBD dog treats instead.

6. Is CBD good for older dogs?

There is no evidence that CBD becomes less useful in dogs as they age. In fact, many of the conditions that owners believe CBD is so useful for, such as arthritis, usually only appear in older dogs.

7. Is full-spectrum CBD good for dogs?

Full-spectrum CBD is most likely the best type of CBD extract to give to your dogs. Since your dog doesn’t need to worry about failing drug tests, zero-THC broad-spectrum CBD isn’t necessary. Isolate CBD, for its part, doesn’t offer the entourage effect, so it will be less effective in soothing your pup than full-spectrum alternatives.
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