Secret Nature Super 8 vs. Super Spectrum

Published April 25, 2022
Secret Nature Super 8 vs. Super Spectrum - Secret Nature

Secret Nature offers two separate lines of delta 8 products that are considerably different. If you’ve ever wondered what, exactly, the difference is between Super 8 and Super Spectrum, this is the guide for you.

Even if you’ve never tried either product, learning more about Super Spectrum and Super 8 will help you pick the right option for your needs. As Secret Nature’s blog writer, I’ve tried it all, so let’s dive into my insights regarding the similarities and differences between Super 8 and Super Spectrum.

Does Secret Nature make delta 8?

Yes, Secret Nature offers a wide array of delta 8 products. Originally specializing in CBD and CBG flower, Secret Nature felt the need to enter the delta 8 market after noticing that consumers didn’t have access to any reliably high-quality products.

Since then, Secret Nature delta 8 products have received more than 1,000 5-star reviews, and as a Secret Nature customer as well as the brand’s blog writer, I know firsthand how frequently these ultra-popular products go out of stock. Just as Secret Nature revolutionized the world of CBD flower, Super 8 and Super Spectrum products have provided the benchmark for delta 8 quality throughout the industry.

What is Super Spectrum delta 8?

Secret Nature Super Spectrum is unlike anything the world of hemp has ever seen before. It’s the first line of hemp flower products to feature naturally high concentrations of delta 8 and THCV—no delta 8 or THCV is added to Super Spectrum, yet each cannabinoid is present in previously unheard-of levels. Super Spectrum is proving that selective breeding can provide the same concentrations of delta 8 that are found in augmented products—even if the process of getting there might take a while.

Containing around 2% of non-D9 forms of THC, Super Spectrum packs just high-enough levels of intoxicating cannabinoids to make you feel a slight buzz. If you’re aiming to get completely high, however, I’d recommend Super 8 instead.

What is Secret Nature Super 8?

Secret Nature Super 8 products feature added delta 8 to provide a powerfully pleasant and euphoric experience. Containing more than 90% delta 8, these high-potency vape products deliver the full benefits of this THC alternative without compromising on terpenes and minor cannabinoids. In a market dominated by delta 8 isolate, Super 8 is a true-distillate product that, in my personal experience, hits just as smoothly as the best THC carts you can buy at a dispensary.

What Super Spectrum products are there?

The Secret Nature Super Spectrum line consists of a 2-pack and a 7-pack of pre-rolls. These pre-rolls contain the same unique blend of Frosted Kush, Secret OG, and CBG buds, all of which were grown indoors and the latter of which has been specifically bred to contain high concentrations of delta 8 and THCV.

The name “Super Spectrum” derives from the fact that these pre-rolls contain a wider spectrum of cannabinoids than has ever been present in Secret Nature products before. Delta 8 and THCV aren’t the only rare cannabinoids you enjoy when smoking a Super Spectrum pre-roll—you’ll also experience the benefits of CBN, CBC, CBDV, CBG, and a handful of additional cannabinoids. Plus, Secret Nature’s indoor-grown hemp always features a profusion of sweet-smelling, delicious terpenes.

What Super 8 products are there?

The Secret Nature Super 8 line consists of a wide range of products that are all considerably different from each other. While every Super 8 vape contains the same high concentrations of delta 8, each vape is accompanied by a different live resin cannabis terpene profile. Some strains are offered in cartridges, and others are available in disposable vapes. Let’s take a look at each option:

Secret Nature Super 8 OG Kush Vape Cartridge

Stoney and tasting strongly of berries, Super 8 OG Kush is perfect for when you’re cultivating couch lock or can’t get to sleep at night.

Secret Nature Super 8 Mimosa Vape Cartridge

Powerfully fruity and just as powerfully sativa-dominant, Super 8 Mimosa is the perfect pick-me-up for daytime vaping.

Secret Nature Super 8 Gorilla Glue #4 Vape Cartridge

A legendary strain amongst cannabis connoisseurs, Gorilla Glue #4 has the same anxiety-busting, calming effects when combined with Secret Nature’s unique Super 8 cannabinoid blend.

Secret Nature Super 8 Forbidden Fruit Vape Cartridge

Another excellent indica, Super 8 Forbidden Fruit is great for individuals who prefer their zone-out vapes to be on the fruity side.

