Secret Nature Buy Now Flower Guide

Published December 20, 2019
Secret Nature Buy Now Flower Guide - Secret Nature

Buy CBD flower online to experience the true power of non-intoxicating cannabis. For thousands of years, the hemp plant has been humanity’s constant companion, and CBD-rich hemp flower is now available in tons of different strains.

More than 10,000 5-star reviews agree Secret Nature is the best place to buy CBD buds online. Secret Nature CBD flower is 100% organic, and we use top genetics to deliver the dankest legal bud straight to your door.

The era of CBD e-commerce is here, so whether you want to buy CBD oil for your vape pen, buy CBD tincture, or buy hemp flower online, is the internet’s one-stop cannabis shop. Discover our top 10 products to find out why it’s time to buy Secret Nature now.

1. Papaya Nights CBD Hemp Flower - Sativa, Uplift

A popular and crystal-covered strain, our Papaya Nights 1/8oz jar is the fastest-selling Secret Nature product⁠. Papaya Nights consistently scores as a customer favorite. Go with the flow and join our customers on the Papaya Nights bandwagon.

  • Sativa-dominant strain
  • 19.7% CBD⁠—21.5% total cannabinoids
  • Hermetically-sealed 3.6-ounce jar
  • Grown organically in Rogue Valley, Oregon

Secret Nature Papaya Nights CBD Hemp Flower reviews

“This is by far the best strain I have had from Secret Nature. As always, love the packaging and freshness of the flower.” - Nate R.

“Smooth smoke, tastes great, euphoric. Thumbs up!” - Claudine S.

2. Blood Diamond CBD Hemp Flower - Hybrid, Balance

With Blood Diamond, we didn’t just break the 20% CBD barrier⁠—we utterly shattered it. A derivative of Suver Haze, Blood Diamond is one of the highest-potency cannabis phenotypes ever bred. Customers love both the taste and cannabinoid-richness of Blood Diamond. Pick this strain up today and dive deep into the soothing smoothness of CBD.

  • Our highest-CBD strain
  • Indica/sativa hybrid
  • 3.6g container of 100% organic, Oregon-grown CBD bud

Secret Nature Blood Diamond CBD Hemp Flower reviews

“Visually appealing smells wonderful works great for me.” - Michael H.

“Some of the best flower I've ever had. Very relaxing and potent. Looks and smell are unbelievable.” - Joshua L.

3. Frosted Kush CBD Hemp Pre-Rolls - Indica, Relax

Keep a 7-pack of Frosted Kush CBD joints on your desk for a bit of relaxation when you need it the most. Nothing beats the convenience of having seven delicious CBD joints on hand, and Frosted Kush is one of our most popular strains.

  • 7 pre-rolled Secret Nature Frosted Kush CBD joints
  • Rolled in organic hemp paper
  • No trim or shake used⁠—100% ground-up CBD-rich trimmed buds
  • Food-grade seal 

Secret Nature Frosted Kush CBD Hemp Pre-Roll reviews

“These taste great and really work. Awesome after a hard days work when muscle soreness relief is needed.” - Jack L.

“First product that I bought and it was really beyond my expectations!” - De E.

4. Frosted Kush CBD Hemp Flower - Indica, Relax

This Secret Nature product is perfect if grinding your own buds is up your alley. With that distinctive kush terpene profile and just shy of 20% CBD, this 1/8oz jar of Secret Nature Frosted Kush does the trick. Frosted Kush is named for the snowy layer of crystals that covers each and every bud, and perhaps it’s this candy-coated cannabinoid allure that keeps customers coming back.

  • 19.5% CBD with 22.4% total cannabinoids
  • All kush strains are indica-dominant
  • Dense, attractive buds
  • Lab-tested for purity and concentration

Secret Nature Frosted Kush CBD Hemp Flower reviews

“This Frosted Kush is the BEST CBD flower I have had to date. You can definitely recognize the quality when you see it. Premium size, dense buds. Smells amazing, tastes amazing and overall works like it’s supposed to. I normally mix to get a preferred THC/CBD ratio. But, this is a strain to enjoy by itself. Well done Secret Nature!!” - Stephen A.

5. CBG-Rich Hemp Flower - Sativa, Focus

Yes, it’s true⁠—CBD (cannabigerol) bud is here, and it’s just as delicious and organic as everything else offered at CBG flower has never been on the market before. The international scientific community is ecstatic about the beneficial potential of this cannabinoid⁠—now’s the time to experience CBG in its most natural form. 

  • A whopping 15.4% CBG⁠—way more than anyone else is offering
  • Sativa-dominant strain
  • Nutty and earthy terpene profile 

Secret Nature CBG-Rich Hemp Flower reviews

“I was surprised by the white look and it was very smooth my wife loved it and so did I!” - Brandon A.

“I recently tried a few of the flowers and they were all great quality. The look, feel and even taste were all there. This one was one of my favorites.” - Adam G.

6. Papaya Nights CBD Hemp Pre-Rolls - Sativa, Uplift

It’s our amazing Papaya Nights strain, but in a 7-count joint pack. Papaya Nights is better with friends, and our 7-pack joints help you share the love.

  • 7 pre-rolled, organic hemp-paper joints per package
  • Airtight seal to protect freshness
  • Convenient product design

Secret Nature Papaya Nights CBD Hemp Pre-Roll reviews

“Good tasting perfect rolled joints! I would highly recommend.” - Dante F.

“First time using Secret Nature products and they are great. Smells good, tastes good and very calming. Much better than the other CBD products we have tried. About to order more.” - Jack L.

