10 Reasons You'll Love Secret Nature

Published November 22, 2019
10 Reasons You'll Love Secret Nature - Secret Nature

It’s no secret⁠—Secret Nature is one of the biggest brands in the CBD flower industry, which is why you’ve heard our name before. Why should you trust Secret Nature CBD, however, as your source of the best premium, organic, pesticide-free CBD flower and other CBD products? We lay it all out in this guide, but first, a little bit about us.

Secret Nature was founded in 2017, and this pet project quickly became an international sensation. As veteran cannabis growers from Washington, Oregon, and California, we just wanted to make the best CBD-rich flower in the world for our own enjoyment and that of our customers. What we ended up creating, however, is the world’s first dispensary-grade online CBD flower shop.

That’s not all you’ll find at In addition to our extensive selection of CBD flower and vape products, we also offer oral CBD tinctures. Whichever products you choose, prepare to enjoy fast shipping, attentive customer service, and complimentary discounts while having the power of independent lab reports and endless customer reviews at your fingertips with our intuitive website. All the details will be revealed as we proceed through this guide to the top 10 reasons you’ll love Secret Nature CBD.

1. Thousands of reviews

The more reviews you have, the more authoritative your brand appears. Companies with only a few total reviews, however, inevitably get left in the dust.

Three-hundred eighty-seven and counting. That’s how many people have taken time out of their days to write glowing reviews for Secret Nature CBD flower. Almost 400 customers have been so wowed by our flower that they wanted to let you know all about it, so take some time to let a few of the following verified Secret Nature CBD reviews sink in:

“This has been really some of the purest organic CBD I have ever smoked,... The taste was a real earthy. The aroma smells like some super strong THC. The relaxation effect was strong and quick....” - Preech A.

“I used to love smoking weed but it makes me paranoid now. I’ve been looking for a good CBD product to smoke but hadn’t found anything I loved. These CBD joints are the perfect balance of “feeling it” without the sensation becoming overwhelming. I’ll be using these while my friends smoke weed and I’m super stoked that these exist.” - Luke V.

“I’ve been trying lot of different CBD lately. Secret nature has been great. Packaged and sealed very well. Great smell and taste with the product that works. Fast shipping.” - Ryan N.

2. Lab-tested

The CBD industry is currently unregulated for the most part, which can make it hard for consumers to find good products. Even in fully regulated markets, however, personal discretion is still required, and there are a few criteria you should look out for as you pick the right CBD flower brand to trust with your business.

The importance of lab reports

There aren’t any testing requirements in place for CBD producers, but we hold ourselves to high standards anyway. In states where medical or recreational cannabis is available, producers are forced to open themselves up to regulation and inspection.

The ISO-certified, independent, and incredibly thorough cannabis labs we work with give us the same work-over that would be applied to any state-sanctioned recreational or medical cannabis producer. No mere lack of regulation will dampen our desire to be the absolute best at what we do.

What do Secret Nature lab reports tell you?

Here are some of the criteria that we test for when we submit each crop of CBD-rich Secret Nature cannabis flower for inspection:


  • Potency: Total cannabinoid percentages and individual cannabinoid breakdowns are provided.
  • Terpenes: In addition to cannabinoids, cannabis terpenes also play a significant role in how CBD flower affects you.
  • Pesticides: The presence of pesticides in your bud is a no-go⁠—Secret Nature CBD bud is always pesticide-free!
  • Residual Solvents: Using cheap extraction methods can result in unsafe CBD oil. Our non-flower products feature CBD oil extracted using CO2, which does not leave solvents behind.
  • Mold, Fungus, Bacteria: Cannabis is a flower, after all. It’s just as susceptible to pests as any other plant.
  • Heavy metals (coming soon!)
  • Mycotoxins (coming soon!)


More than all these factors combined, the real benefit that detailed, independent lab testing provides is peace of mind. You want the best CBD flower on the internet, and we get that. We deliver on that promise every single day, and our lab reports are there to prove it.

3. Premium quality

We don’t kid around when it comes to quality. There’s no reason you should cut corners in the CBD industry; the market is thriving, and customers clearly want the best of the best. That’s why we pulled out all the stops to craft the most beautiful and potent CBD-rich, low-THC cannabis bud in the world, and it’s also why we decided to expand into the vape and oral CBD arenas as well.

Smoking or vaping CBD should be something you savor, and cracking open an airtight canister of CBD buds or pre-rolled joints is the perfect way to put an end to a long day or get an energizing morning started right. You already know that our organic CBD flower doesn’t contain any pesticides, heavy metals, or other common toxins, but it’s just as important to point out how much care we put into every bud we trim and order we ship.

Our state-of-the-art indoor CBD grow op contains a mixture of conventional and LED lights to give our plants the widest possible spectrum of light, and our perfectly climate-controlled cultivation environment eliminates any possibility of contamination by pests or drop in potency due to sub-par conditions. Quality is everything to us, and we spare no expense to craft the best CBD bud ever grown.