Secret Nature Super 8 Gelato Disposable Vape

One of two Secret Nature Super 8 blends that are currently only available in disposable vapes, Gelato is a slightly sativa-leaning hybrid that blends chill vibes with a creamy, fruity flavor.

Secret Nature Super 8 Wedding Cake Disposable Vape

Super 8 Wedding Cake is a balanced hybrid that perfectly complements the milder effects of delta 8.

Other Secret Nature delta 8 products

Super Spectrum and Super 8 aren’t the end of the delta 8 products Secret Nature has to offer. Some additional options to try include:

Super 8 & Super Spectrum Compared

Now that you know what each product is, how do Secret Nature Super 8 and Secret Nature Super Spectrum compare? We’ll break it down into a few different categories below:

Does Super 8 or Super Spectrum contain more delta 8?

Despite the fact that both Super Spectrum and Super 8 contain considerable amounts of delta 8, Super 8 contains quite a bit more. If you’re looking specifically to experience the benefits of delta 8, choose Super 8. If you want to enjoy the benefits of a wider spectrum of cannabinoids all at once, however, Super Spectrum is the best choice.

Does Super 8 or Super Spectrum contain more minor cannabinoids?

As a full-spectrum distillate product, Super 8 contains a wide range of minor cannabinoids. Super Spectrum contains these same minor cannabinoids—but in greater abundance. If you want to experience the full range of everything hemp flower has to offer, Super Spectrum is the ideal option.

Is Super Spectrum or Super 8 better for anxiety?

Super Spectrum and Super 8 might be equally ideal for anxiety—albeit in different ways. Super 8 focuses specifically on the benefits of delta 8, and you have quite a few different Super 8 terpene profiles to choose from. Super Spectrum, on the other hand, contains higher concentrations of minor cannabinoids, mounting an all-out offensive against anxiety from multiple fronts.

Is Super Spectrum or Super 8 better for sleep?

The Super Spectrum blend primarily features indica strains, so it’s ideal for helping you get to sleep at night. Indica-leaning Super 8 vapes are just as good for nighttime relaxation, but just make sure not to choose a sativa terpene profile when you’re getting ready for bed.

Which gets you higher: Super 8 or Super Spectrum?

Out of the two, Super 8 will definitely get you higher than Super Spectrum. Despite containing the highest concentrations of natural delta 8 ever recorded in hemp flower, Super Spectrum isn’t exactly designed to get you high. Super 8, on the other hand, puts delta 8 front and center, making it the ideal option when you want to get stoned but can’t or won’t go to a medical or recreational cannabis dispensary.

Super Spectrum vs. Super 8 FAQ

Now that you know the key differences between Super Spectrum and Super 8, let’s clear up some other common Secret Nature questions:

1. Where can I find Secret Nature delta 8 reviews?

You can find a full list of Secret Nature delta 8 reviews by visiting the main Secret Nature review page. If you’re looking for reviews of a particular Secret Nature delta 8 product, visit the relevant product page within Secret Nature’s delta 8 section.

2. How do you use a disposable vape pen for the first time?

Most disposable vape pens simply activate upon inhalation. Just take your pen out of its packaging, put it in your mouth, and inhale. You might want to take a small puff at first as you get used to the feeling of using a disposable vape pen.

3. Why is my disposable not working?

There are a few reasons a disposable vape pen might not be working. First, its battery could be dead, and it’s also possible you’ve already vaporized all the contents of its tank. It’s even possible that your disposable vape is defective out of the box, but you should eliminate other possibilities first before coming to this conclusion.

4. What is Secret Nature D8-THCV?

Since this product line contains both delta 8 and THCV, Secret Nature Super Spectrum is sometimes referred to as “Secret Nature D8-THCV.” If you’re looking for the Secret Nature product with the most delta 8, choose Super 8 instead, and keep in mind that Secret Nature also offers a high-THC vape cartridge.

5. Where can I buy Secret Nature delta 8 near me?

Ordering Secret Nature products from is fast and easy, and orders ship to all 50 states within 24-48 hours. Featuring the widest selection of Secret Nature products found anywhere in the world, ordering directly from the Secret Nature website also provides you with comprehensive customer service.

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