What Is the Maximum CBD Dose? — Flower & Oil

Published September 13, 2021
What Is the Maximum CBD Dose? — Flower & Oil - Secret Nature

Everyone seems to be using CBD these days, but fads like this often get exposed as hoaxes. Plus, isn’t smoking supposed to be bad for you? There must be a way to overdose on CBD, which would make something that seems like a natural substance into a dangerous drug.

Believe it or not, overdosing on the CBD molecule itself seems to be pretty much impossible. Results vary based on other substances present in product formulations, of course. We won’t ask you to believe it — we’ll show the evidence and let you make up your own mind.

Can you overdose on CBD?

  • No, there does not appear to be a maximum dose of CBD
  • According to the science, you would have to ingest a practically impossible amount of CBD to overdose
  • This makes CBD different from THC, which has a distinct (albeit very high) toxicity threshold
  • CBD also appears to be remarkably non-toxic for long-term use, but more studies are needed
  • A notable lack of major side effects sets CBD apart from pharmaceutical drugs prescribed for the same purposes

It’s possible to take too much of a particular CBD product. It’s also possible to consume a product you thought contained CBD but didn’t. As far as molecules go, though, cannabidiol (CBD) appears to be impressively well-tolerated in the human body. There’s almost unanimous agreement on this subject in the available scientific literature.

What is the maximum amount of CBD you can take in a day?

There isn’t an agreed-upon limit to the amount of CBD you can take per day. In studies, human subjects have tolerated 1500mg (1.5g) CBD per day just fine, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll experience the same results.

Using enough CBD to cause a deleterious effect simply isn’t realistic. Finished CBD products, on the other hand, contain substances other than CBD, which could be harmful in varying concentrations.

Let’s take a look at three popular types of CBD products to get a better idea of proper dosage: 

1.) What is the maximum amount of CBD oil you can take in a day?

The FDA hasn’t released any guidelines regarding the amount of CBD oil you should take per day. It has, however, approved a CBD oil product, Epidiolex, for a few different specific conditions.

In the official insert for Epidiolex, a dose of 2.5-5mg per kg twice per day is recommended. For an average adult weighing 60kg, therefore, the appropriate dose of Epidiolex would be 300-600mg.

If that seems like a lot, it is. 300mg is far more CBD than the average user consumes per day, and even heavy users don’t usually consume more than 500mg.

2.) What is the maximum amount of CBD flower you can smoke in a day?

An average CBD joint contains 50-100mg CBD, and that’s about the size of an average session, too. If you smoke too much CBD flower, your throat might start to hurt, but there’s no evidence the CBD you ingested would be any more harmful than it is in oil form.

If the guidelines for CBD oil are iffy, then guidelines for CBD flower are entirely nonexistent. Assuming the FDA has considered the subject at all, it’s likely that CBD flower is caught up in the stigma surrounding tobacco cigarettes, likely hindering any genuine inquiry into the safety of smoking hemp.

3.) What is the maximum amount of CBD concentrate you can vape in a day?

An average CBD vape cartridge contains around 1000mg (1g) of CBD. Vaping too much CBD concentrate could deplete your battery, empty your cartridge, and hurt your throat, but you’d have to vape more than an entire cartridge to get anywhere close to the 1500mg threshold research has established for the safety of CBD overall.

Can you take CBD every day?

CBD appears to be something you can take on a daily basis without any significant negative consequences. There is a notable lack of longitudinal research into the subject, but enough people have taken enough CBD on a daily basis at this point to ensure that no life altering side effects are being overlooked.

If you decide to take CBD every day, the most important thing is to choose your products carefully. Never conflate CBD product formulations with the cannabidiol compound itself. Just because CBD appears to be remarkably safe does not inherently mean CBD products are safe as well.

#1 Can you take CBD oil every day?

CBD tinctures are notorious for containing unnecessary filler ingredients that could be harmful over time. As oral products, CBD tinctures also put stress on your digestive system, potentially exacerbating hepatotoxicity concerns raised over CBD in recent years.

If you decide to take CBD tinctures on a daily basis, just choose your products wisely.

Secret Nature CBD hemp oil reviews

  • Secret Nature Organic Hemp Flower Drops review - Heather B. ★★★★★ ”Been suffering from chronic pain for 10 + years and do not like to take pain meds this product is amazing. Noticed substantial relief after just 2 days. So glad I gave it a try. I will definitely be a customer for life. Thank you Secret Nature.”

#2 Can you smoke CBD flower every day?

Despite the effectiveness of anti-smoking propaganda, smoking hemp, at least, does not seem to cause the same type of harm associated with tobacco use. The active ingredients are entirely different, after all, and hemp flower is usually only minimally processed and does not contain additives.

As a daily CBD product, hemp flower may be one of the best choices. Offering high bioavailability and excellent activation speed, hemp flower is also the most natural of all CBD product types, and smoking hemp bypasses your digestive system altogether.

Secret Nature CBD hemp flower reviews

  • Secret Nature Sour Gummi CBD Hemp Flower review - Lisette N. “Great product!” ★★★★★ ”Smokes really well and has a great smell! I feel up and alert but relaxed in my body. Which is great for getting things done during the day. Buds are really pretty and sticky, definitely fresh!”
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#3 Can you vape CBD concentrate every day?

Vaping CBD concentrate is a slightly more processed and massively more efficient way to inhale cannabinoids. Eliminating the impurities present in hemp flower, the cannabinoid distillate present in CBD vape cartridges is vaporized, not incinerated, resulting in even higher bioavailability and reduced side effects.

Vaping is probably the best way to consume CBD sustainably on a daily basis. Every individual is different, though.

Secret Nature CBD hemp vape reviews

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  • Secret Nature Forbidden Fruit CBD Hemp Vape Cartridge review - Sophia T. “Great Product! A Must Buy!” ★★★★★ ”This product is my absolute favorite. I have really bad anxiety and this cbd is the only one that I have found that gives me real relief. It has a nearly immediate relaxing effect and will put me in a good mood for a long period of time. The selection is also incredible!”

What are the downsides of CBD?

Could taking CBD every day be harmful? Let’s take a look at the downsides of CBD to fully determine the relative safety or danger of daily use.

• Does CBD affect your liver?

Around four years ago, a study appeared indicating that CBD could be harmful to your liver. This was during a time when forces were intent on preventing CBD from becoming popular, and it didn’t take long for the methodology of the study in question to be proven faulty and the results invalidated.

One study being debunked does not mean CBD is guaranteed to be safe for your liver. The only evidence indicating it’s dangerous though, has never been replicated and appears to be bogus.

• Does CBD make you poop?

Embarrassingly enough, taking CBD orally does seem to stimulate bowel movements in many users. The relaxing effects of this cannabinoid can also facilitate digestion when ingested in other forms.

• What does CBD do to the brain?

We don’t know enough about CBD yet to paint a clear picture of how exactly it impacts human neurochemistry. One thing CBD doesn’t do, though, is stimulate the cannabinoid receptors responsible for making you feel high. It acts on other parts of your brain that maintain inflammation, metabolism, and a variety of additional vital functions.

• Will CBD make you hungry?

Some CBD users indicate this cannabinoid causes hunger just like THC. Just as many other users, however, indicate the opposite — that CBD either has a neutral or negative impact on appetite. Overall, it seems CBD does not have a significant impact on appetite either way.

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