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At Secret Nature, we want you to succeed in the modern CBD market. These days, CBD users want more value out of their products, and true innovators focus on innovating the exact products that consumers have demonstrated time and time again that they want.

To get started as a Secret Nature hemp flower supplier, submit an inquiry on our wholesale page. Here are the top 5 reasons you’ll benefit by choosing Secret Nature as your bulk CBD hemp flower supplier:

1. Secret Nature CBD wholesale opportunities yield epic rewards

Selling wholesale CBD flower from Secret Nature offers a variety of impressive benefits. We have relationships with countless retailers across the country already, for instance, so a word-of-mouth following has sprung up around Secret Nature products. Many of your customers already know the names of Secret Nature high-CBD hemp strains.

From sell-through rate to potential margins, no product category performs better than CBD flower. There’s simply no product category like CBD flower, and there’s no CBD flower wholesaler like Secret Nature.

2. Secret Nature CBD flower is dank and genetically crafted

At Secret Nature, we’ve been busy innovating the next generation of top-of-the-line CBD products. People have loved cannabis flower for millennia, and Secret Nature has become the most viable CBD flower wholesale company on the market thanks to our understanding that hemp is a living plant that’s only as good as what you give it.

Our next-generation sustainable cultivation practices deliver better results. Secret Nature customers often compare our buds to top-shelf offerings in recreational dispensaries, and they aren’t wrong. We put just as much love into our CBD flower as any marijuana grower.

As our flagship product category, vacuum-sealed and posh-packaged Secret Nature buds spread awareness of our brand better than any other offering. Like all our products, Secret Nature CBD buds come with batch-specific lab testing and our quality guarantee. Popular Secret Nature CBD flower strains include:

Check out the Buy Secret Nature CBD Flower page to view all available products within this category. All Secret Nature CBD flower strains are available in the following sizes for wholesale distribution:

  • 3.6g (1/8oz)
  • 14g (1/2oz)
  • 28g (1oz)

3. Secret Nature leads the market in hemp pre-rolls, blunts, & vapes

While we might be most famous for our organic CBD nugs, the Secret Nature brand is so much more. Learn about a few additional Secret Nature wholesale product categories:


Secret Nature pre-rolls are lab-tested CBD joints that contain less than 0.3% THC. These pre-rolled CBD cigarette products are available in our most popular CBD flower strains.

Around the size of a cigarette pack, Secret Nature pre-roll 7-packs stand up prominently in sales displays. Then, our two-pack CBD pre-roll options are low-investment impulse buys that may trigger larger purchases. Two of our most popular CBD pre-roll options are:

Visit the Buy Secret Nature CBD pre-rolls page to view all available products within this category. All Secret Nature pre-roll strains are available in both 2-packs and 7-packs. Both packages are sleek, attractive, and aroma-proof.

Special pre-rolls

In addition to the CBD pre-rolls we covered above, Secret Nature also offers two more pre-roll categories: blunts and cigars. Each product is sold retail in single quantities. Here are examples of this category’s finest offerings:

Visit the Buy Secret Nature Special CBD pre-rolls page to view all available products within this category.

Vape cartridges

At Secret Nature, we fill our vape cartridges with 100% organic, live-resin CBD extract. Consumers appreciate the purity and convenience of vape cartridges, and Secret Nature delivers these benefits without compromising on quality. These three Secret Nature CBD vape cartridges are the most popular with our customers:

Secret Nature CBD vape carts are available wholesale in the following options:

  • 700mg cartridge + battery + charger
  • 1200mg cartridge only
  • 700mg cartridge only
  • Battery only


The Secret Nature Organic Hemp Flower Nectar CBD tincture contains shilajit and a variety of other impressively beneficial natural substances, including:

  • USDA Certified Organic Hemp Seed Oil
  • Organic Black Seed Oil
  • Organic Cannabis Terpenes
  • Organic Peppermint Essential Oil

By avoiding unnecessary ingredients, we keep this product accessible to sustainable-minded consumers.

4. Secret Nature CBD hemp flower wholesale education is #1

From your first wholesale call onward, Secret Nature will equip you with everything you need to succeed. Anything that takes too long to answer on the phone can be answered in our compendious collection of educational blogs, and as soon as you place your first wholesale CBD flower order, we’ll start informing you about the best techniques for optimizing shelf appeal and sell-through.

You’ll never be at a loss as to what to do as a Secret Nature retail partner. And, along the way, you might learn a thing or two.

