5 Best CBD Flowers for Middle-Aged Men

Published May 09, 2022
5 Best CBD Flowers for Middle-Aged Men - Secret Nature

People from all different walks of life enjoy the benefits of CBD flower, but that doesn’t mean every strain of CBD flower affects everyone the same. Depending on your age and gender, in fact, particular strains of CBD flower might affect you in subtly different ways.

As a middle-aged man, what is the best CBD flower strain to use for chronic pain, maintaining muscle mass, or even improving sexual performance? Five Secret Nature CBD flower strains stand out—learn about each option and find answers to related questions in this guide.

What is CBD hemp flower?

CBD flower is cannabis flower that contains high concentrations of CBD instead of THC. This type of cannabis doesn’t get you high, but it offers plenty of other benefits that are ideally suited for individuals entering the later years of life. People commonly use CBD flower to manage chronic pain, overcome insomnia, and maintain a steadily positive mood.

Available in dozens of different variants or “strains,” CBD flower varies significantly in quality. The best CBD hemp flower has been grown organically indoors and is stored in airtight containers to maintain its freshness.

Is CBD flower good for middle-aged men?

While adults of every age and gender can benefit from CBD flower, this non-intoxicating form of smokable cannabis offers a slate of benefits that perfectly lines up with the needs of older men. As you get older, chronic aches and pains are almost guaranteed to crop up, and individuals of all ages have experienced success smoking CBD flower for pain.

There’s also some evidence that CBD might affect testosterone production in men. As you get older, testosterone levels naturally decrease, which can lead to a whole host of age-related reductions in quality of life. Whether you want to improve your sexual performance or prevent age-related loss of muscle mass, CBD flower might be something you want to try as a middle-aged man.

Top 5 CBD flower strains for older men

What’s the best CBD flower for middle-aged men? Five particular Secret Nature strains immediately come to mind:

1. Secret Nature Secret OG CBD Flower (I)

Cannabis might be something that’s entirely new to you despite your age. If you smoked weed earlier in life, though, you’ll remember those legendary “OG” strains that had a beautiful purple color, tasted like berries, and knocked you down flat after a couple of hits.

Secret OG is everything an OG strain should be—but it contains CBD instead of THC. With a strong berry flavor followed up by notes of earthy lemon, Secret Nature Secret OG comes in at close to 20% CBD for plenty of cannabinoid power in every hit.

Why is Secret OG great for middle-aged men?

Once you’ve gotten to a certain stage in life, your lust for that heady sativa rush has usually been replaced with a desire to relax and let the world go by. With a powerfully indica-leaning terpene profile and lots of CBD in each puff, Secret OG is an ideal strain for middle-aged men to smoke before bed or any time enhanced relaxation is on the docket for the day.

2. Secret Nature Mr. Rainbow CBD Flower (H)

Mr. Rainbow was bred to be one of the strongest strains in the Secret Nature catalog, and it’s still up there in terms of potency. Where Secret Nature Mr. Rainbow truly shines, however, is in its perfectly balanced hybrid terpene profile that delivers all the flavors you expect from cannabis—fruit, haze, and a little dash of baked goods.

Why is Mr. Rainbow great for middle-aged men?

Middle-aged men will love Mr. Rainbow for its light, fruity flavor and powerfully effective level of potency. If straight indica strains are a little too relaxing for daytime use, swap in Mr. Rainbow for a slightly more energizing vibe that nonetheless won’t make you spin out like a true sativa.

3. Secret Nature Frosted Kush CBD Flower (I)

Frosted Kush is as close to OG Kush as you can get in a CBD flower strain. Visually, this cultivar is one of the most beautiful options in the Secret Nature catalog—dense, cumulonimbus-shaped green buds are packed with orange hairs and absolutely covered with glistening trichomes. The true beauty of Secret Nature Frosted Kush, however, kicks in when you smoke it.

Why is Frosted Kush great for middle-aged men?

