7 Ways to Share a Secret Nature Pre-Roll 7-Pack with Friends

Published March 23, 2021
7 Ways to Share a Secret Nature Pre-Roll 7-Pack with Friends - Secret Nature

You just received a Secret Nature Pre-Roll 7-Pack in the mail. Opening it, you wonder, “How am I going to smoke all of this?”

Don’t worry — I’ve been there. As Secret Nature’s blog writer, I’ve recently tried pretty much every pre-roll in the catalog, and I’ve enjoyed a smattering of both 2-Packs and 7-Packs.

I haven’t tried all of the following pre-roll sharing techniques myself, but I know for a fact that they all sound fun. Pick an approach that sounds appropriate for your situation, then find answers to common CBD pre-roll questions at the end.

1. Bring your pack of hemp smokes to work

A lot of us work from home these days. If you still work at a location outside your house, however, you can bring a seven-pack of Secret Nature CBD Pre-Rolls with you and share with your friends.

If any of your coworkers are already smokers, even better. Introducing them to the joys of hemp might start niggling loose the tenterhooks of nicotine addiction, and they’ll be amazed by the rich flavor and smooth texture of Secret Nature CBD flower.

2. Smoke some hemp in the backyard during a weekend get-together

We tend not to mix and mingle like we used to. Quiet gatherings at home quell the need for social belonging and help groups of friends stay tightly knit.

With seven pre-rolls per package, one or two Secret Nature CBD Pre-Roll 7-Packs will be more than enough to satisfy a reasonably small group. Pick up some Secret Nature 3.6g or 7g tins in case any of your friends feel like exploring the benefits of CBD a little further. 

3. Throw a 7-Pack in your backpack before a hike

There’s always something completely different about eating a meal outdoors. It turns out the same goes for smoking CBD.

Planning a hike with friends on the next nice day? Bring a seven-pack of Secret Nature CBD Pre-Rolls with you, and share ‘round the soothing benefits of CBD while you and your group enjoy the bounties of nature.

Smoking CBD on your hike won’t get you high, but it might help you relax enough to absorb a new appreciation for your natural surroundings. Plus, if anyone in your party has chronic joint pain, bringing some CBD joints along for the ride might dramatically strengthen your friendship.

4. Break out a Secret Nature 7-Pack at a birthday party

What better way to toast another year on this Earth than with some artisan CBD pre-rolls? CBD isn’t non-intoxicating, so you won’t make a fool of yourself in front of family and friends.

Instead, joining the birthday boy or girl in smoking a Secret Nature CBD Pre-Roll is an ideally relaxing topper on any adult birthday celebration. The person you’re celebrating will feel appreciated, and even attendees who don’t like cannabis will enjoy the soothing effects of CBD.

5. Divvy a 7-Pack into three 2-Pack tubes

Looking for a great way to share Secret Nature pre-rolls with exactly three friends? Go ahead and break out those three glass cylinders you kept from when you sampled a few different Secret Nature organic hemp pre-rolls.

Then, open your Secret Nature Pre-Roll 7-Pack, remove the joints, and separate them into three pairs. Next, put two joints in each empty Secret Nature Pre-Roll 2-Pack cylinder.

Since there are seven pre-rolls in your pack, hold onto one for yourself. Optionally, your friends can join you in smoking a single joint now while keeping one stashed away in their cylinders for later.

6. Adult Easter Egg Hunt: Secret Nature CBD Joint 7-Pack Edition

Ever miss hunting for Easter eggs every spring? Either if you don’t have kids or after the kids are in bed, enjoy an adult Easter egg for Secret Nature CBD Pre-Rolls with just you and your closest friends.

This idea works best with 3-5 people. Open your Secret Nature Pre-Roll 7-Packs, remove the joints, and place them inside plastic Easter eggs. You might want to buy some oversize Easter eggs to avoid squishing the joints.

Then, one person hides the seven eggs, and the rest go searching for them. Everyone shares the pre-rolls afterward, of course, but the CBD Easter hunter who finds the most eggs will still be declared the undisputed winner.

7. Slip a pack in your pocket for a night out

Miss the feeling of a pack of smokes in the front pocket of your jeans? Before you go carousing the bars with your best buds tonight, don’t forget to pack some hemp buds in your pocket in the form of a Secret Nature CBD Pre-Roll 7-Pack.

If you’re tired of your smoker friends taunting you now that you’ve quit, here’s your chance to get even. Introduce them to the wonderful, pleasant flavors and soothing, relaxing effects of CBD, and they might just join you on the no-nicotine wagon.

