How to Become a CBD Flower Wholesale Distributor

Published October 27, 2021
How to Become a CBD Flower Wholesale Distributor - Secret Nature

With the rise of delta 8 only fueling the expanding popularity of CBD flower, there has never been a better time to start distributing CBD hemp flower either retail or online. An unprecedented renaissance of online CBD sales is upon us, and Secret Nature is already a household name that’s synonymous with quality.

What do you do to start selling CBD? Where do you begin, who do you talk to, and how do you proceed? Making money selling CBD hemp flower is easier than you might think, and we‘ll cover everything you need to know in this guide.

How do I find a CBD supplier?

There are lots of online CBD hemp flower suppliers to choose from these days. The 2018 Farm Bill opened up the floodgates for hemp farming in the United States, and cheap, low-quality hemp is now more plentiful than practically any other cash crop.

That’s exactly what you’ll get from most online hemp flower suppliers: low-quality, mass-produced, outdoor-grown garbage. In many cases, purveyors of low-tier hemp will use product pictures that make their buds look better than they actually are.

As a result, the only way to find out if a hemp producer supplies high-quality buds or not is to read through verified customer testimonials. After around 500 reviews, you have enough testimony to gain an objective opinion on pretty much any product, and Secret Nature CBD has more than 10,000 verified reviews to date.

Throughout this guide, we will sprinkle reviews here and there to give you a genuine taste of what Secret Nature hemp does to people. Here’s the first example:

  • Secret Nature Frosted Kush CBD Hemp Flower review - Steven W. “Doesn’t get you high, but absolutely smooths out the edges!” ★★★★★ “I ordered this thinking it would get me high, to add to my collection of herb I rarely smoke because I don’t often want to be high. But I love the effects of CBD. It arrived on a day off so I tried it. I was immediately balanced and not a bit high! That’s when I noticed the disclaimer “this product won’t get you high!”

Who is the best CBD flower wholesale supplier?

Customer reviews consistently paint Secret Nature as the internet’s best supplier of wholesale CBD hemp flower. Secret Nature products are offered in countless retail outlets around the country, they are sold on dozens of different websites, and our affiliate program helps average people make money distributing our products without having to do any of the heavy lifting.

With Secret Nature, you offer a brand that CBD consumers already know but may have a hard time sourcing. Our home website simply isn’t enough to field the massive interstate demand for Secret Nature products.

  • Secret Nature Secret Dream CBD Hemp Pre-Roll 7-Pack review - Dan P. “Remarkable indoor quality. Aleves my depression and anxiety.” ★★★★★ “Top shelf quality indoor! The taste, texture and scent are extraordinary and i can smoke them during the day without feeling burnt out since they’re sativa. Me and my girlfriend love the boxes they come in, we even collect them. These joints bring me and her closer together. We smoke them while laying down staring at the stars for hours listening to the crickets it’s very peaceful…without getting all paranoia that comes from thc.:

How profitable is a CBD flower store?

Since hemp flower is so popular right now, CBD flower stores can be very profitable — provided with the right input. In any situation, what you put in determines what you get out, meaning there’s no guarantee you’ll succeed with CBD hemp flower even though there’s every reason that you should.

  • Secret Nature Dough Boy CBD Hemp Flower review - Joshua R. ★★★★★ “Really great I enjoy it the smell the effects leaves me feeling very comfortable and I can sleep through the night without waking up”

How much does CBD flower sell for wholesale?

As with any wholesale arrangement, expect to receive your bulk CBD flower products for as much as 50% off the retail asking price. This dramatically reduced rate is offered on the contingency that you move large volumes of product, and even at these reduced rates, it’s only possible to make a profit selling CBD flower if you have the proper dedication and skill set.

  • Secret Nature Diesel Puff CBD Hemp Pre-Roll 2-Pack review - Richard G. ★★★★★ “I was pleasantly surprised when I received my order . The product itself was very good/smooth but the packaging was amazing and very professional . I will be purchasing more products very soon .”

How much does a pound of CBD flower cost?

Rates vary among suppliers, but an average pound of smokable hemp flower should cost at least $1,000. With rates any lower than that, expect dramatic quality reductions, and recognize that some pounds of CBD flower will cost much more than the average.

  • Secret Nature Sweet Cake CBD Hemp Flower review - Joshua L. ★★★★★ “I ordered this along with the Blood Diamond flower. It's hard to choose between the two. Both are epic. Beautifully manicured, super stanky, potent, and relaxing. Can't get enough of this goodness.”

Buying CBD flower FAQ

1. Where to buy CBD flower wholesale in Los Angeles?

CBD flower resellers in the Los Angeles area are fortunate to be located very close to the Secret Nature’s main distribution center. Expect impressively fast shipping times and local customer support.

2. Where to buy CBD flower wholesale in CO?

Whether you live in Colorado or any other US state, there is no better CBD flower supplier than Secret Nature. Unparalleled product quality, fast shipping, competitive rates, and conscientious customer support. Those are just a few reasons hemp entrepreneurs around the country choose Secret Nature.

3. Can you buy CBD flower wholesale in the UK?

At this point, we aren’t aware of any legal methods for purchasing CBD flower in bulk in the UK. It appears hemp flower is still sold in the UK, but often by less-than-legitimate means.

4. Can you buy CBD flower wholesale in Europe?

Regulations regarding the sale of CBD hemp flower vary among European nations. Consult with government offices in your particular country to learn more about current laws and regulations pertaining to CBD hemp flower.
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