As you get older, your appreciation for the finer things in life only grows. Frosted Kush is compelling—even inspiring—in its aesthetics, and the effects of this strongly indica strain have a way of sitting you down and forcing you to focus on what’s in front of you. If pain or other age-related issues are making it hard to be in your own skin, Frosted Kush might give you the power to center yourself again.

4. Secret Nature Blood Diamond CBD Flower (H)

Even experienced CBD smokers often have to take a minute after inhaling their first hit of Secret Nature Blood Diamond. If you thought Frosted Kush was trichome-covered, just wait until you see how Blood Diamond sparkles like a true jewel. Coming in at over 24% CBD, this hybrid is the most potent strain in the Secret Nature catalog.

Why is Blood Diamond great for middle-aged men?

As a connoisseur of life, you want the best and the most powerful versions of everything the world has to offer. If you’re ready for the genuine article, Blood Diamond is a strain you don’t want to miss. Its balanced effects are great for any time of day, and there’s no better CBD flower to smoke if chronic pain is getting you down.

5. Secret Nature Dough Boy CBD Flower (H)

Named for both its frosted, dough-like color and powerful flavor of baked goods, Dough Boy is one of the most potent hybrids in the Secret Nature catalog. With hybrid effects that make it ideal for use throughout the day, Secret Nature Dough Boy packs more than 20% CBD and is arguably one of the brand’s most delicious strains.

Why is Dough Boy great for middle-aged men?

In addition to its clearly masculine name, Dough Boy is ideal for older men since it’s just as ideal to smoke in the early morning as it is perfect for late-night puffs. If you’re searching for a single potent strain to cover all your CBD flower needs, look no further than Dough Boy.

CBD flower for middle-aged men FAQ

Want to know more about the unique benefits smoking CBD flower might offer middle-aged men? Check out these answers to frequently asked questions to expand your knowledge:

Does CBD actually do anything for pain?

Yes, people who use CBD flower for pain commonly report excellent results. Research into CBD for pain indicates that this cannabinoid targets neuroreceptor sites that are involved in both neuropathic and inflammatory pain, and inhaling cannabidiol in the form of CBD flower is one of the most potent ways to experience its beneficial effects.

Does CBD suppress testosterone?

Research indicates that CBD may affect testosterone levels, but scientists aren’t sure if this cannabinoid raises or lowers testosterone. Overall, the impact of CBD on testosterone appears to be minor, but more research is necessary to form firm conclusions.

Does CBD increase estrogen?

Some research indicates that CBD may reduce estrogen levels in both men and women. Depending on the circumstances, this effect could be either a benefit or a detractor. For men attempting to maintain their physique and sexual performance as they age, however, reducing estrogen levels may be a priority.

Is CBD good for muscle growth?

Scientists have started taking a look at the effects of CBD on muscle growth and muscle recovery after exercise. While the results of this research remain inconclusive, there appears to be plenty of basis to continue investigating the benefits of CBD for maintaining muscle mass in older men.

Is CBD good for weight lifting?

With current and former athletes as varied as Mike Tyson and Joe Rogan endorsing CBD, is this cannabinoid good for performance and recovery related to weight lifting? Right now, scientific evidence remains inconclusive, but the fact remains that thousands of athletes—both famous and obscure—have reported success after using CBD to either improve weight lifting performance or help with recovery after strenuous exercise.

Does CBD affect arousal?

Initial scientific evidence definitely shows a connection between cannabinoids like CBD and sexual arousal in both men and women. While THC appears to be the cannabinoid most likely to result in increases in libido, the impact of CBD on sexual functioning should not be discounted.

Does CBD affect erectile dysfunction?

There isn’t much evidence that CBD might help with erectile dysfunction (ED) directly, but this cannabinoid’s impact on stress, anxiety, and blood flow has been thoroughly researched—all of which are factors that can affect erectile dysfunction. If you’re having trouble with ED, CBD flower might be something you want to try.

Does CBD affect male fertility?

While there’s some evidence that chronic THC use might negatively impact male fertility, there’s no research indicating that CBD can do the same. Men seeking to improve or maintain their fertility appear to have no reason to avoid using CBD.
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