Secret Nature Pre-Roll 7-Pack FAQ

While you mull over the seven ideas we just listed, learn the answers to the top seven CBD pre-roll questions asked on Google:

What do CBD pre-rolls do?

CBD hemp pre-rolls conveniently deliver the non-intoxicating cannabinoid cannabidiol (CBD) into your lungs, allowing fast absorption into the bloodstream. Due to their slim size and effective packaging, Secret Nature hemp pre-rolls are discreet and convenient, and they deliver a considerable amount of CBD in every puff.

How do CBD pre-rolls make you feel?

That varies from person to person. From a quick look at Secret Nature product reviews, it appears that CBD pre-roll users tend to experience soothing effects that veer either toward the relaxing or energizing ends of the spectrum.

Even though it contains less than 0.3% THC, Secret Nature CBD flower contains the full retinue of terpenes present in top-shelf cannabis. Expertly preserved with Secret Nature’s innovative harvesting process, these terpenes might contribute to the entourage effect, a theorized phenomenon that may enhance the effects of cannabinoids when ingested with terpenes.

As a result, the same sativa-indica dichotomy found in THC-rich cannabis also applies to CBD-rich Secret Nature hemp flower. Based on product reviews, sativa-rich strains usually offer uplifting, energizing effects while indica strains offer mellow, soporific effects.

Hybrid CBD flower strains, which are balanced between indica and sativa, generally provide effects that are neither profoundly energizing nor soporific.

Do CBD pre-rolls get you high?

No, CBD pre-rolls do not get you high. By law, CBD products must contain less than 0.3% ∆9-tetrahydrocannabinol (∆9 THC), and Secret Nature reliably abides by this guiding standard.

The United States government chose this THC concentration since it is believed to be below the threshold of intoxication. Based on ample anecdotal testimony, it appears to hold true that CBD pre-rolls produced by Secret Nature are genuinely non-intoxicating and fully compliant.

There’s no guarantee that other brands will properly limit the THC content in their CBD pre-rolls. The only way to be sure is to check for third-party, batch-specific lab reports. Even then, you might want to research the lab that issued the reports to investigate any potential conflicts of interest or unethical behavior.

If you’re truly serious about avoiding accidental intoxication, grab the test ID number and call the lab directly. Ask any questions you need to ask to make absolutely sure the THC content of the product in question is below 0.3%.

Are CBD pre-rolls legal?

The 2018 Farm Bill mandated the DEA to remove cannabidiol from its definition of the Schedule I substance “marijuana,” essentially eliminating any possibility of misperceiving CBD as an illegal drug.

The status of CBD regulation, however, is far less clear-cut. In addition, certain municipalities, counties, or even states have banned or restricted the types of CBD products that may be sold or used in their jurisdictions.

For complete clarity on the legal status of Secret Nature CBD pre-rolls where you live, research any applicable local laws. From a federal perspective, even if your CBD flower is mistaken for THC-rich cannabis, lab tests can be used to definitively determine its compliance.

Can I smoke a whole CBD joint?

How many puffs does it take to get to the hemp-paper crutch of a Secret Nature joint? Only you can find out. Secret Nature pre-rolls usually contain around 100mg CBD per joint, which is a sizeable dose if you aren’t used to this cannabinoid.

Veteran CBD users, on the other hand, might have no problem downing an entire joint in one sitting. The latest research has failed to confirm any significant side effects of CBD, so there doesn’t appear to be any reason you shouldn’t enjoy this cannabinoid to your heart’s content. 

Do CBD pre-rolls smell?

Yep. They smell just like cannabis. Why? Because the only thing that separates CBD-rich hemp from THC-rich cannabis is the dominant cannabinoid.

Cannabis contains lots of THC and very little CBD, and hemp contains lots of CBD but less than 0.3% THC. In every other way, however, the two items are identical.

Don’t worry, though. Secret Nature pre-rolls ship in 100% smell-proof, discreet containers.

What are the best CBD pre-rolls?

With more than 8,000 verified customer reviews, Secret Nature is the world’s most popular CBD pre-roll brand. Secret Nature breeds and then cultivates unique connoisseur genetics in soil using organic methods within a hermetically sealed indoor environment. Every single component in Secret Nature pre-rolls comes from hemp, and the ground-up CBD-rich hemp flower rolled within each pre-roll consists solely of trimmed and manicured buds — no trim or shake.

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