Why Is CBD So Expensive?

Published December 28, 2019
Why Is CBD So Expensive? - Secret Nature

Price fluctuations are the norm in any new industry. The CBD market, however, is subject to unique pricing factors that flummox investors and consumers alike. Dive into the history of the CBD industry and discover how Secret Nature offers the best CBD products on the market while also keeping prices low.

Is CBD oil expensive?

Let's put it this way: You'd be hard-pressed to find anyone who thinks that CBD is cheap. Why is CBD so expensive? That's a matter we'll touch on later in the article. For now, all you need to know is there's a general consensus that CBD products might be a little bit pricier than they need to be. As you'll see, however, there are usually good reasons for this temporary price inflation.

The long-lasting effects of cannabis prohibition

Anything that's hard to get always becomes more expensive. Supply and demand is the fundamental law of economics, and this axiomatic truth also applies to the CBD industry.

Whether or not there was a good reason for this measure, cannabis prohibition has had a markedly negative impact on society. In addition to causing mass imprisonment, the marijuana black market has generationally exploited consumers and driven prices unrealistically high.

While important changes have occurred recently within the cannabis and CBD markets, online cannabidiol sales still suffer from the backlash of decades of prohibition. Costs are unavoidably higher because CBD is still associated with cannabis, and cannabis is still associated with crime.

Snake oil and conmen

Plenty of CBD manufacturers charge more than they should. Some CBD products cost more because more love and thought went into their design and production. Other CBD products cost more purely because their manufacturers know they can get away with it.

In addition to driving prices higher, snake oil salesmen within the CBD industry also give cannabinoids a bad name. The hemp plant has genuine beneficial properties, but by over-hyping these benefits and making medical promises, overzealous CBD sellers throw shade on the entire natural health movement.

Regulatory hurdles

Lastly, the regulatory status of CBD remains up in the air to a large degree, which causes uncertainty and volatility within the industry. Investors, credit card processors, banks, and online finance providers don't like going out on a limb with interests that might evaporate in a few years, and it's taking some time to convince international markets that the cannabis craze is here to stay.

The confusing regulatory structure surrounding CBD is also leading to supply chain and pricing issues across the board. Canada continues to struggle with onboarding its cannabis market, and in the US, producers and consumers are certain that increased federal CBD oversight is forthcoming. This inevitable fusion of the recreational marijuana industry with the CBD market will lead to further fluctuations.

We're out of the woods for the most part. Soon, supply and pricing will normalize across the board within the cannabis industry, and CBD users will be the first to feel the relief that ensues.


How much does pure CBD cost?

The cost of CBD varies widely depending on its purity. For instance, CBD tincture is often diluted with hemp seed oil or MCT oil, and doing so reduces the overall concentration or "purity" of the product. Certain extraction and production processes also result in "purer" forms of CBD oil.

It's common to use the terms "pure CBD oil" and "CBD isolate" interchangeably, but CBD isolate isn't necessarily synonymous with "pure CBD." Isolated cannabidiol is molecularly homogenous, which means that it only contains the CBD molecule. However, couldn't the natural, CBD-rich oil derived from hemp also be considered "pure" as long as it's grown organically and in accordance with natural wisdom?

Cannabidiol costs can also vary based on the extraction method used. Ethanol extraction is cheap, but it is also less safe than other options. CO2 extraction, on the other hand, costs more, but it results in quality CBD oil free from residual solvents. Processing cannabis plants correctly takes time and money, and retailers who settle for inferior extracts or flower shouldn't be trusted.

Whichever type of CBD you need, you'll find that Secret Nature offers both the purest products and the best pricing within the cannabidiol industry. Our expertly-manicured CBD-rich flower strains are our specialty, but we put the same love and purity into our tinctures and vape products as well. Check out our batch-specific lab reports to confirm the purity of our products for yourself.

How much does a kilo of CBD oil cost?

