How to Make Vegan CBD Gummies with Secret Nature CBD Flower

Published March 15, 2021
How to Make Vegan CBD Gummies with Secret Nature CBD Flower - Secret Nature

Once upon a time, every CBD gummy on the planet was hemp flower. No, CBD flower didn’t spontaneously evolve into sugary, bear-shaped snacks.f

Rather, human beings learned how to take the CBD in hemp flower and cook it into tasty, colorful gummies. You can do the same thing, and the gummies you lovingly craft from home might be quite a bit better than the CBD gummies you’re used to finding.

Secret Nature CBD flower is just as lovingly crafted as the most connoisseur home confectionary. Infused into homemade gummies, Secret Nature flower takes the definition of “artisan CBD” to an entirely new level.

Making vegan Secret Nature flower gummies from home might not be as hard as you think. Learn the benefits of making your own CBD gummies, and copy down our exclusive recipe for Secret Nature CBD flower gummies.

Why are vegan gummies better?

You might enjoy an occasional steak or hamburger as much as the next fella. There’s still a good reason, however, to avoid gummies that contain animal ingredients.

Conventional gummies are composed significantly of gelatin, which sounds harmless enough. After all, it’s possible (and cheap) to derive gelatin from plant sources.

The vast majority of gelatin in conventional gummies is, however, animal-derived. Trust us that you don’t want to know where that comes from.

The Secret Nature gummies we’re going to make today don’t actually contain any gelatin. Even if they did, however, they’d still contain the most ethical, plant-derived gelatin imaginable.

Can you make CBD gummies from home?

Absolutely. To someone who has never made them, gummies can seem complicated.

It’s surprisingly simple, however, to make gummies from home. In fact, the recipe we’re going to use today only includes four ingredients and can be made with a simple tray available on Amazon.

Of course, you’ll need to get your CBD oil first, which, in this case, involves some cooking implements, some coconut oil, and some CBD flower. Don’t worry, we’ll guide you through the entire process as we proceed.

Can you make CBD gummies with CBD flower?

Absolutely. While it requires considerable attention the first time, making a cookable oil with CBD flower is easy once you get the hang of it.

CBD flower gummy recipe

The CBD flower gummy recipe we’ll be using today is very simple. The finished gummies will only contain four ingredients:

  • Secret Nature CBD flower coconut oil
  • Organic apple juice
  • Maple syrup or raw honey
  • Agar powder

As you’ll see, agar powder (sometimes also called “agar agar” powder for some reason) will be the lynchpin of our masterpiece. For flavored gummies, you can add optional fruit juices like:

  • Acai juice
  • Orange juice
  • Pomegranate juice

Feel free to improvise as appropriate. The only ingredients that are truly essential are the fruit juice, agar powder, and sweetener. And the Secret Nature CBD flower coconut oil, of course.

Preparatory steps

Do you live in a place where even the most raucous cannabis smell won’t garner any unpleasant attention? Good for you.

The majority of us, however, still choose to exercise some degree of caution when processing or consuming hemp products. It’s still possible to get the wrong idea, after all, and we’d rather just keep things simple.

With that in mind, choose your cooking area carefully. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Is my kitchen well-ventilated?
  • Do I share my home with anyone who might be averse to cannabis aromas?
  • Can any of my neighbors smell what I’m cooking in my kitchen?
  • Is my kitchen clean enough to avoid getting hemp-infused gooey gunk all over everything?

If you answered “Yes” to all, you’re in the clear. Clean out your kitchen, make sure your exhaust fan is operating at maximum efficiency, and clear everything with granny down the street ahead of time so she doesn’t think you’re operating a dreaded reefer lab.

Should I decarboxylate my CBD flower?

In another guide, we provide a more detailed analysis of the benefits of decarboxylation as a hemp bud preparation step. It’s our impression that decarboxylation provides better terpene and cannabinoid expression in the end product.

If you choose to skip this step, however, it’s unlikely that the quality of your Secret Nature CBD flower gummies will change considerably. True connoisseurs, however, should take the time to perform proper bud decarboxylation, a full tutorial to which can be found here.

What do you need to make CBD gummies?

Aside from basic kitchen equipment, the only item you’ll need specifically to make your homemade CBD gummies is a gummy mold. These molds vary significantly in quality, but you can usually find an acceptable option in the $15 range.

The equipment necessary to make CBD oil with hemp flower can be considerably complicated if it needs to be. All you really need, however, is a device that gets fluids hot without making them too hot and a filter of some kind.

Even a crockpot and a cheesecloth could do the trick nicely.

