CBD at Night

Published April 08, 2021
CBD at Night - Secret Nature

At night, you need something to facilitate the smooth separation of body and mind that naturally occurs when the day comes to a close. Getting to sleep can be hard sometimes, and plenty of people rely on CBD for help.

Are there any reasons you shouldn’t take CBD at night? Will you feel groggy the next morning? Could CBD accidentally keep you up instead of knocking you out?

Stop running over these questions incessantly in your mind and desperately trying to count sheep. Learn the details on using CBD at night to find out the best way to use this non-intoxicating cannabinoid at bedtime.

Your CBD routine

The first time you use it, CBD has a tendency to make you sit down and say, “Wow.”

It’s nothing like your first time using THC — that might involve pulsating fields of vision and panicked, unnecessary 911 calls.

Still, CBD has a way of convincing you of its value within the first few moments of experiencing this cannabinoid at its full potential. Even if you go through your whole day without using CBD, you might be sorely tempted to break out your CBD-infused hemp products come nightfall.

Why? Because endless hordes of CBD users claim this cannabinoid is ideal for manifesting the restful atmosphere necessary for deep, restorative sleep.

Research on CBD and sleep is still sparse. Based on its generally agreed upon benefits, however, you might end up making this non-intoxicating, well-tolerated cannabinoid an integral part of your nightly routine anyway.

Is it best to take CBD in the evening or morning?

That’s up to you. CBD naturally leans toward the more soporific, so it’s normal to use this cannabinoid at night. Even if you prefer THC during the day, you might lean more toward CBD in the evening hours.

If you choose the right product, CBD will be the perfect accompaniment to your nighttime routine. Just remember to pick CBD products that are labeled “indica” — or that at least aren’t labeled “sativa.”

Should I take CBD at night?

That’s between you and your doctor. Each individual’s circumstances dictate best practices regarding CBD. Depending on your situation, CBD at night might be a bad idea, or you might be better off staying away from this mild cannabinoid altogether.

For most people, however, using CBD at night is a choice with few (if any) negative consequences. Just remember to ask your doctor, not a CBD producer, if you’re at all concerned that taking CBD at night could be detrimental to your health.

Can CBD keep me awake at night?

In some cases, the answer might be yes. Insomnia isn’t a commonly noted side effect of CBD, but CBD products are often infused with substances with energizing rather than relaxing effects.

Certain combinations of terpenes, for instance, seem to imbue CBD with energizing effects while others make this cannabinoid even more relaxing than usual. To maximize any potential sleep-aiding effects of CBD while minimizing any possibility of accidental stimulation, make sure to choose CBD products infused with indica-dominant terpenes.

Does CBD oil make you sleepy during the day?

Mild grogginess is a commonly reported negative effect of using CBD at night. This essentially harmless side effect appears to be dose-related — if you feel unusually slow and lethargic in the morning after using CBD the night before, try reducing your dose.

How many mg of CBD should I take before bed?

That all depends. Doses of CBD used in studies have ranged from 10mg to 1500mg per day, and CBD doesn’t appear to be toxic even when used in concentrations of up to 20,000mg.

So, feel free to experiment as you find the right amount of CBD to use before bed. Most hemp users end up finding somewhere between 20-100mg CBD to be sufficient, but it’s up to you and your doctor to determine a nightly dose of CBD that’s both effective and safe.

What drugs should not be taken with CBD?

If you’re already using prescription sleep aids or any other types of pharmaceutical medications, it is imperative that you consult with your doctor before you start taking CBD at night. CBD competes for special drug metabolism enzymes created in the liver, potentially causing dangerous quantities of unmetabolized other drugs to accumulate in your tissues.

How long does it take for CBD gummies to hit you?

That’s the thing about CBD edibles — they take a while to kick in. CBD gummies are commonly boosted with melatonin and other sleep-inducing supplements, but by the time insomnia starts to hit, it’s too late to stop the train of anxious thoughts and nervous behaviors that keep you awake.

If you’re concerned about CBD taking too long to kick in at night, choose products with faster activation times like CBD flower or vapes.

What are the best CBD products for nighttime?

Everyone sleeps differently. Some of us can zonk out without issue in any situation, and others need to spiral around their beds like restless dogs for hours before they’re ready for shuteye.

If sleep hygiene is a big priority of yours, you might not want to ingest any oral CBD products right before bed. With edibles, there’s the problem of brushing your teeth, and with tinctures, there’s the chance that digesting CBD throughout your night might disrupt your sleep.

Topical CBD products might be applicable at night in certain situations, but the most reliable option for dosing with CBD right before bed is inhalation. There are quite a few ways to inhale CBD-rich smoke or vapor, and Secret Nature provides the best of the best in CBD flower, pre-rolls, and vapes.

Indica CBD flower

Ready to sit back, relax, and not think about anything else for the rest of the night? Settle in at your favorite table or desk, grind up some Secret Nature CBD flower, and load it into your favorite smoking or vaping device.

Secret Nature Frosted Kush 3.6g

  • With more than 20% total cannabinoids, it’s a firm kicker for hardcore sensibilities.
  • Named for its practically impenetrable coating of frosty trichome crystals, Frosted Kush won’t disappoint in potency or flavor.

Secret Nature Sweet Cake 3.6g

  • Delivering an artisan-crafted terpene profile, this pastry-inspired strain is ideal for connoisseur tastes.
  • Sweet Cake contains 21% CBD with sugar and diesel flavors.

Indica CBD vapes

At night, all you want to do is wind down. Lifting another finger to perform a complicated task sounds like pure torture — even something so seemingly simple as grinding up a bowl of hemp flower.

For times like these, keeping a Secret Nature vape pen on hand can do wonders. Store your vape upright, and take it out whenever you need a little help relaxing before bed.

Secret Nature vapes are easy. Just connect the cartridge, and inhale.

Secret Nature Grape Ape Vape

  • Like a primal gorilla banging its chest, this all star flavor is perfect for fans of extremely loud terpenes.
  • Sedating indica effects are good for deep chilling any time of day.

Secret Nature Forbidden Fruit Vape

  • This vape’s uniquely crafted live resin terpene profile tastes almost exactly like Smarties candies.
  • So tasty you could die — but ye shall not surely.

Indica CBD pre-rolls

Sometimes, nothing hits the spot better than stepping out back after dinner for a smoke. Whatever hour of the night you happen to partake, Secret Nature CBD pre-rolls make smoking a hemp joint simple and rewarding.

Secret Nature Secret OG 7-Pack

  • Be the life of the party at your next home theater get-together.
  • A seven-pack is the perfect size to share amongst a small group.

Secret Nature Cherry Cough 2-Pack

  • Experience the origins of CBD flower with this pedigreed strain.
  • Strongly indica effects blend with spicy caryophyllene and cherry flavors for an old-timey soda gestalt.
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