7. Cherry Cough CBD Hemp Flower - Indica, Rest

The Cough strains are the stuff of cannabis legend, and this legendary phenotype family is now available in high-CBD, low-THC style at Bring back the old days with some bonafide CBD-rich Cherry Cough.

  • Delicious flavor and incredibly dense buds
  • 3.6-gram, hermetically-sealed jar

Secret Nature Cherry Cough CBD Hemp Flower reviews

“Cherry cough was amazing sticky and gassy very nice. Would definitely recommend it!” - Eric W.

“Pleasant aroma and taste! Look forward to trying other flowers.” - Timothy G.

8. Secret OG CBD Hemp Flower - Indica, Relax

Our house strain in a jar. Add Secret OG to your cart just like you ask for the house blend at your favorite coffee shop.

  • All the nostalgia of OG Kush without the THC
  • Hand-manicured, dense buds
  • 19.4% total cannabinoids

Secret Nature Secret OG CBD Hemp Flower reviews

“Good flavor and very relaxing. The best indica hemp I’ve tried yet.” - Shane R.

“I have had no problems whatsoever. I love it” - Sheremiah G.

9. Sweet Cake CBD Hemp Pre-Rolls - Indica, Relax

An affordable 2-pack of our popular Sweet Cake strain. Celebrate like it’s your birthday with an indica strain that tastes like the icing on the cake.

  • 20.3% total cannabinoids⁠—18.5% CBD
  • 2x 0.65g joints in a hermetically-sealed container 


“Smooth, relaxing, only regret is I should have bought more!” - Jameel S.

“Absolutely love these joints! After working all day, these definitely help me to unwind and sleep throughout the night.” - Sabira I.

10. Secret OG CBD Hemp Flower - Indica, Rest

Secret OG is great for stashing or gifting. If half an ounce is too much, grab a 1/8oz Secret OG jar instead.

Secret Nature Secret OG CBD Hemp Flower reviews

“Good flavor and very relaxing. The best indica hemp I’ve tried yet. I will definitely be getting more from Secret Nature” - Shane R.

“This artisan CBD deserves its name. Such a flavorful addition to the day. The terps are no stranger here. If you are looking for a great hemp smoke, here it is.” - Dustin W.

Buy hemp flower online FAQ

Let’s wrap up with a few answers to common buy buds online questions:

1. Can I buy CBN bud?

Where can I buy CBN oil? Don’t worry⁠—it’s coming! Cannabigerol (CBG) is likely to step into the limelight before cannabinol (CBN) sees its day, but a growing worldwide interest in cannabinoids will certainly drive the development of a CBN market within the next few years. 

2. Can I buy lbs of CBD flower?

Yes, you can buy CBD flower wholesale by the pound, and there are lots of other wholesale hemp products that come in pounds as well. Whether you want to buy organic cannabis oil by the pound or you’re wondering where to buy CBG in bulk, look no further than Secret Nature. Simply contact us or visit our wholesale page to get the ball rolling.

3. Is it legal to buy pre-rolled joints online in the USA?

Under the 2018 Farm Bill, hemp products containing less than 0.3% THC are generally considered to be legal. As long as the pre-rolls you’re buying contain less than 0.3% delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol on a dry weight basis, they should be considered industrial hemp, not the illegal drug marijuana.

4. Can I buy CBD and THC together?

It’s usually not possible to buy products online that contain high concentrations of both CBD and delta 9 THC even though some research indicates CBD and THC may cooperate in the body. Delta 9 THC is known to cause certain side effects, though, and the status of THC law in the United States is still up in the air, causing many hemp users to turn to the hemp cannabinoid delta 8 as an alternative.

5. Why should I buy organic CBD oil?

Just as you want to buy organic food to avoid toxins, you also want to consume organic hemp to make sure pesticides, fertilizers, and heavy metals don’t end up in your system. Hemp cultivators who grow their crops indoors using strictly organic substances can be trusted to offer high-quality CBD oils, CBD flower, and organic CBD products of other types.

6. What is the strongest CBD flower you can buy?

Right now, the strongest CBD flower you can buy on the internet or anywhere else is Secret Nature Blood Diamond. Clocking in at over 24% CBD, this crystal-covered hybrid strain delivers more cannabidiol into your lungs per puff than any other option of the market. Despite its increased CBD concentration, Blood Diamond is offered for the same price as other Secret Nature strains.

7. What is the difference between hemp flower and CBD flower?

Though the two terms are often used interchangeably, “hemp flower” can refer to cannabis buds containing any dominant cannabinoid aside from delta 9 THC while “CBD flower” refers specifically to hemp flower containing high concentrations of CBD. Since hemp flower can now be bred to be high in CBD, CBG, delta 8, or even THCV, these terminological distinctions are important to make.

8. Will hemp come up on a drug test?

Since industrial hemp products can contain up to 0.3% delta 9 THC, it’s possible to fail a drug test for THC after using hemp. Failing a drug test is only a concern with hemp products derived from hemp flower, which contains high concentrations of cannabinoids. Hemp seed products do not contain any cannabinoids to speak of, so they can’t make you fail a drug test.

9. Which is better for pain: CBD or hemp seed oil?

People sometimes use hemp seed oil for pain, and there’s some indication that the fatty acids in this hemp seed derivative might help with inflammatory conditions like arthritis. CBD, though, interacts directly with the neuroreceptors most critically involved in the sensation of pain, explaining why so many people have turned to CBD products of all types for pain relief in recent years.

10. What are the best CBD flower companies?

The best CBD flower company will offer organic, lab-tested buds with excellent genetics and lots of 5-star reviews. They’ll be responsive to customer service requests and offer abundant online information. Most importantly, the best CBD flower company will produce hemp buds that taste good and deliver excellent results every time.

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