Secret Nature Flower Buds After 7 Days

Published March 30, 2021
Secret Nature Flower Buds After 7 Days - Secret Nature

A lifetime supply of Secret Nature flower would be a dream come true for the more than 8,000 people who have left raving, five-star reviews of Secret Nature products. After using Secret Nature flower, pre-rolls, and vapes on a daily basis for well over a month myself, I’m starting to have a similar dream.

At this point, I’ve tried almost everything in the Secret Nature catalog as the Shared Secrets blog correspondent. Vapes, flower, pre-rolls — you name it. Even though we all have our own preferences, I’d hazard a guess that I’ve learned the best applications of each type of Secret Nature product.

What’s it like to inhale Secret Nature CBD flower and vape concentrate day-in and day-out? Let’s break it down week-by-week.

Smoking Secret Nature for a week — recap

In my last update, I gave a day-by-day analysis of what it’s like to smoke Secret Nature CBD flower every day for a week. In this firsthand guide to smoking CBD, I related what I smoked every day, how much, and how I liked it.

Even after smoking a Secret Nature CBD pre-roll every day for a week, I hadn’t developed a cough or any throat pain. I noticed a little bit of extra mucus buildup in my air passages, but nothing reaching uncomfortable levels.

As you’ll see, I altered my Secret Nature CBD consumption habits both in regards to frequency and product type over the course of the past month. The basic conclusions I drew in my first guide, however, still mostly apply to this longer-term CBD flower journal entry.

Smoking habits week-by-week

We’re going to break down the following firsthand notes into three sections — Week 2, Week 3, and Week 4. For each week, I’ll provide a brief recap of what I smoked, how much of it, and when, and I’ll provide insights on how my perspective toward CBD flower evolved as time went on.

Week 2

By the time seven days of smoking CBD flower had elapsed, I was ready for a break. For the next two nights, I didn’t smoke any Secret Nature CBD buds — I vaped them instead.

A few years back, I invested in the Storz & Bickel Volcano Classic Vaporizer, which is, in my opinion, an excellent piece of equipment. Not being a huge fan of the whole bag thing, however, I’ve opted for the hose attachment instead.

Secret Nature products I tried

Getting into the swing of vaping Secret Nature using my volcano, I continued puffing on the Diesel Puff 3.6g tin I’d opened up during Week 1 and also cracked open a Secret Nature Fuji 3.6g tin and a Cobbler 3.6 tin.

My experience

Taking a brief break from smoking CBD pre-rolls gave my lungs a chance to relax and revitalize. Later in the week, I tried rolling some Fuji flower into a joint of my own just for kicks, and during the last few days, I started enjoying my habitual nightly Secret Nature pre-roll out on the porch again.

Negative effects?

I didn’t take a break from smoking because I experienced any negative effects but rather out of an abundance of caution. As I continue to freely enjoy cannabinoids, it’s my goal to prioritize my health first and foremost, and personally, I feel I need a brief break from the sensation of smoke entering my lungs after a little while.

Week 3

Fast-forward to Week 3, and I was back in the CBD smoking saddle. During the day, I’d take an occasional puff on one of the Secret Nature vape cartridges in my collection. I wrote a comparison review pitting three of my favorite Secret Nature vapes against each other in the midst of Week 3.

In the evening, I’d break out the Volcano Classic and enjoy a bowl or two of a single Secret Nature flower strain or a mixture of multiple ground-up strains. Then, before bed, I’d usually go outside for a Secret Nature CBD pre-roll nightcap.

Secret Nature products I tried

I had opened and reviewed so many different Secret Nature products at this point that I was swimming in them. Some of Week 3’s highlights included the Sweet Cake, Citron, and Papaya Nights pre-rolls I smoked outside while enjoying the bracing winter weather along with the Secret Nature Melon Frost flower I broke out later in the week.

My experience

I think by this point my lungs had developed some stamina. Being worked to the bone every day to bring CBD into my system, they had become more resistant to the somewhat intense sensation of inhaling smoke, and I started to notice the same CBD vape cartridges I puffed last week becoming slightly less effective.

Negative effects?

Week 3 was when I started noticing the beginnings of a tolerance. It was around Day 20 that I became aware of a desire for higher doses for the first time.

Week 4

By the beginning of Week 4 at the Day 21 mark, I had already swum through around half of my sea of Secret Nature products. The waning days were at hand, and it was time to see what it felt like to smoke and vape CBD for a full 30 days.

Secret Nature products I tried

It was around this time I started noticing an increasing preference for vaping. I still didn’t experience any lung pain, but I had developed something of a cough while smoking. Upon hitting the vaporizer, on the other hand, there was no cough.

I finished off a few Secret Nature vape cartridges during Week 4, and I focused more heavily on grinding and vaping CBD flower in my Volcano Classic. The most notable strain I broke out this week was Secret Nature Secret OG, which I thoroughly enjoyed vaping by the bowlful before bed. 

My experience

In response to a budding tolerance, I optimized my dosage this week and started eliminating products that didn’t fit my habits. In the end, I’m just not much of a pre-roll guy, but I still like having them around.

I think vaping Secret Nature CBD flower is the most richly rewarding way for me to experience this artisan-crafted, indoor-grown hemp. Secret Nature vape pens, on the other hand, are the most convenient.

Negative effects?

By optimizing my dosage, I eliminated any potential tolerance I may have been developing. I think it’s perfectly possible to use CBD flower in perpetuity by exercising the right mindfulness.

Long-term effects of smoking CBD flower

There aren’t enough studies to know if hemp or cannabis flower are harmful in the long run when smoked. Limited evidence, however, indicates there might be less to worry about than we thought, generating a pressing need for further research.

Does CBD flower have any side effects after a month?

If I’d smoked Secret Nature CBD flower every single day for an entire 30-day period, I might have experienced some negative effects. Impressively pure and artisan-crafted as it is, Secret Nature hemp flower is, after all, a plant product, and inhaling any incinerated plant material has the potential to harm your lungs.

Used sparingly over 30 days, however, I didn’t notice any side effects of smoking Secret Nature CBD flower. In the end, I’d say I smoked a Secret Nature pre-roll around 20 of the 30 nights covered in this review.

Do you build a tolerance to CBD?

Based on my experience, it certainly seems possible to build a tolerance to CBD. Keep in mind, however, that I was using huge doses at the beginning without limiting myself on purpose. With a little conscientious tweaking, I was able to eliminate any perceivable signs of CBD tolerance.

Who should smoke CBD long-term?

If you’re smoking or vaping CBD for a serious reason, you’ll want to know as much as you can about the safety of your decision. I won’t comment either way on your reasons, but I will suggest you move to vaping for long-term Secret Nature CBD use.

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