We're glad you asked! Becoming a Secret Nature wholesaler is easy, and we appreciate the opportunity to share our incredible products with your customer base. Pricing for CBD oil varies widely depending on the type of CBD in question and how it was produced, but you'll find that we always reward our business partners handsomely here at Secret Nature.

We succeed when you succeed, so get started with the wholesale process to learn more. For now, here's an overview of some of the factors that can affect price-per-kilo for CBD:

CBD oil type

Certain types of CBD oil, such as broad-spectrum CBD, may cost more than others. Always make sure you know what form your CBD is in before you buy it: There's nothing worse than realizing you have to extract all your own oil after pounds of dried hemp suddenly arrive at your production facility.

Production specifics

If your CBD oil is:

  • Organic,
  • Non-GMO,
  • Batch-tested,
  • CGMP-certified,
  • CO2-extracted,
  • Fair trade certified,
  • Or certified in any other way,

then it may cost more. High-quality CBD oil processed by happy people from healthy plants naturally costs more than sub-par products. More than going by price alone, it's important to ascertain the overall value of the CBD you're considering. It's just as common for honest CBD manufacturers to undervalue high-quality merchandise as it is for cannabidiol con men to charge an arm and a leg for comparative trash.

Seller's goals

Once the nitty-gritty details are out of the way, all that remains is the subjective side of things. Disreputable CBD sellers will always try to rip you off, but conscientious cannabidiol healers will just as surely provide you with even more than you paid for. Sometimes finding the best deal on CBD boils down to deciding which brand aligns best with your system of values.

Your negotiation prowess

Wholesale interactions are rarely set in stone. Show that the potential business relationship has value, and you might be able to get a discount!

How do you get the best deals on CBD?


Unless you stumbled on with your first Google search, it's highly unlikely that you'll have the perfect CBD experience with your first transaction. For many users, finding the right CBD product is a learning curve, and along the way, you'll encounter plenty of both good and bad surprises. To make things a little easier, we've compiled three important points you should keep in mind if you want to get the best possible deals with your CBD products:

1. Find high-value products

Searching out the highest value is key to getting the best deals on CBD. What does Company A offer that Company B doesn't? Which brand offers the highest concentration for the lowest price while not compromising on quality?

2. Work with reliable producers

Good CBD producers will follow ethical manufacturing processes whether the government demands it of them or not. Thorough, independent lab testing is a basic requirement for all CBD products, and it's also important to ascertain the extraction methods used to ensure that you're getting quality merchandise.

If you want to know more about CBD oil products, remember that you can always reach out to the company you're considering. We love answering customer questions at Secret Nature, so contact us at any time.

3. Read plenty of reviews

Other CBD consumers are there to help. You'll find that we have an abundance of customer reviews at, which is a sign of a thriving company. Plus, these reviews can send you in the right direction whether you want to make sure you pick the right strain or you're curious about the effects that a particular type of CBD product might have.

Saving money on CBD - Final quick tips

  • Always be on the lookout for coupon codes, but keep in mind that some codes only last a certain amount of time before they expire.
  • Some companies provide discounts for certain groups or on an as-needed basis. It never hurts to ask.
  • Most CBD brands provide periodic sales on holidays and other special dates. Subscribe to the Secret Nature newsletter to make sure you never miss an opportunity to save.

The Secret Nature difference

Why is CBD so expensive? In the end, it isn't. CBD products remain just as valuable regardless of how much they sell for, and people have clearly decided that cannabinoids have incredible value.

Instead of bucking the trend, we like to ride the wave at Secret Nature by using market excesses to develop the best products possible. The "CBD bubble" will pop one day, and all the companies offering shoddy products will disappear like smoke.

By working with you to craft the best CBD flower, tincture, and vape products the world has ever seen, we ensure the longevity of our company while also passing the value on to you. Thanks for taking part in our journey, and on behalf of everyone at Secret Nature, thanks for trusting us as companions on your own path to health and happiness.

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