1 Week of Smoking CBD Flower — A Retrospective

Published March 15, 2021
1 Week of Smoking CBD Flower — A Retrospective - Secret Nature

Smoking CBD flower might be something you only like to do every once in a while. Many people, however, intend to smoke CBD flower on a daily basis, so it’s important to know what it’s like to smoke CBD for a week or longer.

In the process of reviewing Secret Nature’s line of products, I smoked a pre-roll per day for more than a week. Here’s my honest analysis of what it’s like to smoke CBD flower on day one, day three, and day seven.

Along the way, we’ll answer any questions about smoking CBD hemp flower you may have.

Day 1

It had been a while since I’d smoked anything the day my Secret Nature care package arrived. I haven’t smoked cigarettes for around a decade, and when I use cannabis products, I prefer vapes.

Unused to the feeling of smoke being in my lungs, I was initially a little averse to smoking my Secret Nature CBD pre-roll. By the time I was a few puffs deep, however, my old smoking lungs were broken in, and I was able to savor the delight that can only be delivered by a glowing Secret Nature ember.

How much did I smoke?

That first night, I smoked almost an entire Secret Nature Melon Frost Pre-Roll. According to my product’s packaging, that’s close to 95mg of CBD, which is a hefty dose.

Even most CBD clinical trials only use doses between 100-250mg per day. For people who are used to taking a single 25mg CBD capsule before bed, smoking an entire CBD pre-roll at once might come as something as a shock.

As time goes by, however, you’ll realize how deprived you were. Not only does ingesting CBD orally offer low bioavailability, but most orally ingestible CBD products don’t contain enough CBD to truly satisfy you.

In a single pre-roll, Secret Nature packs the equivalent of four average CBD capsules. Smoke as much as you need, and don’t rag on yourself if you save half for later.


Most likely because I hadn’t smoked CBD in a while, the effects of smoking Melon Frost that first night were particularly profound. I was once again reminded that, while nothing like THC, CBD is equally potent in its own right.

THC hits you like a freight train and has the potential to uproot your life. CBD, on the other hand, whispers softly in your ear that everything’s going to be alright.

Smoking CBD is one of the most potent and natural ways to enjoy this cannabinoid. That first night, I remember feeling like everyone should try smoking CBD-rich hemp at least once.

Side effects

I didn’t experience any side effects as a result of my romp with Melon Frost. Sometimes, especially when I don’t use them for a long time, both CBD and THC can give me a bit of a headache.

Nothing of the sort happened with Melon Frost, however. I enjoyed a few relaxing hours on the couch, and then slept unusually soundly.

Day 3

By day three, I had smoked and vaped quite a bit more of my Secret Nature care package. As a result, smoking my nightly CBD pre-roll didn’t seem all that out of the ordinary.

In fact, I’d already smoked one during a walk in the woods earlier that day. I’d mostly stuck to my Secret Nature vape cartridges and 3.6g flower tins so far, but I found smoking outdoors to be a great way to enjoy a Mr. Rainbow CBD Pre-Roll.

When I puffed on a Secret Nature Diesel Puff CBD Pre-Roll that night, I wasn’t at all averse to the texture or feeling of hemp smoke being in my lungs. Instead, I simply looked forward to sinking into CBD paradise yet again.

How much did I smoke?

On day two, I smoked another Melon Frost pre-roll. On day three, I smoked both a Mr. Rainbow and a Diesel Puff pre-roll. So, since we last left off, three more pre-rolls had been smoked.

With some pre-rolls, I smoked almost the whole thing. Some burned longer than others, and some had harsh textures while others were smooth. 

Overall, I figured that I was averaging around 133 grams of CBD per day from pre-rolls alone. Hemp lore has it that a dose in that range could be ideal when it comes to daily CBD dosage.


I was already settling into a steady CBD groove. Since I was trying to try products quickly and I had so many to try, I may have gone overboard with my dosing.