4. Extraction method

At Secret Nature, we use supercritical CO2 extraction to produce cannabis flower extracts with no residual solvents. From there, we isolate individual cannabinoids and terpenes with fractional distillation, and for our vape products, we reintroduce cannabis terpenes sourced from the top recreational marijuana labs in the country into the final product.

You’ll note that we provide an incredible degree of detail on the exact process we use to extract our CBD oil. Any company that fails to offer a similar amount of information could have something to hide. When you know you’re producing excellent cannabis extracts, you want the world to know, which is why we hide absolutely nothing about the entire process that culminates in you receiving premium Secret Nature CBD products at your door.

5. Full-spectrum products

Dried, cured, and trimmed cannabis flower naturally has the full spectrum of cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids present in cannabis when it is still alive and flowering. Taking advantage of the full spectrum of cannabis constituents is the best way to enjoy what this healing plant has to offer, and at Secret Nature, we make it easy with a family of carefully crafted CBD flower products that are standing by to be lit up and enjoyed.

While one cannabinoid, THC, has gotten all the attention in recent decades, there’s a lot more to cannabis than a single intoxicating compound. CBD was the second cannabinoid to receive major attention, and CBG will be next. We still have dozens of cannabinoids waiting in the wings, and that’s not to mention the beneficial terpenes and flavonoids present in cannabis flower just waiting to be exploited.

6. Entourage effect

When you combine all the active components of cannabis in one package, magic takes place. For years, scientists have been befuddled by the cannabis entourage effect, which appears to be a genuine example of synergy in nature.

Human brain and biochemistry is incredibly complex, and to be honest, we still know very little about how our bodies truly work. What we have figured out, however, is that when you ingest all the cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids present in cannabis at once, you get a boosted “entourage effect” that increases the potency of each cannabis constituent.

Put another way, using full-spectrum CBD products is probably the most effective way to ingest CBD. It’s only with true full-spectrum that you can get the entourage effect just as nature intended, and the hands-down best way to ingest full-spectrum CBD is in its unprocessed flower form.

7. Cannabis connoisseurs

Not to brag, but we know a thing or two about cannabis. As a motley crew of veteran growers and breeders, crafting the most excellent cannabis the world has ever seen is our utmost passion, and our West Coast roots give us the authenticity we need to be seen in today’s cutthroat CBD market.

Cannabis know-how isn’t the only skill set that Secret Nature brings to the table, however. Ours is the foremost CBD company in the world when it comes to holistic health and natural healing. We strongly believe that cannabis has the power to heal, and by providing the world with access to cannabis without the THC, Secret Nature CBD is pioneering the way forward for hemp and the natural health industry.

Among all the world’s plants, Cannabis sativa is one of the most fascinating. A constant companion of mankind throughout history, cannabis has been much denigrated in recent times for its intoxicating properties. Like the phoenix rising, however, CBD is legitimizing cannabis in the public mindset again, and Secret Nature will always be by your side as the popularity of CBD flower continues to skyrocket.

8. Coupon code

We wouldn’t dream of having you leave this blog page empty-handed. That’s why we’re giving you a 10% off coupon without having you do any work: FIRSTORDER

It’s always good to have your eye out for ways to save on CBD. Did you know, for instance, that each of our CBD flower strains comes in sizes other than 1/8oz? You can get any strain you like at in either 1/2oz or 1oz varieties as well, and the more you purchase, the less you pay for each delicious high-CBD bud.

While you’re at it, go ahead and sign up for our newsletter. We don’t want to spoil the surprise, but we tend to offer sales and other ways to save from time to time, and as a newsletter subscriber, you’ll be the first to know whenever a new sale is coming your way. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram to seal the deal.

9. Easy to use website

Have you noticed how easy our website is to use? If you haven’t already, do some poking around, and familiarize yourself with our site’s simple design. Whether you want to learn more about CBD or you’re ready to make a purchase, getting where you need to go is easy at, and that’s all before you even reach checkout.

Unlike other CBD sites that have confusing carts and multi-page checkout systems, the Secret Nature checkout process begins the moment you navigate to your cart. In one simple page that’s equally beautiful on desktop and mobile, you can add coupon codes, payment information, and shipping and billing addresses in one fell swoop.

With no forward or back buttons to worry about, all you need to do is get a few ducks in a row and click the final button. At that very moment, you’ll receive an order confirmation email, and we’ll ping you again with a tracking number as soon as your Secret Nature CBD goodies are ready for shipment.

10. Best customer service in the industry

You’ll never find a CBD company that cares more about its products than Secret Nature CBD. Reach us by phone at (707) 302-9012 or email to get prompt service, and remember that you can also reach us on Facebook and Instagram @secretnature_ca.

However you decide to reach us, we’ll carefully coach you through whichever problems you may have, and we’ll make sure you’re 100%-satisfied in the end no matter what. We wouldn’t be able to offer the best CBD flower in the world if we weren’t entirely committed to our customers, so enjoy the power of cannabis without the stress with Secret Nature CBD.

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