CBD flower homemade gummy materials 

It’s time to make our Secret Nature CBD flower gummies. The process will be separated into two main phases:

  • STEP 1 — Making the CBD oil
  • STEP 2 — Making the gummies

Let’s start by assembling the required materials. To make your Secret Nature CBD flower coconut oil, you’ll need:

  • A crockpot, double boiler, or similar device
  • A mesh strainer and a cheesecloth
  • A probe thermometer
  • An herb grinder
  • A large mixing bowl

To infuse your homemade CBD oil into CBD gummies, you’ll need:

  • A gummy mold
  • An eyedropper
  • Freezer space
  • A mesh strainer*
  • An 8oz saucepan

* You might want to use a separate strainer to keep things from getting too oily

Vegan CBD flower gummy ingredients

You only need two simple ingredients to make Secret Nature hemp flower coconut oil:

  • Either a 3.6g or 7g tin of Secret Nature artisan CBD flower
  • Coconut oil

Here’s a full list of the ingredients you’ll need to make your Secret Nature vegan CBD gummies come to life:

  • 1 cup Secret Nature CBD flower coconut oil
  • 2 cups organic apple juice*
  • 4 tbsp raw honey or maple syrup
  • 4 tbsp agar powder

* Substitute one of the two cups for a different fruit juice if desired

Secret Nature CBD flower gummy steps

Got everything together? Good — now it’s time to put our plan into action.

This will take place in two major phases that blend into one at the middle. If you’re feeling adventurous or have help, you might want to complete both phases at the same time for the sake of efficiency.

Preparing the CBD oil

First things first. You’ll need some CBD oil to make your CBD-infused vegan gummies. Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Grind your Secret Nature hemp buds, and optionally decarboxylate them
  2. Set your crockpot or double boiler to low
  3. Add 1 cup of coconut oil and allow it to melt fully
  4. Stir the ground-up Secret Nature buds in slowly
  5. Optionally cover the pot with a lid
  6. Stir every 5-10 minutes
  7. Allow the mixture to simmer anywhere between 1-3 hours
  8. Remove it from heat
  9. Place the cheesecloth in the strainer over the mixing bowl
  10. Pour the Secret Nature CBD flower coconut oil through the cheesecloth and strainer into the mixing bowl


  • At no point allow the simmering mixture to exceed 200°F. That’s what the probe thermometer is for.
  • There’s considerable debate regarding the right amount of time to simmer your buds. It’s settled hemp science, however, that at least an hour is needed.

Making the gummies

Your kitchen probably smells pretty delicious right now. How about we take things a step further with some tangy fruit juice and sticky sweetness? Here’s how to take your Secret Nature CBD flower coconut oil and put it into gummies:

  1. Put your empty gummy mold in the freezer around 15 minutes before you get started
  2. Whisk together the fruit juice, sweetener, and agar powder in the saucepan
  3. Don’t add the Secret Nature CBD flower coconut oil yet
  4. Raise the saucepan to low heat
  5. Simmer the mixture for 3 minutes while stirring occasionally
  6. Use a spoon to prevent lumps from forming
  7. Remove the mixture from heat

Take a moment. Breathe. Okay, ready for the final stretch?

  1. Pour the Secret Nature CBD flower coconut oil into the saucepan with the gummy mixture
  2. Stir the two substances together
  3. If the coconut oil has cooled considerably, raise the saucepan heat to low
  4. Allow the coconut oil to fully congeal into the gummy mixture
  5. Once the substances are fully combined, use the eyedropper to fill the gummy molds
  6. Allow the gummies to cool for around an hour before eating

Secret Nature vegan homemade CBD flower gummy FAQ

How do those gummies taste? Let’s finish things up with a quick question-and-answer session:

1. Do CBD gummies taste like weed?

As you’ve likely found out by now, gummies made with Secret Nature hemp flower taste quite a bit like cannabis. With professional equipment, there are ways you can contain this flavor, but a simple stovetop coconut oil extract will naturally contain chlorophyll and lots of other plant-tasting substances.

2. Should I choose indica or sativa CBD flower for gummies?

You might want to have both on hand. Secret Nature sativa strains result in gummies that are great for popping in your mouth on the way to work in the morning, and Secret Nature indica strains make for gummies that are ideal for special late-night desserts.

3. Which strain should I choose for my gummies?

That all depends on your preferences. Secret Nature offers a wide variety of artisan hemp flower strains to choose from, and each strain has different attributes and effects. Visit the Shared Secrets blog for detailed reviews of every product in the Secret Nature catalog.

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