You could probably smoke half of a Secret Nature CBD pre-roll every night and still enjoy impressive, potent effects. I was starting to see how smoking CBD could become a daily thing without being obtrusive.

Side effects

Sometimes after smoking a Secret Nature CBD Pre-Roll, my throat would hurt slightly. In other cases, a pre-roll might leave a somewhat unpleasant taste in my mouth.

Other than that, I hadn’t experienced any negative effects. I didn’t find myself wantonly craving CBD during the day, and I didn’t ever feel high or unreasonably spaced out.

Day 7

By day seven, smoking CBD flower simply felt like a normal act of daily life. Over the interceding three nights, I had tried a Secret Nature Sweet Cake Pre-Roll, a Secret Nature Papaya Nights Pre-Roll, and a Secret Nature Citron Pre-Roll.

On night #7, I set out to enjoy a Sweet Cake pre-roll from my Secret Nature two-pack.

At this point, I felt I’d entered into a healthy balance with smoking CBD pre-rolls. At first, I’d gone a little bit overboard, but now, I’d evened out at approximately 100mg CBD derived from Secret Nature pre-rolls per day.

Of course, I was also vaping Secret Nature vape cartridges and 3.6g flower tins at the same time, so my total daily intake of CBD was probably more like 200mg per day. I could tell that it was about time to reduce my dosage somewhat.

How much did I smoke?

On nights four, five, six, and seven, I smoked around one pre-roll each. In some cases, I didn’t smoke the entire thing, but I smoked more than half every time.


By night number seven, I felt that I’d entered something of a CBD daze. Even alone, the daily dosage of CBD I was deriving from pre-rolls would easily be enough to keep someone satisfied.

I’d never realized quite how potent Secret Nature CBD pre-rolls are.

Side effects

In the end, the only thing I wish is that I could somehow smoke my pre-rolls in slow-motion and allow their effects to spread evenly throughout my day. Even smoking a pre-roll all at once at night, however, was enough to last me until I woke up the next morning and ensured good vibes throughout the next day.

Every once in a while, I would experience a slight headache after smoking a pre-roll. In most cases, however, I didn’t notice any adverse effects during or after my Secret Nature pre-roll experiences.

CBD after 1 week FAQ

Let’s wrap up with brief answers to a few long-term CBD questions:

1. How does CBD flower affect you over time?

In my experience, smoking CBD flower doesn’t have any adverse long-term effects. One thing you should watch out for, however, is the extremely high dosage of Secret Nature CBD flower.

Combined with other CBD products, this high dosage might be a little bit overwhelming. Consult with your doctor if you have any questions about how much CBD to use.

Over the last few days, I’ve taken a break from smoking and have moved back exclusively to the vaping side of things. All told, however, I didn’t go a night without smoking a Secret Nature CBD pre-roll for more than 10 days.

I still have quite a few Secret Nature CBD Pre-Rolls sitting around in airtight containers. I intend to break them out as time goes by for nature walks, visits to the lake, and road trips over the summer.

2. Does hemp flower make you cough?

Like anything else you smoke, CBD flower might make you cough from time to time. High-quality hemp flower is less likely to make you cough since it’s grown well and doesn’t contain contaminants.

Secret Nature CBD flower is grown indoors using organic methods. It is third-party lab-tested and remarkably terpene-rich.

3. Is it safe to smoke CBD?

Authorities haven’t yet released judgments regarding the safety of smoking CBD. Always consult with your doctor if you’re concerned about the safety of using any type of CBD product.

4. What is the best CBD flower to smoke?

High-quality CBD flower is indoor-grown, organic, and hand-trimmed. High-terpene, well-handled buds taste better when smoked and are less likely to hurt your throat. Look for CBD flower products that come with lots of positive reviews.

5. Is Secret Nature CBD flower legit?

One of the internet’s first hemp flower brands, Secret Nature produces the most popular CBD flower products in the world. With more than 8,000 verified customer reviews and third-party lab reports for each product batch, Secret Nature is objectively one of the most legitimate and bona fide players in the hemp flower game.

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