CBD Lifestyle — Vape + Pre-Roll + Flower

Published April 08, 2021
CBD Lifestyle — Vape + Pre-Roll + Flower - Secret Nature

CBD isn’t like THC. Smoking or vaping this cannabinoid in high doses every day won’t make you zoned-out or perma-baked.

All the same, CBD still has a tendency to dramatically change your lifestyle. As Secret Nature’s blog correspondent, I’ve been smoking or vaping Secret Nature products for over a month now, and I can say firsthand that inhaling CBD habitually makes the daily world you experience a very different place.

Curious how I combined, compared, mixed, and matched my vast arsenal of Secret Nature products? Let’s dive into my analysis of the Secret Nature CBD lifestyle — complete with my picks for the winners in each product category.

Living the CBD lifestyle after 30 days — a recap

In the second entry of my CBD lifestyle diary, I related the effects of using CBD for between seven and 30 days. Now that considerably more than 30 days have elapsed since I received my Secret Nature review product care package, it’s time for another update.

Last time, I told you all about the products I used during each of the four weeks of my 30-day CBD smoking and vaping experience. This time around, I’m going to distill my assessment into my top picks for each Secret Nature product category and do a deep dive into the various ways you can use Secret Nature CBD products together.

Secret Nature product category awards

Without further ado, here are my three favorite products in Secret Nature’s vape, pre-roll, and flower categories:

Best Secret Nature flower

I didn’t love any Secret Nature flower product I received more than Fuji 3.6g. There’s something truly special about these light-green buds that are so fruity and crystally they almost seem carbonated.

Best Secret Nature vape

I declare the Secret Nature Bellini Vape Cartridge the winner. Something about Bellini’s live resin terpene profile resonated with me, and out of all my Secret Nature vapes, this is the only one where the oil line is all the way at the bottom.

Best Secret Nature pre-roll

Out of all the Secret Nature pre-rolls I smoked, Citron was my favorite. The Secret Nature Citron 2-Pack is inexpensive, and it provides you with a taste of this delicious sativa CBD flower strain.

Secret Nature flower, vape, and pre-roll on a weekly basis

Does Secret Nature CBD flower have any side effects when you use it for multiple weeks in a row? Not that I’ve found.

Over the last 45 days or so, my CBD use has fluctuated considerably. During some periods I’ve used more CBD, and during others I’ve leaned more toward THC. Sometimes, I smoked pre-rolls every night for a week straight — but I’m just as prone to take breaks that last just as long.

Based on my experience, I’m convinced that smoking or vaping CBD products from Secret Nature is something you can conceivably do on a sustainable basis. At some points, I’ve used up my Secret Nature stash as fast as possible to find my limits, and at others, I’ve limited my use considerably to mimic a more frugal CBD lifestyle.

However you want to use Secret Nature CBD flower, there are ways to make your habit fit your budget and unique personal needs.

Fluctuations in use

Secret Nature vape cartridges are the only products I have used on a daily basis ever since I received my package in the mail. I’ve used around one cartridge every 7-10 days, and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed puffing my way through most of the vapes Secret Nature has to offer.

My usage of other Secret Nature products has been considerably more erratic. While I’ve loaded bowls of Secret Nature buds into my Volcano Classic Vaporizer more days than I haven’t, I find the whole process cumbersome, so I don’t jump to do it as quickly as I’ll reach for the vape pen standing handily on my desk.

Going outside and smoking a Secret Nature CBD pre-roll is something of an occasion. During the winter, it required getting suited up and enduring the bracing cold. Now that the weather’s milder, I enjoy sitting on my porch for an evening CBD flower smoke more often.

I haven’t smoked any Secret Nature CBD flower in a bong or pipe. I have, however, rolled some of my own joints using Secret Nature hemp buds, which I found to be enjoyable even if my experiments didn’t reach the professionalism of SN’s average roll job.

Using Secret Nature CBD with THC

Throughout the period I’ve been inhaling Secret Nature CBD products, I’ve also used THC products off and on. I found that Secret Nature hemp vapes and flower blend quite well with THC vapes.

For help concentrating, I’ll vape sativa Secret Nature CBD cartridges during the day. Then, I’ll usually vape THC at night while I wind down. Right before bed, I’ll take a hit or two of an Indica Secret Nature vape pen to help my mind and body calm down before sleep.

One thing I’ve really enjoyed is combining Secret Nature CBD vapes with THC edibles. The edibles provide a long, protracted THC experience with CBD occasionally interspersing its calming and relaxing effects.

Top 3 ways to combine Secret Nature vapes, pre-rolls, and flower

You’ve learned all about the intricacies of my particular Secret Nature CBD lifestyle. Next, discover my top three techniques for mixing and matching various members of the Secret Nature product family:

1. Vape CBD throughout the day, smoke pre-rolls at night

I’m busy throughout the day, so I don’t usually have time to sit down for a smoke. Keeping my vape pen on my desk or in my pocket (only temporarily, to prevent clogging), I can indulge in the relaxing, mind-settling effects of CBD whenever the urge strikes. I can even switch out vape cartridges whenever I please.

Then, once the busy day is over, I sometimes like to sit in my reclining outdoor chair on the front porch and smoke a CBD pre-roll as I gaze out over my neighborhood.

2. Take Secret Nature carts on the go, vape hemp flower at home

Super-portable and convenient, Secret Nature vape cartridges are my buddies on errands and car trips. Then, when I get home, I like to wind down from my adventures by grinding up a bowl of Secret Nature CBD flower and sticking it in my dry herb vaporizer.

3. Share pre-rolls with friends, vape a cart by yourself

You’ll see affection meters skyrocket everywhere around you the moment you open a Secret Nature Pre-Roll 7-Pack. Once you’re done making yourself more popular, sneak off by yourself for a few personal puffs on a delicious Secret Nature Vape Cartridge.

Where do you land on the Secret Nature CBD venn diagram?

Now that you know more about my firsthand experience living the Secret Nature CBD lifestyle, what’s your ideal daily product formula?

By this, I mean to ask whether you like Secret Nature vapes, flower, or pre-rolls the best and how often you’d like to use each. By representing each product category as a circle and by laying the circles so they intersect, you can plot a three-way venn diagram and place a dot on the spot that best represents your unique CBD lifestyle.

You might find that your CBD lifestyle evolves over time. You may take breaks along the way or even throw other cannabinoids into the equation. Wherever your journey takes you, don’t forget to check in. Leave reviews of your favorite Secret Nature products and tag us on social media with #secretnature.

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