5. Secret Nature is more trustworthy and offers higher quality

Secret Nature CBD hemp flower products cost less, come with better reviews, and offer more value. We take lab testing seriously because we understand just how important these reports are as selling tools. Everything in our products is made right here in the United States, and our CBD flower products are grown and processed in our own facilities in Rogue Valley, OR. 

Sign up for a free wholesale call now. Whether you’re looking for CBD sativa in bulk, CBD indica in bulk, or any other type of CBD flower, call us to get the best value in the industry. Great products, great reviews, and the right attitude makes Secret Nature the partner you need to get the most out of everything CBD flower has to offer.

Secret Nature wholesale CBD flower FAQ

Let’s finish up with answers to a few common CBD wholesale questions:

1. Why should I buy CBD flower in bulk from Secret Nature?

You should partner with Secret Nature for your wholesale CBD needs because it’s the best business decision. We offer the most opportunity for growth due to brand recognition, and we reduce customer dissatisfaction by focusing on offering truly high-quality products.

2. Is Secret Nature CBD flower lab tested?

Every batch of finished Secret Nature products undergo potency and safety testing at an independent cannabis lab. Our lab tests are rigorous and thoroughly independent, which provides purchasing confidence, and each Secret Nature lab report is clearly listed online.

3. What are customers saying about Secret Nature CBD flowers?

What we say about our own products is one thing, but how the world feels about them is another thing entirely. Check out the following product reviews to get an idea of just how much CBD users around the country love Secret Nature:

Secret Nature Forbidden Fruit CBD Hemp Vape Cartridge reviews

“I absolutely loved Forbidden fruit! … There was NO bad after taste as I have found in other vape cartridges from the competitors. No way I'm going back to them now that I found Secret Nature! I do hope that I can catch some of the other blends while in stock when I have the $$! 

Thank you so much for having an outstanding product!” - Michele. N

“I absolutely love Secret Nature CBD Vape Cartridges. Forbidden Fruit has a nice hint of fruit flavor, but not overwhelming where that's all you taste. This is definitely one of my favorites. Keep up the good work Secret Nature!” - Mike S.

Secret Nature Frosted Kush CBD Hemp Flower reviews

“This is by far the strongest CBD product I have tried from any seller. The taste & quality are superb. This is my new & only go to cbd flower I will use. Effects are felt on the first puff. The smoothness of the smoke is also appreciated. 1st class all the way ! Secrete Nature sets the bar high on this strain.” - Chris V.

“This stuff is amazing! smells great looks amazing and tastes amazing and the effects are what tops it off awesome flower! only complaint would have to be the price but i guess it’s worth it and in this world you get what you pay for. good stuff!” - Cameron M.

Secret Nature Organic Hemp Flower Nectar reviews

“I've been trying to find a good CBD oil for about a year and they have ranged from not very effective, horrible flavor and poor customer service after getting lost in the mail. After smoking top shelf for many years, I was looking to no longer get high and retain the benefits of CBD. This is the stuff. I have tried taking only half a drop a day to a full drop depending on how I am feeling in the morning and it works! No cravings to smoke and a balanced feeling in my body.” - Krista B.

“I have been SEARCHING for something like this for a few years now. It’s organic and raw and it makes all the difference. Secret Nature cbd products are literally a godsend. Thank you all so much for your beautiful product.” - Denae B.

4. Where can I learn about CBD flower wholesale pricing?

CBD flower is usually offered at a significant discount when sold wholesale. Some wholesale arrangements discount bulk hemp flower by as much as 50% off MSRP.

To get a general idea of how much it will cost to buy CBD flower wholesale, take a look at a brand’s top products, and divide the asking price in half. Then, contact customer service to receive more accurate pricing information.

5. How do I order wholesale from Secret Nature?

To order bulk CBD hemp flower from Secret Nature, either fill out the form on our wholesale inquiry page (linked above), or contact customer service at or 707 309 1008. A customer service representative will forward your inquiry on to a wholesale relations specialist who will get in touch with you shortly.

6. How do I become a CBD flower retailer?

Becoming a bonafide CBD flower retailer is easier than you might think. If you operate a storefront, you can sell CBD flower just like any other product. It’s also possible to resell CBD flower on your own website even if the brand you bought your hemp from already has an internet presence. Just remember to offer a wide array of high-quality products to satisfy the diverse needs of your online and in-store customers.